Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 937 - Team Improves

Chapter 937 - Team Improves

Chapter 937: Team Improves





s.h.i.+ Feng was currently Level 43. However, even after upgrading Lightning Edge to Tier 1, Level 1, he remained at Level 43.

However, upon reaching Tier 1, the required EXP to upgrade the Skill and the Skill’s might had undergone a qualitative change.

[Lightning Edge] (Action-type) Tier 1, Level 1 (Requires 200,000,000 EXP to upgrade to Tier 1, Level 2) Channeling time: 0.5 seconds Deals 700% physical and 700% lightning damage in a cone in front of user. Initial coverage range is 50 yards. Duration: 5 seconds Cooldown: 10 minutes

s.h.i.+ Feng had intended to upgrade the Skill further. Unfortunately, doing so would drop him to Level 42, which would, in turn, decrease his overall Attributes and affect his performance when they attempted the entrance trial’s final stretch. Hence, he decided to hold off for now.

After s.h.i.+ Feng learned Lightning Edge, Warren transported him out of the library, returning him to the entrance.

Everyone else from Zero Wing’s team who had entered the library had already learned a Skill or Spell and already returned to the entrance. They all looked ecstatic.

The number of Skills and Spells the t.i.tan Library contained was simply mind-blowing, and their rarity was equally staggering. Despite most of the players only being capable of choosing a Skill from the outer area, they had still boosted their combat powers significantly.

“Look at how excited you all are. What kind of powerful Skills did you guys learn?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked, a soft chuckle escaping from his lips.

“Leader, did you know that Sister Aqua reached the inner area? She learned a large-scale destruction Spell. Violet did as well and learned an AOE Healing Spell. As for Sister Fire, although she didn’t learn an AOE Skill from the inner area, she learned a powerful control and weakening Skill. Even a Boss won’t be able to shrug off the Skill’s effects!” Cola enthusiastically explained.

The Skills one could learn in the outer and inner areas were worlds apart.

In the outer area, one could only learn rare Tier 2 Skills, while in the inner area, one could learn Tier 3 Sure-kill Skills. There was simply no comparing the two.

Furthermore, the Skills Aqua Rose and the others had learned in the inner area would be of immense help to their current team. It was especially true for Violet Cloud’s AOE Healing Spell.

At present, all Skills the various healing could learn were single-target Healing Spells. There was not a single AOE Healing Spell available for their low Tier. Now that Violet Cloud had learned one, she could act as multiple healers. When they raided Dungeons in the future, they could afford to bring fewer healers and more damage-dealers.

Excluding s.h.i.+ Feng, fourteen people had reached the Library’s inner area.

Among them, three belonged to Zero Wing, three belonged to Raven, five belonged to Owl, and three belonged to Overwhelming Smile.

This outcome stunned Zero Wing’s members.

While Aqua Rose and the others, more or less, knew the ident.i.ties of Raven’s members, Owl’s members were complete strangers, yet among the team of fourteen players, five had reached the inner area. The small team’s strength was astounding.

Where did the Guild Leader meet these people?

Aqua Rose was deeply shocked as she watched White Night and his companions.

There are so many experts in just a team of fourteen people.

After the team’s performance in the t.i.tan Library, Aqua Rose finally understood how strong White Night and the others were.

As for Youlan, who rested by the side, her expression suggested that she had finally come to understand the Guild known as Zero Wing.

She knew how difficult it was to venture from the outer area to the inner area. Even after trying her hardest, she barely broke through the barrier. As for the other two players on her team who had reached the inner area, they were War Wolf and Soaring Snake. Everyone else had only made it to the 80-yard mark.

Although she did not know how far s.h.i.+ Feng had progressed, reaching the inner area should have been a walk in the park for him. With this, of Zero Wing’s fifty people, twelve had managed to reach the inner area. The team’s strength was intimidating. Youlan even suspected that, even if she scoured Star-Moon Kingdom and combined the strength of every Guild within its borders, she wouldn’t form a team as powerful as Zero Wing’s.

“Since everyone has gathered, let’s proceed to the trial’s final stage,” s.h.i.+ Feng declared after confirming that everyone was present. He then led the team to a teleportation array a short distance away from the t.i.tan Library.


“Be careful! Healers, focus on those who are taking damage! MTs, hold down the monsters! Do not let them get away!” Peerless, who ventured through the gray fog, sternly commanded his people through the team chat.

Initially, he had thought he would be welcomed by the sight of t.i.tan City’s gates upon overcoming the abyssal path. However, he had never imagined that they would escape the wolf’s lair only to walk straight into a lion’s den.

Inside this gray fog, their visibility was reduced to ten yards. In addition, monsters would randomly a.s.sault them from time to time.

To make matters worse, the fog did not affect these monsters. Even with forty yards between them, these monsters discovered them and attacked immediately. These monsters attacked with bows and arrows, and after firing a volley, they would change their positions. Moreover, the monsters always targeted the cloth armor

If they did not defeat these archers as quickly as possible, the noise of battle would attract more enemies. Before realizing this, their team had suffered. Moreover, the players whom these monsters killed could not be revived. Their losses in this gray fog were permanent.

They only had 89 players remaining now. If they lost any more members, their hopes of reaching the final goal would be dashed.

Shortly after Peerless issued his orders, another volley emerged from the fog around them.

The arrows were extremely fast. With the low visibility, even the Agility-based struggled to block or evade the attacks, not to mention the targeted cloth wearers.

Immediately, a white-robed Cleric transformed into a hedgehog, his HP plummeting to zero in an instant. The Cleric did not even have a chance to heal himself.

“Charge! Don’t let those monsters get away!” Peerless bellowed in rage.

Over a dozen melee immediately dashed towards the arrow’s origin.

Shortly after these players vanished, however, the others heard a pained scream. A few of these melee players had died instantly. Three MTs had even been thrown back to the team, their slamming into the ground before Peerless. All three MTs only had a strand of HP.

“What happened?!” Peerless demanded through the team chat.

The monsters they had previously faced had only been Level 45 Elites. Every one of these players could easily dispatch one of the monsters with help, yet not only had a few people instantly died, but their heavily-armored MTs had also been thrown such a long distance. There was definitely something off here.

“Boss… It’s a Boss!” one of the Swordsmen, who had previously charged forward, stuttered a reply. “Wait… There are three—”

Before the Swordsman could finish his words, his name in the team status window faded to gray, signifying that this player had died.

However, the Swordsman wasn’t the only one dead player. Those who had charged with him had died as well.

Before Peerless could respond, three tall figures suddenly emerged from the fog accompanied by over a hundred bow-wielding, four-armed demonic monsters.

Every player on the team tensed, feeling stifled.

Of the three Bosses before them, one was a Grand Lord, while the other two were Great Lords. With this combination before them, the players crumbled in despair.

As the two sides threw themselves into the battle, a golden radiance suddenly dispersed the dense fog. People then began to appear, one after another.

“How!?” Peerless’s jaw nearly hit the ground when he saw the distant figures.

These figures were none other than the members of s.h.i.+ Feng’s team, who he had seen before. However, unlike their battered players, s.h.i.+ Feng’s team appeared unharmed, every member br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy as they stood on the path towards t.i.tan City.