Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 974 - War Goddess

Chapter 974 - War Goddess

Chapter 974: War G.o.ddess





Chapter 974 – War G.o.ddess

A bald, robust man suddenly burst into an exquisitely decorated room, tension written all over his face.

“Boss Wave, something has happened with Gale,” the bald man reported hurriedly.

Raising his brows, Abandoned Wave asked, “What happened?”

“I don’t know what Gale was thinking, but he’s about to duel Gentle Snow. News of the fight has already spread throughout the kingdom,” the bald man said.

“Gale is dueling Gentle Snow?” The news surprised Abandoned Wave somewhat. A moment later, however, he started laughing before he said, “Good, very good! Gale’s performance this time is excellent! Who would have imagined that, just as I was struggling to think of a way to take over Ouroboros, Gentle Snow delivered herself to my doorstep? Send someone immediately to livestream Gale’s battle! I want to see the look of despair on Gentle Snow’s face.”

Although he was not certain of Gentle Snow’s true strength, he knew how powerful Lethal Gale was. It was common knowledge that, although Lethal Gale had beaten the 354th ranked expert on the G.o.d’s Domain Experts List, it had been a hard-fought battle. Hence, in the public’s opinion, that must have been the limit to Lethal Gale’s strength. U.p..dated by

In reality, however, Lethal Gale had held back.

After all, he was a member of the Battle Team that the Blackwater Corporation was nurturing. How could he afford to expose his true strength to the public? He needed to save that trump card to deal other Battle Teams a critical blow.

Although Abandoned Wave had no idea how much strength Gentle Snow had hidden, she was a hundred years too early if she thought she could defeat Lethal Gale.

Inside White River City’s Divine Colosseum, every player in the main hall watched the main screen as if hypnotized.

It’s finally starting.

Sitting at a corner of the rest bar, s.h.i.+ Feng looked at the timer displayed on the screen, his heart thumping with antic.i.p.ation.

In the past, the strength Gentle Snow displayed during the early stages of the game had been extremely frightening. Many experts had considered her disappearance from G.o.d’s Domain a shame as they all believed that she had the potential to become a Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked player. Her abilities were clear for all to see just from how she had managed to nurture the Cleric G.o.d Violet Cloud.

The main screen currently displayed a dense forest, which was the perfect environment for and Rangers. However, it was an entirely different story for Berserkers.

Berserkers were the epitome of Strength. The Berserker cla.s.s was a cla.s.s that solved all problems with overwhelming Strength.

Unlike a duel between other, the one between Gentle Snow and Lethal Gale would undoubtedly be a short battle. Either Gentle Snow would quickly defeat Lethal Gale or the other way around. There was no third possibility. Hence, everyone in the main hall paid close attention to the screen, afraid of missing out on any details of the battle.

“Let me properly experience the strength of Ouroboros’s Guild Leader! Hopefully, you won’t disappoint me too much!” As soon as Lethal Gale let out a low shout, a bone-chilling glint flashed across his eyes as he unsheathed the gigantic greatsword slung over his back and entered a fighting stance. However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, he did not use Charge straightaway and rush at Gentle Snow. Instead, he slowly closed in on the female Berserker step by step.

However, with each step Lethal Gale took, the surrounding air grew heavier.

Even the players watching in the main hall could feel the frightening pressure the male Berserker radiated.

As for Gentle Snow, she unsheathed her silver greatsword and pointed it directly at the approaching Lethal Gale. Her actions were as if victory was already in her grasp. Her calm appearance made her look just like the War G.o.ddess of a battlefield.

When only twelve yards separated the two Berserkers, everyone suddenly saw a shocking scene.

Gentle Snow’s entire body started releasing a silver glow. In the next moment, three pairs of silver metallic wings sprouted from her back. The equipment she wore also underwent a transformation.

Her original silver armor turned into a set of pure white robes. In the blink of an eye, Gentle Snow had changed from a plate armor cla.s.s to a cloth armor cla.s.s. This sudden development made it seem as if an angel had suddenly descended onto the battlefield. In the next moment, golden divine runes manifested on her robes and even on her unblemished cheeks, adding a few hints of holiness to the War G.o.ddess.

Meanwhile, the silver greatsword in her hands had also transformed into two thin, sharp blades. Golden arcs of electricity were faintly visible, wrapping around the blades of the one-handed swords.

Before anyone even reacted, Gentle Snow dashed straight towards Lethal Gale.


“What just happened?!”

“Is she really a Berserker!?”

Gentle Snow’s sudden transfiguration riveted everyone in the main hall. None of them had expected her to undergo such a change.

She’s so fast

! At this moment, even s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised. He had never imagined that Gentle Snow had hidden her strength so deeply.

Gentle Snow’s current speed was already above his.

Watching through the large screen, everyone only saw Gentle Snow leaving behind an afterimage in her original position before appearing right before Lethal Gale.

“Hah! Come!”

Lethal Gale laughed as he activated his Berserk Skill, Beastification, his skin suddenly turning a deep red. Both his Strength and speed also soared. Immediately, he sent a Cross Slash at Gentle Snow.

In response, Gentle Snow swung the sword in her right hand, the blade transforming into an arc of light as it struck at Lethal Gale’s greatsword.

What a fool. Gale has already activated Beastification. Although the Skill’s duration is very short, it increases his Strength Attribute by 120%. In addition, Cross Slash is a Tier 1 Sure-kill Skill. Even Great Lords won’t be able to block this attack, yet Gentle Snow actually dares to receive it directly? Could she have abandoned herself to despair because of losing Ouroboros?

Abandoned Wave’s lips curled into a smile as he watched Gentle Snow’s actions. He could already see the scene of Lethal Gale heavily injuring the female Berserker.

Has Gentle Snow really lost her mind?! She actually made such a rash counter!

Purple Eye looked at Gentle Snow with eyes filled with worry. Gentle Snow was a rival of hers. She did not wish to see her losing to anyone but herself.

At this moment, Purple Eye was wondering whether Gentle Snow truly understood just how powerful a Refinement Realm expert, who had activated a Berserk Skill, was.

As for s.h.i.+ Feng, he simply chuckled at this scene.

Among everyone present in the Divine Colosseum, most likely n.o.body—aside from himself—knew what kind of state Gentle Snow was in at present.

If one were to say that Lethal Gale was in a Berserk Mode right now, then the current Gentle Snow was in a Twofold Berserk Mode.

The reason for Gentle Snow’s transfiguration was her obtaining the Holy Warrior cla.s.s, one of the Five Great Legacies of Star-Moon Kingdom.

The Five Great Legacies of Star-Moon Kingdom. Not to mention completing them, just being able to accept the quest for these Legacies showed that one was a favored child of the Main G.o.d System.

In the past, only Gentle Snow in the entire Star-Moon Kingdom had managed to complete this quest.

s.h.i.+ Feng had never imagined that she would actually succeed in cla.s.s-changing into a Holy Warrior ahead of time.

The Five Great Legacies were all Peak Legacies. The Legacy Skills that Gentle Snow learned were naturally extraordinary.

At this moment, the Skill that Gentle Snow had used was one unique to the Holy Warrior cla.s.s, the Legacy Berserk Skill Starlight Saint. Not only did the Skill increase her Attributes significantly, but it also altered the external appearances of her weapons and equipment at the same time. Currently, although it might seem as though Gentle Snow was equipped in cloth armor, in reality, it was holy armor. The soft, white robes she was wearing were tougher that even adamant.i.te. The defensive capabilities of those robes far surpa.s.sed those of plate armor.