Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 911 - Tower of Time

Chapter 911 - Tower of Time

Chapter 911: Tower of Time





Chapter 911 – Tower of Time

The Twin Towers Kingdom was named such because of its two ancient towers within the kingdom’s boundaries.

These ancient towers had existed in G.o.d’s Domain for a long time; their age could no longer be verified.

Among these two towers, one was the Tower of Time. It was also the Twin Towers Kingdom’s sole, large-scale Regional Dungeon. Like the Dungeon in the Stoneclaw Mountains, this Dungeon was set to Asura Mode. However, the Tower of Time’s Level was much higher; thus it was more difficult to raid.

Meanwhile, the Tower of Time’s fame throughout G.o.d’s Domain had not only been due to its abundance of Magic Crystals, but its Bosses also had a chance of dropping the Seven Luminaries Crystals.

The Level requirement just to enter the Tower of Time was Level 50.

In the past, when mainstream players had been around Level 50, the Mind s.p.a.ce System had not yet launched in G.o.d’s Domain. As a result, everyone had treated the Tower of Time like an ordinary Regional Dungeon that produced large quant.i.ties of Magic Crystals. Even when people killed the many Bosses inside the Dungeon and obtained the Seven Luminaries Crystal, n.o.body knew their true value.

The various large Guilds had simply treated as the Seven Luminaries Crystal as a high-end item to use or trade. Only after the Mind s.p.a.ce System launched did everyone realize their blunder. The Guilds that used or traded their Seven Luminaries Crystal had nearly choked to death with anger.

Regional Dungeons all had level limits that prevented anyone below or above a certain Level from entering. When the Mind s.p.a.ce System had been introduced, G.o.d’s Domain had been operating for over a year. Players’ average Level had already been beyond the Tower of Time’s limit of Level 70. Hence, it had been practically impossible for Guilds to rely on their main forces to grind the Bosses for Seven Luminaries Crystals.

Meanwhile, when one wanted to enter the Tower of Time, aside from the level requirement, one needed a s.p.a.ce-time Crystal. A single s.p.a.ce-time Crystal could allow 100 players into the Tower of Time. However, only the monsters near the tower dropped the s.p.a.ce-time Crystals, and its drop-rate wasn’t very high. This greatly restricted the number of players who could enter the Dungeon.

In this life, before everyone knew the importance of the Tower of Time, s.h.i.+ Feng intended to take advantage of the situation and grind for s.p.a.ce-time Crystals. Once Zero Wing’s core members reached Level 50, they could get a headstart over the other Guilds, raiding the Tower of Time.

After s.h.i.+ Feng explained his plans for the Guild’s expansion to everyone, he continued with notifying everyone about Zero Wing’s preparation to nurture a large batch of internal experts.

“Guild Leader, if we try to recruit members now, it will be far less effective than our past recruitment campaigns. After all, n.o.body knows if White River City will hold off the abyssal monsters. Moreover, even if the magic array holds, it is still extremely dangerous for players to go out to level up. On the off chance that one encounters a high-level abyssal monster, a team-wipe is practically a guarantee. Based on my investigation, a portion of players have already moved to the Black Dragon Empire.

“Moreover, many of our Guild members are worried about this crisis. This really isn’t a good time to recruit members. We would be better off holding a ma.s.s-recruitment campaign after we secure a foothold in the Black Dragon Empire. It would be more effective to wait.”

Saying so, Aqua Rose handed s.h.i.+ Feng a statistics report, which clearly displayed White River City’s situation.

Due to the abyssal monsters, the city’s teleportation fee had been temporarily removed. Currently, over 5% of White River City’s player population had relocated. Among these players, the majority had migrated to the Black Dragon Empire. As time pa.s.sed, more players would relocate to continue their development.

“Don’t worry about it. Start preparing for recruitment and a.s.sessment work. We will soon make up for those who chose to head elsewhere to develop,” s.h.i.+ Feng said as he read the report. The situation was much better than his initial prediction.

“Make up for?” Aqua Rose was slightly confused. However, since s.h.i.+ Feng had already spoken, she did not probe into the matter any further. She trusted s.h.i.+ Feng’s judgment.

s.h.i.+ Feng simply smiled at Aqua Rose’s confusion. He then issued further instructions regarding the recruitment campaign.

