Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 908 - 3-Star Shop

Chapter 908 - 3-Star Shop

Chapter 908: 3-Star Shop Translator: h.e.l.lscythe_ Editor: Vampirecat

Chapter 908 – 3-Star Shop

As soon as s.h.i.+ Feng returned to G.o.d’s Domain after forty hours of waiting, the sound of a system notification entered his ears.

System: The environment of the area you are in has changed.

System: You have 30 seconds of invulnerability to look for a safe zone.

“Isn’t this transformation a little too much?!” s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised as he observed his surroundings.

At this moment, the previously lush, green valley was nothing more than scorched earth. He could even faintly see streams of magma flowing nearby. This place had already turned into a volcanic h.e.l.l.

When the waves of hot air blew over s.h.i.+ Feng, even with his high Fire Resistance, his skin still registered a burning sensation.

The pungent smell in the air was almost unbearable.

After G.o.d’s Domain underwent its fourth evolution, the five senses of players had evidently become much more acute. As a result, such severe external environments would have a greater impact on the combat power of players.

Likewise, monsters also had their senses heightened. With their enhanced senses, monsters would now have significantly greater perception ranges.

This change was extremely disadvantageous for players who grinded at night. After all, while players would have their acuity reduced at night, monsters would not. Now that the senses of monsters were sharper, most likely, players would be under attack even before they could detect these monsters.

This change was a nightmare, particularly for players who were usually active in high-level maps, which were already very dangerous to adventure in, in the first place. Now, things just became even more dangerous.

Although s.h.i.+ Feng had already chosen a safe zone to set up a teleportation point before he logged out, with such drastic changes to the environment, his previously safe zone was now infested with extremely fierce Level 40 monsters. If not for the invulnerability provided by the system, he would’ve long since become dinner for these monsters.

He immediately activated Wind Rider and continued searching for a safe zone to set up a teleportation point.

After looking for about half an hour or so, he finally found an elevated location for the teleportation point. He also set up a protective barrier using the Ancient Abyssal Book.

Aside from the monsters that were originally in the valley, one could also frequently see abyssal monsters flying overhead. These monsters were much higher-leveled than those residing in the valley, with the lowest being Level 80. To current players, these monsters were practically invincible existences.

Without the barrier set up using the Ancient Abyssal Book, any player that came here would only become food for the abyssal monsters.

However, it was also thanks to these abyssal monsters that he could get an opportunity to make a fortune.

Eventually, he would only need to pay out some Magic Crystals in order to rake in large sums of Coins.

After he was done with all of his tasks here, s.h.i.+ Feng took out a Return Scroll and left the valley.

At White River City, s.h.i.+ Feng discovered that the city’s defensive magic array had already been activated, as soon as he walked out of the Teleportation Hall. There were also thousands of abyssal monsters hovering about in the air beyond the magic array, with the lowest-leveled among them being Level 180 and the highest being Level 200 Grand Lords.

With the appearance of such terrifying monsters, the atmosphere within White River City had become subdued. The players walking around the street all felt extremely stressed, all of them fearing that the defensive magic array in the sky would suddenly crumble.

“We’re doomed this time! With so many monsters here, will our White River City be captured as well?”

“That can’t be possible, right? Although White River City is not comparable to the capital, it is still a major city in the kingdom’s eastern region. If even White River City falls, won’t the surrounding cities fare even worse?”

When everyone thought about the gigantic monsters flying in the sky above the city, their scalps involuntarily numbed. In this situation, they couldn’t grind and level up within the region of White River City.

At the same time, the Guilds based in the eastern region of Star-Moon Kingdom were also holding urgent meetings one after another.

The various Guilds had initially believed that the Abyss Invasion would only affect the Twin Towers Kingdom. They never thought that it would embroil the surrounding countries as well. Now, these Guilds had no choice but to decide whether or not they should relocate to another city. However, the consequences of doing so were something that no Guild could accept.

It had taken them a lot of time and resources to establish themselves in their current respective cities. If they were to leave the city they controlled and choose to start developing all over again in another city, the cost of doing so would be much higher than the first time.

The number two Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom’s eastern region, Overwhelming Smile, was currently extremely busy.

Over a hundred people were seated inside its s.p.a.cious meeting room. These people were all members of Overwhelming Smile’s upper echelon, and they were existences that ordinary players would rarely get to meet.

“Hahaha! The timing of these abyssal monsters is simply impeccable! I want to see just how Zero Wing is going to continue strutting around in this situation!” Feng Xuanyang could not help but smile when he received the latest report.

Based on the information from Underworld, the eastern region of Star-Moon Kingdom wasn’t the only part of the kingdom affected by the Abyss Invasion. These abyssal monsters were already showing signs of spreading throughout the entire realm. By the time that happened, it would be relatively dangerous for players to go out and grind.

Along with this report, the upper echelon of Underworld had also given the command for Overwhelming Smile to move its elites temporarily to the Black Dragon Empire, which did not receive any hara.s.sment from the abyssal monsters.

Underworld’s influence spread across multiple kingdoms. A pause in its operations in Star-Moon Kingdom would not affect the entire organization too significantly. It definitely possessed the ability to transfer its elites to the cities of other kingdoms and empires that were under its control.

Small and upstart Guilds with no background, on the other hand, did not possess this ability. These Guilds generally had their foundations in only one country and could not afford to move their base of operations in a hurry. Even if they did relocate, they would have to start from scratch. However, how could these Guilds compete in a foreign city against the entrenched local Guilds, which had already developed for months?

For Zero Wing, the tyrant of Star-Moon Kingdom, things were even more severe. The amount of capital and number of advantages it would lose by migrating its base of operations would be unbearable even for a first-rate Guild. With such a loss, Zero Wing’s development would no doubt suffer a significant setback. When that happened, it would be nearly impossible for the Guild to catch up to the major powers of G.o.d’s Domain.

In contrast to Feng Xuanyang’s joyful reaction, Youlan currently had a slight frown on her face.

Zero Wing is really unlucky, but I guess this is also part of life. Youlan could not help but sigh inwardly.

Zero Wing’s rise was already a legend in Star-Moon Kingdom. Ultimately, however, it couldn’t save itself from falling due to external factors.

Who could’ve possibly imagined that the system would play such a trick? This development had thoroughly ruined Zero Wing.

Of course, Youlan was also feeling very fortunate about the appearance of the abyssal monsters.

This invasion was both a disaster and an opportunity.

Currently, due to the abyssal monsters, the players belonging to countries neighboring the Twin Towers Kingdoms would definitely s.h.i.+ft to other kingdoms and empires. Moreover, the possibility of players migrating to the Black Dragon Empire was the greatest. With so many players swarming into the Black Dragon Empire, the player population of the cities there would naturally soar. Hence, the market there for items would expand in spades.

If she could nurture a batch of her own Advanced Lifestyle players now, her authority in Underworld would surely grow as well.

Thinking up to this point, Youlan could not help but wish she could take action sooner.

At this time, every minute and second was money!

Unfortunately, while today should have been the day they went to the Holy City of t.i.tan, due to the system upgrade, the operation had been delayed.

While every Guild was busy holding meetings and deciding on how they should develop in the future, s.h.i.+ Feng himself arrived at the City Hall of White River City.

“How may I help you, sir?” the NPC beauty standing behind the VIP counter asked with a smile.

In response, he calmly took out a purple-gold, diamond-shaped token and said, “I wish to upgrade the Candlelight Trading Firm into a 3-star Shop.”