Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 971 - White River City's Transformation

Chapter 971 - White River City's Transformation

Chapter 971: White River City’s Transformation

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Star-Moon City, Ouroboros’s Guild Residence:

Bursting into the meeting room, the tall, robust Berserker Fierce Snake hurried to Gentle Snow’s side and quietly reported, “Guild Leader, good news! You’ve been worried that we wouldn’t be able to sell the materials fast enough, right? Awhile ago, we found someone willing to purchase all of our rare herbs and ores! Moreover, the Attribute Gemstones’ sales in the various major cities are going quite well. We’ll collect the necessary funds in no time!”

“Alright.” Gentle Snow’s expression, which had been tense until now, finally relaxed. “a.s.semble the materials in the various warehouses immediately.”

Selling all of the materials Ouroboros had, even at 80% market value, in such a short time would be a daunting task. After all, there was a limit to how much the market could digest.

If they could not gather the required funds in time, her proposal would have been nothing but talk.

Now that someone wanted to spend the Coins to purchase their stock, they had helped her considerably.

When Gentle Snow finished instructing Fierce Snake, the several company representative Elders came back online.

“How did you manage to get an answer so quickly?” Gentle Snow felt something off when she saw the several Elders.

Such an important decision wasn’t easy to make. At the very least, these companies would have had to hold an emergency meeting with their directors before making a decision, yet these Elders had only been gone for less than ten minutes.

“Have you decided to submit to Blackwater in the end?” Gentle Snow’s expression darkened.

She had only recently chased away Cao Chenhua after much difficulty and s.n.a.t.c.hed back control of the Guild, which had originally belonged to her elder brother. She had never expected several of Ouroboros’s investors to abandon them just as she was starting to push the Guild onto the right track.

With just her family’s company, she could not stand against these major companies when they worked together. / update by

“Guild Leader Snow, please understand that this is a world where the strong eat the weak. Our companies simply cannot stand against the Blackwater Corporation. Please prepare to hand over the position of Ouroboros’s Guild Leader. We also hope that you will support the new Guild Leader. As for the White Clan Group’s Shares, we will buy them back in three days.” After the company representative Elders gave their answer, they sighed powerlessly as they logged out of the game.

Although they were only the representatives of their respective companies, they knew that their companies had already signed a private agreement with the Blackwater Corporation. They no longer intended to play with the White Clan Group as they had found a new playmate.

“Despicable! How could they do something like this!?”

“We were blind…to think we actually accepted these companies investments in the Guild.”

The dozen or so Elders, who had fought long and hard with Ouroboros, started to bash the investors. To them, Ouroboros was their home. They had worked for Ouroboros for over twenty years. Now that someone else was taking over their Guild, why wouldn’t they be angry?

“Snow…” Zhao Yueru didn’t know how to console her friend.

The White Clan Group had made its fortune in the virtual gaming world. It had established Ouroboros and gradually developed the Guild, taking over a dozen years to elevate it from a third-rate Guild to a first-rate Guild. Afterward, Ouroboros had dominated over a dozen virtual reality games, yet now it was crumbling in Gentle Snow’s hands.

Zhao Yueru did not know what to say.

“I’m fine!” Gentle Snow waved her hand. However, she was extremely pale. After a few minutes of silence, she took a deep breath and said, “Those companies and the Blackwater Corporation are underestimating me! Since Ouroboros cannot be salvaged, the White Clan Group will start a new Ouroboros!”

Although the investing companies had secured Ouroboros’s management, and thus, the Guild’s Shops, gaming experts were the true key to a Guild’s power.

Due to Cao Chenghua’s mutiny, the White Clan Group controlled Ouroboros’s G.o.d Slaying Army; it did not belong to the Guild. As a preventive measure against Cao Chenghua, Gentle Snow had purchased over a dozen plots of Land in Star-Moon City and several other high-population cities under her name. However, she hadn’t expected those preventative measures to come into play now.

“Fierce, you don’t have to deliver the goods anymore. I’ll meet with the buyer personally,” Gentle Snow said.

Although the Blackwater Corporation now owned Ouroboros, she was still the Guild Leader. She also possessed a significant portion of the Guild’s shares, so she still had the authority to transfer a considerable amount of resources.

Since she was going to leave Ouroboros, she needed to take some things with her.

She wouldn’t allow Blackwater to get its hands on the resources under the White Clan Group’s management. Although she couldn’t transfer the Guild’s resources in bulk, Coins were much easier to move. Moreover, upstart Guilds lacked money the most. With the money from selling the materials, she could easily build a st.u.r.dy foundation for her new Guild.

Following which, Gentle Snow left the meeting room. At the same time, Zhao Yueru began to mobilize the G.o.d Slaying Army and other Guild members. When the time came, she would take as many people with her as possible. Although they could not leave Ouroboros an empty husk, they could at least cause the Blackwater Corporation to pop a vein or two when it took over the Guild’s management.

In front of White River City’s bank…

“Guild Leader, the buyer is inside the bank.” The middle-aged man, who sold items in front of the bank, rushed up to greet Gentle Snow when she arrived.

On her way to the bank, Gentle Snow was greatly surprised by White River City’s atmosphere.

Despite Star-Moon City being the kingdom’s capital, the vibe in White River City felt as if should be the capital instead. As she traveled through the city, she saw many teams from various first-rate Guilds. There were more and higher quality players in White River City than in Star-Moon City.

She had even seen a few players riding through the city atop Mounts.

One wouldn’t see this in Star-Moon City, yet it seemed that White River City’s players were already used to these sights…

One would even be hard-pressed to find such happenings in imperial capitals.

When Gentle Snow entered the bank, the middle-aged man guided her to a corner of the main hall. s.h.i.+ Feng sat there alone, a Black Cloak covering his body. However, even though Gentle Snow could not see s.h.i.+ Feng’s appearance, this man felt familiar.

Gentle Snow? Why is she here? Is Ouroboros the Guild selling the materials? s.h.i.+ Feng was somewhat surprised when he saw Gentle Snow walking towards him. Could something big have happened to the Guild?

With Ouroboros’s financial strength, the Guild shouldn’t need to do something so damaging to gather funds.

As Gentle Snow stopped before s.h.i.+ Feng and the middle-aged man was about to introduce her, six tall, burly men radiating hostility cut past Gentle Snow’s group and surrounded s.h.i.+ Feng.

“Oh, Guild Leader Snow, I’m sorry, but the Blackwater Corporation has some business with this gentleman. Would you give us a moment?” the leading Level 39 Berserker named Lethal Gale subtly demanded, smiling coldly.