Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 977 - Shi Feng Takes Action

Chapter 977 - Shi Feng Takes Action

Chapter 977: s.h.i.+ Feng Takes Action





Following the Gentle Snow’s battle, the players throughout Star-Moon Kingdom were in an uproar.

Gentle Snow’s valiant and heroic bearing captivated many male players, all of which considered applying for Ouroboros to get closer to the Snow G.o.ddess.

“She won, just like that?” Purple Eye was stunned as she watched Gentle Snow’s victory on the screen.

With only a small difference in Attributes, Gentle Snow had actually defeated a Refinement Realm expert.

“It seems the Blackwater Corporation has greatly embarra.s.sed itself this time. If the news of Blackwater chasing Gentle Snow away in order to annex Ouroboros spreads, it will be very hard for Blackwater to mingle in Star-Moon Kingdom. Although Gentle Snow is an enemy, I have to thank her.” The strength Gentle Snow had displayed had also surprised Galaxy Past. “Things will be more interesting in the kingdom for a time.”

Ouroboros and the Star Alliance were old rivals. Galaxy Past had initially thought that Cao Chenghua’s mutiny would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, allowing the Star Alliance to surpa.s.s Ouroboros once and for all. Yet, due to Ouroboros’s alliance with Zero Wing, not only did the Star Alliance fail to surpa.s.s Ouroboros, but it had also been left in the dust.

With the Blackwater Corporation purchasing Ouroboros, he had not expected Gentle Snow to make such a daring play. It might be possible that they would see a new Ouroboros emerge sometime soon.

Star-Moon Kingdom was more lively than ever. Aside from the Blackwater Corporation, the recently-flouris.h.i.+ng Heaven’s Burial showed faint signs of stealing the position of Star-Moon City’s number one Guild. If not for the Star Alliance having agreed to the Secret Pavilion’s investment, surviving in Star-Moon City would have been impossible.

“Boss Gale, are we going to attack here?” a Level 39 Ranger beside Lethal Gale asked worriedly as he surveyed their surroundings.

Even the weakest NPC guards in the Divine Colosseum were Level 200, Tier 2, not to mention the roaming Tier 3 NPCs.

If they made a move among so many NPC guards, these NPCs would kill them instantly.

Although someone had successfully killed one of King’s Return’s upper echelons in the Divine Colosseum, not just anyone could replicate that. Even now, that person was a legend among players and had the nickname Frost Eye.

Quite a few Super Guilds had attempted to contact this Frost Eye to hire him to other major powers’ upper echelons.

G.o.d’s Domain’s Super Guilds had no lack of experts. Theoretically, they should be capable of dispatching their own men for such, yet in the end, they wanted to hire Frost Eye.


It was precisely because these Super Guilds weren’t capable of doing so, which was why they were willing to pay such a high price.

Although they, Blackwater’s people, were experts, they could not contend with G.o.d’s Domain’s apex experts. If they attempted to kill another player in the Divine Colosseum, there was over an 80% chance that the guards would kill them before they could finish off Gentle Snow.

“We can’t make a move here. Fortunately, it won’t be too late for us to take care of her after they leave the Divine Colosseum.” Lethal Gale immediately dismissed the notion of attacking now after noticing the party of guards stationed a short distance away from Gentle Snow. “When we strike later, Stone and Tooth, you two coordinate with me to take Gentle Snow down. The rest will hold the NPCs off as long as possible. With Gentle Snow’s current state, the three of us should be able to finish her off in one or two moves.”

Lethal Gale’s party members nodded. They then began to simulate the in their minds.

Stone and Shattered Tooth were both Level 39 The cla.s.s specialized in ambush. If an successfully ambushed a Berserker, there was over a 60% chance that said Berserker would lose over half of their HP instantly. If two worked together, a Berserker of the same level would die instantly.

With this lineup and a Berserker like Lethal Gale acting as a distraction, Gentle Snow’s fate was sealed.

Furthermore, both Stone and Shattered Tooth were relatively powerful, even in the Blackwater Corporation. Both had already reached the Refinement Realm. Only, they had slightly fewer achievements than Lethal Gale. They could even defeat Gentle Snow in a one-on-one fight if they had the same weakened Attributes that she did right now. Killing Gentle Snow would be child’s play if these three worked together.

“Guild Leader Snow is as amazing as expected. I had not expected you to reveal such a trump card in the end. Lethal Gale has defeated the 354th ranking expert on G.o.d’s Domain’s Experts List. With this, your rank will rise significantly,” s.h.i.+ Feng praised the woman as he watched the Snow G.o.ddess approach. Now, he more or less understood why so many experts had suffered defeat against Gentle Snow in the past.

Others might not have seen what had happened in that last moment, but he had.

In the final moment, Gentle Snow displayed the physical control of a Refinement Realm expert. Hence, she had managed to control the six vicious sword strikes perfectly, finis.h.i.+ng Lethal Gale off. Otherwise, with Lethal Gale’s skills, he would’ve been dodged at least half of the strikes. Had that happened, the battle’s victor would have been rewritten.

