Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 954 - New World

Chapter 954 - New World

Chapter 954: New World





The moment Melancholic Smile clicked on one of the Masters’ production videos, a tall, robust figure appeared inside the room, which was the size of a basketball court. The man had tanned skin and a long beard.

“What?! This is a hologram?!” Melancholic Smile was shocked when she saw the bearded man.

While there were production videos of many capable individuals on G.o.d’s Domain’s official forums, one could only watch them on a flat screen. At the end of the day, one could not experience their production process.

Moreover, compared to this holographic Master Forger’s techniques, every forging player throughout G.o.d’s Domain was practically garbage.

“A Master Forger is impressive. So, I can use this method to forge the Strengthening Devices as well.”

After watching the holographic video once, Melancholic Smile was aware of her flaws. Particularly, her rune-drawing techniques needed work.

The bearded man’s rune looked natural on the Strengthening Device. Moreover, he completed the rune with one smooth motion.

The original Strengthening Device design only offered a simple introduction and a few basic demonstrations. It did not contain any forging techniques to speak of. Melancholic Smile had no choice but to experiment.

After watching the Master Forger’s video, Melancholic Smile felt as if doors to a whole new world had opened for her.

“If this is what the videos are like, what are the key production points?” After calming herself, Melancholic Smile s.h.i.+fted her attention towards the key points of production, clicking on one of the several available links.

As soon as Melancholic Smile clicked on it, she heard a system notification.

System: Production Annotation Mode activated. Energy is required to activate this mode: Magic Crystals. One Magic Crystal will last one hour. Do you wish to continue?

“It even needs Magic Crystals?” Melancholic Smile could not help her surprise.

The Master Forger’s holographic video had not required any payment. Seeing as energy was required to annotate the key points of production, this function should be far more valuable than the videos.

Melancholic Smile did not take long to consider her options. As she had come to produce Strengthening Devices, she had plenty of Magic Crystals on hand. Wasting one wouldn’t matter.

Following which, Melancholic Smile clicked “Accept,” and a single Magic Crystal disappeared from her bag.

System: Production Annotation Mode activated. Loading Strengthening Device Template Number 017. You may now produce the Strengthening Device.

“That’s it?” Melancholic Smile had not noticed anything different about herself, and nothing new had appeared in the room.

However, since the system had said as much, she decided to start forging the Strengthening Device.

In any case, s.h.i.+ Feng had stated that they needed to produce a large quant.i.ty of Strengthening Devices as quickly as possible.

As Melancholic Smile took out the necessary materials and prepared to smelt them, various images and data appeared before her. The information consisted of semi-transparent holograms and wouldn’t affect her production directly.

When Melancholic Smile looked through the images and data, she was shocked.

After all, this information guided her through producing the Strengthening Device. All she needed to do was overlay her actions with the holographic images and observe the smelting process. The data displayed also provided specific hints for carrying out these actions.

The Production Annotation Mode was like a copybook that provided ideal forging procedures, and all she needed to do was familiarize herself with these procedures. Learning how to forge the Strengthening Device this way was many times more effective than simply watching a Master Forger at work.

As Melancholic Smile forged the Strengthening Devices according to the hints provided, her forging success rate and speed steadily rose.

Originally, Melancholic Smile’s success rate with the Strengthening Device had been around 40%. After using the Intermediate Mana Source Ore, her success rate increased to roughly 50%. However, she rarely achieved a 50% success rate when actually crafting them. Before arriving in t.i.tan City, she usually succeeded four of ten tries, and sometimes less.

After an hour inside the Special Workshop, however, she could now stabilize her output to four or more out of ten tries. Many of her uncertainties when forging the Strengthening Device had also vanished, and now, her actions were more decisive. This resulted in a faster forging speed. She was practically as fast as she had been before G.o.d’s Domain’s fourth evolution.

She was overjoyed.

With the videos of the Master Forgers and the key production points, her forging techniques improved with each second she spent in the room. Her growth was at least ten times faster than when she had been in the Candlelight Trading Firm’s Basic Meditation Room.

Melancholic Smile felt that the 4,000-plus Gold they spent was worth it. After such a short time here, she was confident of trying for the Master rank. As for the firm’s other Lifestyle players, rising from Basic or Intermediate rank to Advanced would be a piece of cake.

Melancholic Smile wasn’t the only one excited about t.i.tan City’s Special Workshops. All those who experienced the Special Workshops instantly fell in love.

Everyone felt that, if they could stay here, they could easily become Masters.

Unfortunately, this was only a misconception. After all, techniques and high success rates were not the only requirements to become a Master. One also needed extensive knowledge of materials. Without sufficient knowledge, creating an item of their own would be impossible.

“If Flying Fish and the others knew about this, they’d go mad.” Burning Abyss, who resided in his own Special Workshop, could not help but sigh when he thought of Flying Fish and the other Advanced Lifestyle players.

Before coming to t.i.tan City, although he had known that the city was the Holy Land for Lifestyle players, he had not expected it to be



t.i.tan City definitely deserved to be called a ‘Holy Land.’

It now seemed that, in his search of a shortcut to become a Master, Flying Fish had suffered a huge setback. Even if those several masters were extremely skilled in other virtual reality games, at the end of the day, those games were not G.o.d’s Domain. How could those masters’ guidance possibly compare to G.o.d’s Domain’s true Masters?

Furthermore, there were the Research Rooms.

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City’s Teleportation Hall:

Due to the new teleportation house, large groups of players flooded into White River City. Among them, a majority consisted of Guild players; only a small minority were independent players.

After s.h.i.+ Feng finished sorting out his matters, he arranged to meet with Bloodsucker and the others at the Teleportation Hall.

When s.h.i.+ Feng discovered Bloodsucker among the crowd, he also noticed an unfamiliar man beside Bloodsucker. The other party noticed him as well.

Although this man hid his appearance with a Black Cloak, s.h.i.+ Feng felt his piercing gaze. It was the gaze of a predator. s.h.i.+ Feng was not comfortable being its target.

Meanwhile, Bloodsucker and the others obviously treated this man with great respect. Kirin and Masked Angel, who stood beside the man, did not even dare to breathe loudly.

( )

“You must be Ye Feng, right?” the unfamiliar man said after looking at s.h.i.+ Feng. Coldly, he continued, “Before you meet our Guild Leader, the Guild Leader has said that he wants to show you something.”

“Show me what?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked curiously.

“Strength!” The man laughed.