Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 950 - Competition between Trading Firms

Chapter 950 - Competition between Trading Firms

Chapter 950: Compet.i.tion between Trading Firms





Chapter 950 – Compet.i.tion between Trading Firms

“I’ve already explained the purpose of these t.i.tan City Entrance Tokens,” s.h.i.+ Feng said as he toyed with the entrance token in his hand. He then took a look at the crowd before him, feeling very satisfied with the eagerness they all displayed. “So, what will your decisions be?”

He had sacrificed plenty in order to obtain these entrance tokens. He had used even his most treasured Tier 4 Magic Scroll.

In the past, each t.i.tan City Entrance Token had sold for over 300 Gold at auction, the token’s price sometimes reaching even 600 Gold. It was not something ordinary players could afford.

Moreover, even if they managed to obtain it, they still needed sufficient funds for expenditures in t.i.tan City. Otherwise, there would be no point in visiting the Holy City.

Generally, large Guilds were willing to purchase the entrance tokens for a high price only if they were trying to get an Advanced Lifestyle player to the Master rank or have some Lifestyle Master produce a new creation. Sending Lifestyle players of Intermediate rank and below to the Holy City would just be a colossal waste.

However, s.h.i.+ Feng couldn’t care less now.

It was simply impossible for current Lifestyle players to reach the Master rank. Even with the aid of the Research Room, there was no way a forging genius like Cream Cocoa could become a Master Forger within a short time.

Achieving the Master rank required all Lifestyle to produce original creations. To do so, one needed extensive knowledge of all sorts of materials. The Glimmer Chestplate s.h.i.+ Feng had managed to create early on was merely the result of dumb luck. If he had to create a new piece of equipment right now, the likelihood of success was practically nil.

Just creating the Bronze ranked Glimmer Chestplate was already a miracle. Not to mention, the quality of the items one needed to produce to become a Master was much higher.

To become a Master Forger, aside from needing a ton of Forging Proficiency, one also needed to create three Mysterious-Iron items and one Secret-Silver item. Hence, the number of players who could successfully become a Lifestyle Master was extremely low—less than one out of 100 Advanced Lifestyle players.

It was precisely because of this reason that the Holy City of t.i.tan had become holy ground for Lifestyle players in the past. Countless Advanced Lifestyle players dreamed of entering the Holy City to further their careers. The various large Guilds also tried to purchase the entrance tokens at all costs.

Anyone who managed to become a Lifestyle Master would become a core component of the trading firm they belonged to.

After all, Lifestyle Masters could produce items unique to themselves. Moreover, one’s success at becoming a Master also proved that their research into the various materials related to their cla.s.s had already reached a certain level. In the future, they would have a much easier time producing new items and thus plenty of opportunities to make money. Hence, the various large Guilds had treated Master-ranked players with great respect.

“Well?” Melancholic Smile urged in a stern tone as she looked at the Lifestyle players before her. Tapping the contract placed on the table, she continued, “If you wish to improve yourselves further, you’ll have to sign this contract. Otherwise, the trading firm definitely will not give this precious opportunity to you.”

“But if we sign this contract, it’ll be equivalent to us selling ourselves to Candlelight. We won’t have any chances to leave Candlelight at all in the future. Moreover, you are even requiring us to go full-time. We need some time to consider this matter properly.” A few Intermediate Lifestyle players voiced their opinions.

In their eyes, G.o.d’s Domain was only a game. If they fully dedicated their lives to G.o.d’s Domain, who would guarantee that they wouldn’t starve to death in the future?

In addition, the conditions listed in the contract were extremely demanding. The contract barred its signatories from working elsewhere within the next decade. They wouldn’t even be able to delete their accounts and start all over again. As this was a system-enforced contract, unless they decided to stop playing G.o.d’s Domain altogether, there was no escaping these conditions.

Moreover, even if they chose to work elsewhere a decade later, they needed to first delete their accounts before doing so.

“I won’t force you. However, you all must understand that it was extremely difficult to obtain these tokens. If you spend only half a day’s time in G.o.d’s Domain, you will simply be wasting these tokens. Not to mention, if you suddenly decide to just up and leave later on, wouldn’t all those resources I have invested into you go to waste? You all should know that any resource capable of helping you further advance your skills is priceless in G.o.d’s Domain. There might not be another opportunity after it is used up.

“The contract already states very clearly that after you go full-time, you will enjoy benefits equivalent to the core members of Zero Wing. Aside from a monthly salary of 10,000 Credits, you will also receive commissions for the items you produce. I believe that you all aren’t signing this contract just for that little bit of income, right?

“You should know very well that the treatment offered by Candlelight is also at the very top of the industry. I am a busy person. Ten minutes. I will only give you all ten minutes to consider.”

s.h.i.+ Feng also understood the concerns these people had. Even so, they still had to sign the contract if they wanted to receive the opportunity to visit t.i.tan City.

Moreover, he had already presented them with very generous conditions. The offers of other Guilds simply could not compare to the resources he could provide. If the Advanced Lifestyle players of other Guilds had a 1% chance of becoming a Master, then those on his side had a 5% chance at the very least.

In the past, as Shadow was a small Guild, it had not placed a lot of restrictive conditions on the Advanced Lifestyle players it hired. In the end, after investing a large quant.i.ty of resources into these people, those who managed to become Masters simply up and left for other Guilds, and there was nothing Shadow could do to stop them from leaving.

There were just too many headhunters in G.o.d’s Domain. As the importance of Lifestyle players grew, the conditions offered by these poachers would likewise improve. n.o.body could guarantee that these Lifestyle players would not fall prey to the temptations.

Moreover, based on the investigations he had asked Aqua Rose to carry out, quite a few Advanced Lifestyle players of the Candlelight Trading Firm had already received overtures from headhunters.

He did not wish to risk such an important matter on the morality of these Lifestyle players.

“Right. I forgot to mention this before, but not everyone present will be qualified to sign the contract. You’ll have to look for Melancholic and take a test first,” s.h.i.+ Feng said as he looked at the silent Advanced Lifestyle players. “Also, you lot aren’t the only ones allowed to take the test. Melancholic, notify everyone in the trading firm. Tell them that, as long as they pa.s.s the test and sign the contract, they will have the qualifications to use the Meditation Room in the future.”

Other Guilds might have difficulty nurturing Advanced Lifestyle players, but to the Candlelight Trading Firm, this was an easy feat to accomplish.

Other Guilds might find Advanced Lifestyle players rare, but not him.

The Intermediate Lifestyle players of other Guilds would’ve long since reached the Advanced rank had they joined the Candlelight Trading Firm. After all, the Candlelight Trading Firm was the first to possess Special Workshops. The trading firm also had a large number of rare designs.

If these people weren’t willing to sign the contract, he would rather place his resources on lower-ranked Lifestyle players.