Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 966 - Candlelight Auction

Chapter 966 - Candlelight Auction

Chapter 966: Candlelight Auction





After s.h.i.+ Feng finished his conversation with Quiet Melody, he pretended to contact “Black Flame.” In reality, though, he contacted Fire Dance.

After all, he was Black Flame. How could he possibly contact himself? He had only said something about it to hide his ident.i.ty. Had he made the decision as “Ye Feng,” he would have roused Quiet Melody’s suspicions.

s.h.i.+ Feng had to admit that the Sacred Temple’s offer was tempting. At the same time, it served as a reminder.

Zero Wing’s number of Lands couldn’t even compare to a first-rate Guild’s, not to mention Super Guilds. It had fewer than an ordinary second-rate Guild.

However, this could not be helped. These Guilds had far stronger foundations than Zero Wing. These Guilds had joined G.o.d’s Domain with plenty of starting capital. Their members also spanned across many cities. Moreover, these Guilds had invested almost all of the Coins they earned from their money-farming teams into purchasing various cities’ Lands. Now players had been developing in G.o.d’s Domain for quite some time, these Guilds’ advantages were beginning to manifest.

In stark contrast to these Guilds, Zero Wing had started in G.o.d’s Domain with absolutely nothing. Its possession of Lands in so many cities was already impressive.

Now that G.o.d’s Domain had been operating for so long, even if Zero Wing had a lot of money, the various large Guilds had already bought out the lands in the various NPC cities. These Guilds treated their Lands like their babies. It was practically impossible for Zero Wing to purchase these Lands at a reasonable price without presenting something that these Guilds hungered for.

The Holy City slots provided a golden opportunity.

Currently, the Candlelight Trading Firm had only spread its influence to a few major cities. By the time the Lifestyle players in t.i.tan City reached the Advanced rank, the firm’s small corner of the market wouldn’t be enough to display its true prowess.

If the trading firm obtained a few plots of Land in empires’ top-ten major cities, it would secure a far larger customer base. If he took into account the Strengthening Device and the designs unique to t.i.tan City, Candlelight Trading Firm’s profits would make the income from Stone Forest Town look pitiful.

At the moment, however, s.h.i.+ Feng did not have any t.i.tan City Entrance Tokens on hand. Even if he did, he had no intentions of selling them to Quiet Melody right now. Since there were so many Super Guilds craving their own slots to the Holy City, he had to auction them and obtain the best price. Moreover, by doing so, he wouldn’t invoke these Super Guilds’ ire, preventing Peerless’s plans from coming to fruition.

Currently, his only method of entering t.i.tan City was the Holy City’s Emblem. However, the emblem had a seven-day Cooldown. He had used the emblem recently, so if he wanted to enter the Holy City, he’d have to wait.

He could use these seven days to prepare.

After all, purchasing Lands was a significant expenditure.

Even if the Holy City’s slots were more valuable, he could not trade a single slot for a major city’s golden Land unless the Super Guild had lost its mind.

In the past, a single Holy City slot only sold for several hundred Gold. Even if it sold for more than that at the moment, the most anyone would pay was roughly 1,000 Gold. On the other hand, major cities’ golden Lands were worth over 10,000 Gold.

With the slots he had on hand, he could afford, at most, one plot of land. This was not the desired outcome.

He planned to trade the Holy City slots for Lands in major cities, offering one slot and Coins to make up the cost difference. This way, he could purchase ten plots of Lands by selling ten slots. Hence, collecting enough Coins was now a priority.

“Fire, prepare the main force and both the Dark G.o.ds Legion’s official members and reserve members to advance on the Undead Gorge. Halt all other quests and activities temporarily,” s.h.i.+ Feng instructed. “Don’t forget to collect extra Strengthening Devices and Magic Scrolls from Candlelight as well. Although the Undead Gorge is an Asura Mode Regional Dungeon, its monsters are much stronger than in the Stoneclaw Mountains. Don’t carelessly lose your lives in there.”

s.h.i.+ Feng had never heard of the Undead Gorge before. However, as it was related to the new expansion pack, it was definitely not an ordinary Regional Dungeon. It should offer an abundance of resources, particularly Magic Crystals.

Currently, there were too many players in the Stoneclaw Mountains. There weren’t enough monsters to go around. On the other hand, not only was the Undead Gorge a new Regional Dungeon, but it also required more to enter than the Stoneclaw Mountains. Guilds wouldn’t be able to dispatch as many members to the Dungeon. With this, Zero Wing could farm Magic Crystals far more efficiently.

As long as he had enough Magic Crystals, he could use the teleportation house to turn them into mountains of glittering Gold Coins.

With this, he could earn what he needed to purchase Lands during the next seven days.

“Understood.” Fire Dance nodded.

After s.h.i.+ Feng finished issuing his orders, he smiled as he turned back to Quiet Melody.

Communication between players could be set to private mode. This way, unrelated parties would not overhear the conversation. Naturally, the surrounding Sacred Temple members had heard nothing s.h.i.+ Feng had said, so these people a.s.sumed that he had been speaking with “Black Flame.”

“Temple Master Melody, I’ve have told our Guild Leader about your offer. Our Guild Leader has considered this problem; hence, he has already prepared and decided to auction off the slots. In seven days, the Candlelight Trading Firm will hold its first auction. Not only will the Holy City’s slots be available, but many other unimaginable items will also be for sale,” s.h.i.+ Feng said. “To partic.i.p.ate in the Candlelight Auction, you will need to hold at least one Deed to a major city’s golden Land. These Lands will be used to bid for the Holy City slots. Of course, Zero Wing will supplement the cost for each Land with Coins. However, Zero Wing will only announce the auction to the public in three days.

“This is all I can say for the moment. As for who obtains the Holy City slots, that will depend on the strength and capital of the various Guilds attending.” ( )

The moment s.h.i.+ Feng finished talking, Lonely Fantasy, who stood beside Quiet Melody, flew into a rage, growling, “What do you guys take those Holy City slots for?! Do you really think our Sacred Temple can’t obtain our own?!”

“Fantasy, that’s enough!” Quiet Melody reproached her subordinate.

Although Lonely Fantasy tried to continue, when he saw the fury in Quiet Melody’s eyes, he snapped his mouth closed.

“Since Zero Wing intends to sell the Holy City slots, we are lucky. The Sacred Temple will certainly attend the auction,” Quiet Melody said, her eyes carrying a silent apology. She then departed from the Shop with Lonely Fantasy and the others.

Lonely Fantasy still wanted to say something after leaving the Shop, but Quiet Melody’s glare silenced him.

“Fantasy, you have just officially joined the Sacred Temple, so there is much about G.o.d’s Domain that you do not know. Zero Wing is not as simple as you think. It was bold enough to provoke the super-first-rate Guild Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and the Super Guild King’s Return. Do you really think Zero Wing will think much of the Sacred Temple’s threats?” Quiet Melody scolded Lonely Fantasy, shaking her head ruefully. “While we wait, rather than following me around, head to the intelligence department and learn about the game’s various Guilds. G.o.d’s Domain is not the shallow game you think it is.”

Lonely Fantasy was taken aback by Quiet Melody’s words.

He had not realized that Zero Wing was powerful enough to provoke King’s Return. Just what kind of Guild was it?!

As for s.h.i.+ Feng, after obtaining the Monster Repellent Scrolls, he returned to White River City.

As soon as he returned, he headed for his warehouse in the bank.

Previously, too many things had demanded his attention. He hadn’t yet had a chance to use the damaged G.o.d Crystal he had obtained during the entrance trial.

The Holy Grail already possessed immense power. If he could upgrade it further… The thought alone excited him.