Gentle Snow had only joined G.o.d’s Domain a short time ago. Moreover, she even had to manage the ma.s.sive Guild that was Ouroboros. Yet, without any guidance, Gentle Snow had reached the Refinement Realm. She was devilishly talented.

s.h.i.+ Feng had only reached his current realm after experiencing ten years of fights in G.o.d’s Domain and the many miraculous encounters he had chanced upon…

Even Violet Cloud, whom he had taught carefully, had only recently reached the Refinement Realm. Meanwhile, Aqua Rose still had not done so.

“I was just lucky.” Gentle Snow shook her head. There was not a hint of joy on her face. Rather, more worry than before gripped her heart. The Blackwater Corporation had yet to join G.o.d’s Domain officially, yet it had already dispatched an expert like Lethal Gale to take her out. Now that she had confirmed that the corporation would start its conquest in Star-Moon Kingdom, it would not be as easy for her and her companions to start a new Guild as she had expected.

“I a.s.sume that Guild Leader Snow hasn’t sought me out just to trade the small stock of herbs and ores, right?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked, chuckling.

“Indeed, as you say, I would like to discuss some other with you. However, this is not a place for such a conversation. Why don’t we continue our chat in the high-cla.s.s restaurant below?” Gentle Snow nodded. She did not try to hide the reason for her visit. She had many more resources on hand that she could sell. Unfortunately, it was impossible to find someone who could afford so many resources in a short time. In her opinion, if s.h.i.+ Feng could afford her stock of herbs and ores, he should be able to purchase her other resources as well.

“Let’s go, then.” s.h.i.+ Feng agreed with Gentle Snow’s sentiment. With so many eyes on them right now, this was an inappropriate place for their chat.

Following which, as s.h.i.+ Feng and Gentle Snow left the Divine Colosseum, Lethal Gale’s party followed closely behind.

Although guards patrolled White River City’s streets, the patrols were spa.r.s.e. Moreover, the city guards were much lower-leveled than the Divine Colosseum’s guards. Once they found an opportune moment, Lethal Gale’s party approached Gentle Snow silently. As for Stone and Shattered Tooth, they had long since gone into Stealth.

When there were only 30 yards separating Lethal Gale and Gentle Snow, the former used Charge.

“Guild Leader Snow, I am sorry for this, but you must die today!” Lethal Gale sneered. He then executed Cross Slash against the weakened female Berserker.

Simultaneously, two black figures appeared on either side of Gentle Snow, four snow-white daggers thrusting towards the female Berserker’s blind spots.

Gentle Snow’s expression darkened. She had not imagined that Lethal Gale would go to such insane lengths. The punishment for attacking another player in the city was no laughing matter.

Unfortunately, even though Gentle Snow could see Lethal Gale rapidly approach, she could do nothing about it. In her Weakened state, all her Attributes had dropped by 80%. Moreover, the debuff lasted five hours. With only 20% of her Attributes, she could not survive against Lethal Gale. Not to mention, she had just sensed two experts.

As the greatsword and the four daggers were about to plunge into Gentle Snow’s body, a low voice suddenly entered everyone’s ears.

“The almighty Blackwater Corporation is really a sore loser. Are you in such a hurry to restore your wounded reputation?”

As his voice faded, five streaks of blue light surrounded Gentle Snow.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

The clang of metal colliding echoed down the street five times. Lethal Gale and the two were then thrown over five yards back.

“Who are you?! You dare to stick your nose in Blackwater’s business?!” Lethal Gale glared at the cloaked Swordsman. However, his eyes contained a hint of fear.

When experts fought, one clash was enough to gauge the opponent’s strength.

Lethal Gale could tell that the Swordsman was stronger than him.

The fact that the Swordsman had repelled all three of their attacks told him that this man was more than an ordinary expert.

“Who am I? This is White River City. You dare to make a move in my territory and still ask who I am?” s.h.i.+ Feng sneered as he glanced at Lethal Gale and the two Chuckling, he took off his Black Cloak.

“Ye Feng!”

Gentle Snow was shocked when she saw who had hidden beneath the Black Cloak.

Although the man had felt familiar, that did not help her to identify him. After all, he could be any random person she had met before

Now that she knew her mysterious buyer’s ident.i.ty, her previous questions had been answered.

Who could possibly be richer than Zero Wing in Star-Moon Kingdom?

“S,o you’re Zero Wing’s Ye Feng. This is between the Blackwater Corporation and Ouroboros. I advise you to stay out of it! If you don’t, you will regret it!” Lethal Gale’s face twisted into an ugly expression when he heard this man’s name.

To the Dark Arena’s partic.i.p.ants, Ye Feng was a familiar name.

Even with Stone and Shattered Tooth’s help, beating Ye Feng was impossible. He had no choice but to use the Blackwater Corporation as a threat. With this, he might still have a chance to finish off Gentle Snow.