Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 963 - Three Days

Chapter 963 - Three Days

Chapter 963 – Three Days

“The Blackwater Corporation employes impressive tactics!” Gentle Snow glanced at the short-haired youth sitting opposite of her listening to several Elders’ explanations.

In the virtual gaming world, third-rate or greater Guilds typically split their shares among multiple shareholders. Zero Wing was unique in this as Guilds were rarely under the control of a single ent.i.ty, much less first-rate Guilds.

Although a first-rate Guild was the equivalent of a corporation and capable of earning its own money, when a Guild of such caliber joined a large-scale virtual reality game, it needed a lot of capital to begin developing.

G.o.d’s Domain was peculiar among large-scale virtual reality games. Even with a first-rate Guild’s financial strength, investments from various companies were needed for a Guild to spread its influence throughout G.o.d’s Domain as it attempted to dominate one, or multiple, kingdoms.

This was precisely the reason that multiple companies held the majority of Ouroboros’s shares.

If these companies came to an agreement, even she, the Guild Leader, was forced to accept the decision.

However, Gentle Snow had never imagined Blackwater to be despicable enough to force Ouroboros into submission. Generally, major international corporations disdained such tactics as doing so would only make them a laughingstock.

“Guild Leader Snow, what is your decision?” the short-haired youth ignored the Snow G.o.ddess’s ridicule. On the contrary, he sneered and said, “I know this is a very difficult decision to make. How about this? We’ll give you three days to consider your options. If you insist on rejecting our offer in three days, we’ll be forced to put someone else in the Guild Leader’s seat.”

After making his threat, the short-haired youth left the meeting room. The two Level 39 expert players followed him closely.

“Big Brother Wave, why don’t we just get rid of Gentle Snow? It would make it easier to take over Ouroboros.”

“Now that you’ve given her three more days, she might persuade those on the fence or purchase their shares. If she does, it’ll be harder to occupy the Guild.”

The two robust men asked the gloomy, short-haired youth.

The Blackwater Corporation’s goal from the very beginning was to take control of Star-Moon Kingdom. After turning Star-Moon Kingdom into the corporation’s playground, they would use it as a stepping-stone to dominate the Black Dragon Empire.

Even if Gentle Snow agreed to their conditions, they would not let Ouroboros survive. Rather, Blackwater would establish its own Guild and absorb Ouroboros, gaining complete control. Hence, they did not need Gentle Snow’s consent.

“Do you really think I will give her three days to make a decision?” the short-haired youth clicked his tongue. Sneering, he continued, “I am just giving Ouroboros’s members time to adapt. If I remove Gentle Snow from her position suddenly, it will cause quite a stir in the Guild. Not only will it decrease the Guild’s morale, but I will also have a lot of trouble rectifying the problem. Now that I am giving Gentle Snow three days, however, news of this matter will spread throughout the Guild. We’ll encounter less resistance when we take over the Guild’s management.

“Most importantly, Young Master Jing has not yet sent me enough experts to take Ouroboros over. In three days, we should have enough personnel to a.s.sume control. At that time, we will gain control of Star-Moon City, and it won’t be long before we possess all of Star-Moon Kingdom.”

“Big Brother Wave, what about Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild, Zero Wing? Are we not negotiating with them? I’ve heard that Zero Wing is particularly stubborn, and the Guild Leader alone controls the Guild. It will be more difficult to take over.”

“We won’t need to worry about that. Young Master Jing has other plans for Zero Wing,” the youth named Abandoned Wave responded nonchalantly. “How are the people that Young Master Jing sent adapting?”

“Big Brother Wave, rest a.s.sured; with our guidance, they’re improving each day. I believe they will adapt to G.o.d’s Domain’s combat style very quickly with the help of the battle videos we procured and the Trail Tower. As long as their Levels are brought up to speed, they will be the Guild’s greatest trump card,” one of the robust men reported excitedly.

The Blackwater Corporation was not like other corporations. It could actually fit quite well in G.o.d’s Domain.

After all, Blackwater was an international corporation that dealt with fighting compet.i.tions. The corporation’s dojos spanned the globe. Moreover, the corporation was also one of the World Fighting Compet.i.tion’s main hosts.

With the amateur fighters in G.o.d’s Domain, it would be a piece of cake for Blackwater to dominate the game.

If not for the recent launch of the Mind s.p.a.ce System, the Blackwater Corporation wouldn’t have harbored the slightest thought of investing in G.o.d’s Domain.

Once Abandoned Wave’s group left, pandemonium swept through Ouroboros. The Guild was no longer focused on the new Regional Dungeon.


Meanwhile, s.h.i.+ Feng had arrived in Blackwing City’s Magic District.

Unlike ordinary NPC cities, which were generally divided into the n.o.ble District and the Commoner District, the NPCs and players that reached Blackwing City were extraordinary. Moreover, even if other kingdoms and empires’ n.o.bles ventured to this city, they were ordinary here.

In the Magic District, NPC-owned Magic Shops were everywhere. There were at least a hundred such Shops in the district. Not only did these Shops sell all kinds of daily-use magic items, but they also sold Magic Scrolls. Some even sold rare Magic Scrolls that could not be found in ordinary NPC cities. The Monster Repellent Scroll was one such Magic Scroll.

Initially, players had a.s.sumed that the Monster Repellent Scroll had no particular value. After all, it was only capable of driving off low-intelligence monsters. Moreover, as players reached higher levels and explored higher-leveled maps, they encountered fewer low-intelligence monsters. Hence, there was rarely a need for the Monster Repellent Scroll. Furthermore, the scroll was expensive.

The Monster Repellent Scroll had only gained popularity after players discovered its ability to protect towns.

However, as one of the rare Magic Scrolls sold in Blackwing City, the Monster Repellent Scroll was not infinitely available. Only a limited quant.i.ty could be purchased each day. Moreover, only one Magic Shop sold the scroll, so it wasn’t easy to obtain.

Overall, only twenty Monster Repellent Scrolls were available in Blackwing City each day.

When s.h.i.+ Feng entered the Magic Shop that sold the Monster Repellent Scrolls, he discovered numerous waiting players. These players turned towards s.h.i.+ Feng.

Why are people from the Sacred Temple here? s.h.i.+ Feng was somewhat surprised when he saw these players.