Everyone’s worries about the abyssal monsters capturing the city were unnecessary.

The Abyss Pa.s.sage had been activated in the Twin Towers Kingdom. The powerful NPCs guarding the border had held back most of the strongest abyssal monsters. As for the remaining powerful abyssal monsters, almost all of them were busy besieging the various major cities. Hence, when the players belonging to the neighboring kingdoms and empires ventured out to level up, they just needed to be a little more careful of their surroundings. Things were not so severe that their livelihoods in their countries had been severed.

This was just like an addition of several Bosses, which should not be provoked, in everyone’s leveling maps. The abyss invasion was not as severe as everyone thought.

On the contrary, due to the temporarily removed teleportation fees in affected cities, players now had more affordable leveling spots to choose from.

Moreover, even if everyone failed to notice this, he could stealthily spread the message himself. In addition, there would soon be a teleportation array linked to a grinding area in the Twin Towers Kingdom. By then, the countless players who wanted to change would swarm to White River City. They didn’t need to worry about a lack of players in the city.

Once the teleportation array was set up, they also wouldn’t need to worry about lacking development funds.

As s.h.i.+ Feng arranged for Blackie to lead the Dark G.o.ds Legion’s elites to power-level the newcomers from the Big Dipper Dojo, Aqua Rose approached and whispered, “Guild Leader, Miss Phoenix Rain has arrived and is waiting in the reception room. She says that she has brought what you requested.”

“She’s finally here.” s.h.i.+ Feng nodded. He then left the remaining matters to Aqua Rose while he met Phoenix Rain.

Inside the elegant, stunning reception room, Phoenix Rain sat quietly by the windowsill, a Black Cloak draped over her back. When s.h.i.+ Feng entered the room, her gaze promptly moved away from the Zero Wing members walking around the first-floor hall and to s.h.i.+ Feng.

Level 42?!

Phoenix Rain was stunned.

Currently, she knew of several people who had reached Level 40 in the empire. However, these people had used special methods to achieve their level. Take herself for example. She was an Elementalist. Not only had she learned several AOE Attack Spells, but she also had a large number of elite members to a.s.sist her leveling progress. Her leveling speed was already fast. However, even now, she was over 30% away from reaching Level 40, yet s.h.i.+ Feng had already reached Level 42.

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, may I see the Lake Heart City’s Deed?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked. He smiled in response to Phoenix Rain’s surprise.

“Here; take a look,” Phoenix Rain quickly recovered her composure and took out a Deed for a Land in Lake Heart City. “This is the only Deed I can give you. Even if you’re not satisfied, I cannot change it.”

“Mhm, not bad. Although it cannot compare to a golden Land, it still has relatively high potential,” s.h.i.+ Feng said with satisfaction after examining the Deed.

With this Deed, Zero Wing could secure a foothold in the Black Dragon Empire.

What followed next would depend on how things progressed on Melancholic Smile’s side. Once they were ready, Zero Wing would officially start pus.h.i.+ng its way into the Black Dragon Empire.

Elsewhere, a large crowd of players had gathered before the seven-story-tall Candlelight Trading Firm. It was even more lively than during normal times.

While many among the crowd were Lifestyle players, the majority consisted of sightseers.

After all, n.o.body had ever seen a 3-star Shop before. They were all quite curious about the differences between a 3-star Shop and a 2-star Shop. This was especially true for Lifestyle players.

Not long ago, the Candlelight Trading Firm had published a shocking message.

The Candlelight Trading Firm was currently recruiting Lifestyle players, regardless of rank. It did not care if one was an Apprentice, who had just started, or someone far along the path of their Lifestyle. As long as they could pa.s.s the simple entrance test, they could become an official member of the Candlelight Trading Firm. High achievers would even get the opportunity to improve themselves in the Special Workshop. This was a benefit that could not be found anywhere else throughout the entire Star-Moon Kingdom and even G.o.d’s Domain. After all, Special Workshops were simply too rare. Most trading firms only allowed their most skilled and trustworthy members to utilize their limited Special Workshops. Ordinary people had no hope of enjoying this particular benefit.