Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 874 - Dragon's Domination

Chapter 874 - Dragon's Domination

Chapter 874 - Dragon's Domination

Although the Heavenly Dragon's Breath had been restored, the Silver Dragon was thoroughly enraged.


A single roar shook the valley. She Feng had even been thrown over 30 yards, a damage of over -1,000 points appearing above his head.

Sure enough, Dragons shouldn't be provoked! As s.h.i.+ Feng climbed up from the ground, he stared at the towering Silver Dragon in shock.

This was the Silver Dragon's true power. Its roar alone had caused so much damage.

Even throwing several million players at it would be suicide.

However, s.h.i.+ Feng did not know that, if not for the Heavenly Dragon's Breath absorbing a large portion of the Silver Dragon's power, the Dragon's roar would have been more than enough to claim his life.


The Silver Dragon's roar also alarmed the distant Mutants and White Night's team.

"Big Brother White, the Dragon's awake! What should we do?" the Elementalist, Frozen Dream, asked worriedly, frowning.

They were already badly battered from their fight against the Mutants, and winning against these monsters was still a huge problem.

If the Silver Dragon joined the fray, it would be their doom.

She understood powerful the Silver Dragon was. Now that they didn't have a magic array to suppress it, even its sneeze could end their lives.

They could deal with suffering a single death.

However, the quest White Night had accepted was extraordinary. If they failed the quest, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"We're still too close to the Silver Dragon. Let's continue to retreat. I remember a cave being nearby; let's head there," White Night commanded after considering the situation.

The Silver Dragon's strength spoke volumes for itself. However, as long as it did not discover them, it wouldn't be a threat. These Mutants were still their main problem. Killing one was exceedingly difficult. If not for the advantageous terrain and the large number of Magic Scrolls and tools they possessed, they would've been dead already.

"Boss, look! There's someone in the sky!" a Ranger with sharp eyesight suddenly announced as he looked towards the distant clouds.

"Huh?" White Night was confused. He unconsciously turned to look where the Ranger pointed.

They were currently within an abyssal monster nest. They had only arrived here safely due to the Teleportation Magic Array the quest had provided. It was hard to imagine someone else being here.

After a close look, White Night discovered someone flying across the sky.

However, roughly two seconds later, White Night's expression darkened. His team members' expressions were similarly grim.

They noticed the Silver Dragon following the player closely. Based on the Dragon's appearance, it seemed furious. Moreover, now that the Silver Dragon was free of the magic array's suppression, it looked far stronger than before.

The Silver Dragon they had previously faced felt like an adorable kitten compared to the prehistoric beast that flew through the sky.

"c.r.a.p, just who is that?"

As these players watched the figure fight while fleeing the Silver Dragon, they were stunned. They even wondered if that figure was an NPC, rather than a player. However, the green diamond marker above the figure's head confirmed that it was a player. Even if they wanted to deny the truth, they had to face the facts before them.


In the sky, s.h.i.+ Feng had activated Power of Darkness, increasing his Attributes by 60% for 10 minutes. In addition, he had activated Wind Rider. Overall, he was slightly faster than the Silver Dragon.

Initially, s.h.i.+ Feng had despaired, prepared to die and lose the Abyss Ancient Book. However, after examining the Silver Dragon's information, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Due to the Heavenly Dragon's Breath having absorbed a large portion of its power, the Silver Dragon had fallen into an extremely weakened state. The previous roar had been the Silver Dragon's last strand of power. Now, both its Level and Tier had fallen significantly.

[Silver Dragon] (Dragon, Tier 4)

Level 55

HP ? ? ? ? ? ?/ ? ? ? ? ? ?

(Extremely Weakened)

Although s.h.i.+ Feng was definitely no match for a Level 55, Tier 4 Boss, with the Power of Darkness coursing through him and the partially-restored Heavenly Dragon's Breath, his Attributes had far surpa.s.sed that of a Tier 2 cla.s.s of the same Level. He also had a Skill like Wind Rider to boost his speed. Escape was entirely possible.

[Heavenly Dragon's Breath] (Ring, Fragmented Legendary Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 400, Agility 400, Intelligence 200

When equipped:

All Attributes +50 (Level 40)

Strength +50%, Agility +50%, Intelligence +35%, Endurance +50%

Movement Speed +35%

Attack Speed +30%

Ignore Levels +15

All item level requirements reduced by 10 Levels.

Additional Skill 1: Dragon's Authority. Suppress all enemies in the surroundings with the might of the Heavenly Dragon, inflicting the Fear status onto enemies within a 50-yard distance, reducing their Attack Power by 40%, Attack Speed by 40%, and Movement Speed by 40% for 1 minute.

Cooldown: 3 minutes

Additional Skill 2: Dragon Breath. Inflicts 10X damage in an 80*5 yard line in front of you. There is a 30% chance to induce the Fainted state for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 4 minutes

Additional Skill 3: Heavenly Dragon's Power. Allows the user to temporarily possess the power of the Heavenly Dragon, increasing HP by 500%, Strength by 150%, Agility by 60%, and Defense by 300%, and grants immunity to all controlling effects for 2 minutes.

Cooldown: 3 hours

Additional Pa.s.sive Skill: Dragon's Domination: Increases the Basic Attributes of all allied Dragons by 15% while suppressing the Basic Attributes of all enemy Dragons by 20%. Every Dragon within a radius of 1,000 yards will increase the user's Attributes by 500 points.

The Dragon Slayer Mekaseru once owned the Heavenly Dragon's Breath. It was originally a Legendary Ranked Item possessing the suppressed strength of the dragon tribe. Due to damage resulting from a war between G.o.ds, its might has greatly decreased. However, the Heavenly Dragon's Breath possesses an incomparably strong magic power and possesses the potential to restore itself. Its past glory may be restored with just three Magic Stars. Current restoration (1/4).

After s.h.i.+ Feng investigated the Heavenly Dragon's Breath's Attributes, he finally understood why the legendary NPC, Faust, had said that, as long as he restored the ring, he would not have to fear the Abyssal Blade's Backlash.

Despite having only completed one out of the four restoration requirements, the Fragmented Legendary ring's abilities were so powerful. He could only imagine how powerful it would be against Dragons if he fully restored it.

Even if the Silver Dragon were invincible at this stage of the game, due to the Dragon's Domination Skill, he had gained a 500-point buff to all of his Attributes. Currently, he was even stronger than when he had been at his peak[1] by a large margin. He was even stronger than a Tier 2 cla.s.s of the same Level. Moreover, the Skill had suppressed the Silver Dragon's Basic Attributes by 20%. It simply could not catch up to s.h.i.+ Feng.