Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 957 - Defense Turret

Chapter 957 - Defense Turret

Chapter 957: Defense Turret





Chapter 957 – Defense Turret

In G.o.d’s Domain, many players used Mining and Herb Gathering to get rich.

Ordinary players had very few income options. Generally, players relied on quest rewards as Common monsters rarely dropped Coins. Only Elite rank and higher monsters had any chance of dropping money. Even so, the chances were only around two or three percent. Moreover, they dropped Copper Coins.

As for monsters dropping materials, the chances were even lower…

After first joining G.o.d’s Domain, players could mostly afford their repair fees with their earnings from grinding Common monsters. However, as their levels increased and the quality of their equipment rose, the money they earned from Common monsters wouldn’t be enough to maintain their items. Usually, they had to grind Elite monsters to cover their costs. If they were lucky and obtained a Bronze Weapon or piece of Equipment, not only could they afford a day’s worth of repair fees, but they might also have something to save.

Unfortunately, that had only been the case after G.o.d’s Domain had first launched.

Every time G.o.d’s Domain evolved, the Main G.o.d System lowered weapon and equipment drop-rates. Now that the game had undergone its fourth evolution, even Elite monsters rarely dropped Bronze Weapons and Equipment. One usually had to obtain such items from Field Bosses or Dungeons.

It was precisely this reason that Lifestyle had become popular.

Meanwhile, the Lifestyle’ development relied on various materials.

As players moved through maps, they usually paid attention to their surroundings. However, they were not only doing so to avoid player or monster ambushes, but to find ores and herbs.

A gathering player who was familiar with the environment could earn more money by selling the raw materials they gathered than what Guild elite members could earn from fighting monsters.

In the past, s.h.i.+ Feng had frequently heard about gathering players obtaining excellent weapons and equipment solely by gathering ores and herbs. Many Guilds and trading firms had signed contracts with expert gathering players. As long as these players fulfilled their monthly quota, not only could they sell their materials at market price, but they would also gain bonus Credits.

Hence, for players in G.o.d’s Domain, both Mining and Herb Gathering were usually very high-leveled.

If there truly were a Manat.i.te vein beneath this town, they only needed to higher players with high-level Mining Skills. They could certainly earn far more Magic Crystals than Stone Forest Town. After all, Stone Forest Town only earned Magic Crystals from players repair and hotel fees. The town didn’t earn nearly as much as players did in the Stoneclaw Mountains.

“My initial plan was to earn a large sum in the Dark Arena. However, Zero Wing’s abilities have surpa.s.sed my expectations. While I have considered cooperating with Super Guilds before, they are simply too powerful; they might just take the town from Raven. Moreover, even if we form a partners.h.i.+p, with Super Guilds’ appet.i.te, Raven won’t obtain much.

“Although there are a few more powers aside from Super Guilds that we could approach, these powers cannot provide as many Coins as Zero Wing.

“How about it? By cooperating with Raven, not only would Zero Wing not lack Magic Crystals, but the Candlelight Trading Firm would also have plenty of Manat.i.te Ore. You will certainly earn more than 100,000 Gold.”

Bloodfang believed that the conditions he had proposed were quite generous. There was simply no reason for an upstart Guild like Zero Wing to reject his offer.

Currently, Zero Wing did not have many a.s.sets in G.o.d’s Domain. However, it was extremely difficult to invest in the real estate in other kingdoms and empires. The local Guilds had long since claimed the available Lands. As for kingdom and empire’s main cities, although some golden Lands were still available, without sufficient Reputation in those cities, purchasing those lands was impossible.

By the time someone from Zero Wing obtained the required Reputation, others would have claimed those Lands.

In other words, Zero Wing should have a lot of money lying around right now, yet it could not effectively utilize the Coins, spending money to make money.

However, this could not be helped. After all, Zero Wing was merely an upstart Guild. Its income couldn’t even compare to a veteran second-rate Guild, much less a super-first rate or Super Guild.

If Zero Wing continued to hold on to its funds, it would eventually depreciate.

This was also why, despite earning boatloads of Gold, Super Guilds had very little liquid funds. This was because these Super Guilds had long since invested the money into something more valuable, particularly various city’s Lands with high potential.

If Zero Wing invested its excess Coins into Raven, it could kill two birds with one stone.

“Guild Leader Bloodfang, as I’ve said before, 100,000 Gold Coins are not 100,000 Copper Coins. Even Super Guilds can’t hand over such a large amount, not to mention Zero Wing,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, shaking his head. “And again, you’re only offering 20%. It will take ages to earn back our initial investment. G.o.d’s Domain changes each day. Zero Wing cannot make such a huge gamble. Why don’t we change our method of cooperation?”

Bloodfang shook his head, responding, “If you wish to invest manpower, forget it. Current players cannot defend this town. With the number and level of monsters attacking this town, we can only rely on NPCs to defend it; in fact, we need a small army. We also need to construct extremely powerful magical arrays and Defense Turrets before the 15-day protection period is over, all of which requires a large sum of Coins.”

If not for his urgent need for money, he wouldn’t have considered cooperating with Zero Wing at all. He very much preferred to have the town’s profits to himself.

There was not a single power in G.o.d’s Domain that would complain about having too much money, not to mention an essential item like the Magic Crystal.

As expected, these monsters must be unusual.

Hearing Bloodfang’s words, s.h.i.+ Feng could faintly discern the true reason the town had been destroyed, and he could not help the corners of his lips curing up.

In the past, towns with rare mineral and herb fields nearby were often hara.s.sed by the local monsters.

Needless to say, a town with Manat.i.te would be a.s.saulted once every few days.

During G.o.d’s Domain’s early stages, the various large Guilds had headaches over these towns. After all, most of the money the earned had to be spent on the town’s defense, with some towns needing additional investment.

As Bloodfang had said, constructing one Tier 3 defensive magic array to defend a town would cost 32,000 Gold. Although the magic array would block any monsters below Tier 4, Level 200, it required a lot of Mana to operate.

As for the Defense Turret, each one cost 7,000 Gold to construct.

Generally, monsters would come from all directions when raiding a town. Even if they placed only one Defense Turret at each of the four cardinal points, they needed at least four Defense Turrets. Moreover, the Turrets’ artillery were very expensive. At market price, each sh.e.l.l cost 5 Gold, with higher-quality ones costing dozens.

Furthermore, a single Defense Turret at each corner wasn’t nearly enough. They would need at least two.

With this, the total cost was around 88,000 Gold.

It was no wonder why Bloodfang wanted a 100,000 Gold investment.

However, players’ wisdom was infinite. In the past, after the various large Guilds had experimented countless times, they had finally found a method to not only save on the high construction cost, but also resist against the swarms of invading monsters.