Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 864 - S-rank Evaluation

Chapter 864 - S-rank Evaluation

Chapter 864 - S-rank Evaluation

There were not many Super Guilds in the virtual gaming world.

As a result, the annual recruitment compet.i.tion that King's Return, one of these few Super Guilds, held was a huge event in the virtual gaming world.

In addition, due to G.o.d's Domain's launch, this event had become even more popular than before.

However, its Guild Residence had far from enough s.p.a.ce to accommodate the ma.s.sive number of players partic.i.p.ating in this year's a.s.sessment. Fortunately, King's Return had thought of a plan to deal with this problem; it would host the audition in the Divine Colosseum.

Unlike White River City, Light City's Divine Colosseum had been constructed in the sky, above the imperial capital. However, the building had an ethereal form as if it existed in a different realm.

"The audition's requirements are intense this year. They require partic.i.p.ants to reach the Trial Tower's sixth floor. I only reached the fifth floor the last time I challenged the trial. I wonder if I can pa.s.s through the fifth floor this time?"

"I know, right? This requirement is simply too high. The most powerful player in my city has only reached the sixth floor! King's Return is not giving us a fair chance!"

As they arrived, players began to complain when the ready King's Return's listed requirements.

A player's Level and equipment did not matter in the Divine Colosseum's Trial Tower. Only their techniques mattered. However, the Trial Tower itself was the most d.a.m.ning aspect as each attempt to challenge its floors cost one Magic Crystal.

Magic Crystals had always been a rare commodity in G.o.d's Domain. Ordinary players had an extremely difficult time obtaining even one. Even expert players would only have a few on hand. Normally, players used every Magic Crystal sparingly, yet to prove their qualifications to take King's Return's test, they had to spend one Magic Crystal to challenge the Trial Tower. If, in the end, they failed to join King's Return, they would have suffered a huge loss.

However, as the various players fell into heated discussions, a young man caught their attention as he entered the main hall. Adoration and envy filled their eyes as they watched him.

This man was the host of this year's recruitment compet.i.tion, h.e.l.l Fiend. He was also an Adjudicator of King's Return. Even in the Super Guild, he was considered a top-cla.s.s expert. He was also the role model they dreamed of becoming.

While he had everyone's attention, h.e.l.l Fiend ran the partic.i.p.ants through this year's compet.i.tion rules. Following which, he entered a VIP room on the second floor to watch the audition quietly.

"h.e.l.l Fiend, quite a number of experts are partic.i.p.ating in this year's audition. As the compet.i.tion's host, you should take the opportunity to recruit more high-potential newcomers. They might even become powerful allies," Praying Lotus, who sat beside h.e.l.l Fiend, advised as she looked down on the crowd. She had discovered several experts among the partic.i.p.ants. Some of them had even reached Level 38. To independent players, this was a very difficult feat.

There were many factions in a Super Guild. Hence, the Guild's upper echelons paid a lot of attention to the recruitment of fresh talent every year. It was also extremely difficult to obtain the rights to host the yearly auditions. h.e.l.l Fiend had only obtained the honor after all sorts of negotiation and trades.

As the host, h.e.l.l Fiend had the opportunity to rope in the partic.i.p.ants he had set his sight on after the compet.i.tion had begun. After the compet.i.tion finished, he even had priority in choosing potential newcomers. After undergoing special training, these newcomers would quickly join the ranks of King's Return's experts; some might even become core members. These people would be extremely useful to h.e.l.l Fiend in the future. Hence, he needed to consider his selections carefully.

"Relax. I've already investigated some of the powerful experts partic.i.p.ating in the audition this year. I won't let anyone else obtain a single potential newcomer." h.e.l.l Fiend laughed confidently. "If those old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds knew that there were so many potential newcomers, they would regret trading with me."

Before the King's Return's recruitment compet.i.tion had officially begun, he had already sent his subordinates to scout the partic.i.p.ants and make a list of the experts taking part in the audition.

Among the numerous experts partic.i.p.ating, eight had caught his attention.

Regarding either age or current strength, these eight people had earned an S-rank evaluation on his list.

In the past, three to five S-rank evaluations had been impressive. Now, there were a total of eight. Just thinking about it made h.e.l.l Fiend rejoice. To become this year's audition host, he had paid a tremendous price, even giving up his tablet slot.

However, securing all eight of these S-rank newcomers would definitely be worth the sacrifice. After all, it would be the equivalent of hosting two auditions.

The people who had received an S-rank evaluation would go on to become top-cla.s.s experts in the Guild.

Praying Lotus had been one of these S-rank newcomers. Now, she was one of the leading figures in King's Return's younger generation.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, just you wait and see. Sooner or later, King's Return will belong to me!" When h.e.l.l Fiend thought about how he had not only foiled Sinned Heart's exchange today, but had also orchestrated the abyssal invasion of Star-Moon Kingdom, an indescribable joy bloomed in his heart.

It was true that he could not do anything about Zero Wing right now. However, those abyssal monsters could deal with the Guild easily.

He was very aware that devastation would follow those abyssal monsters wherever they went. Even Star-Moon Kingdom would fall if it were invaded, much less White River City. In the end, the Lands purchased Zero Wing had purchased would be worthless.

However, h.e.l.l Fiend had no intentions of letting Zero Wing go with so little punishment.

To prevent Sinned Heart from obtaining that money, he had used up his most precious, ancient book. If he let Zero Wing get away with so little damage, how could he appease the anger in his heart?

He still wanted to get rid of Black Flame and every upper echelon of Zero Wing. He wanted to remove Zero Wing's name from G.o.d's Domain thoroughly.

In the past, he had feared Black Flame somewhat. However, now that he had activated the ancient book and obtained its power, he was very confident that he could kill the Swordsman.

Just as h.e.l.l Fiend congratulated himself, he received a message. Upon reading this message, his expression darkened.

"Has Zero Wing gone mad?!" A b.l.o.o.d.y glint flashed in h.e.l.l Fiend's eyes. He wanted nothing more than to devour every Zero Wing member alive.

"Why are you so angry? What happened?" Praying Lotus asked.

"Zero Wing bought those five plots of useless Land! Now, Sinned Heart has collected the required money. Black Flame! I won't let you get away with this!" h.e.l.l Fiend bellowed; his voice was so cold that the room's temperature plummeted.

"How can this be?! The abyssal monsters have already taken over Snow Field City. The Lands are worth nothing! Are Zero Wing's upper echelons fools?" Praying Lotus was shocked as well. She knew just how much money Sinned Heart needed. Zero Wing must be insane to spend that much money on five tattered Lands.

"Lotus, we're leaving! Everyone in Star-Moon Kingdom will watch as I end the Sword King's legend today!" h.e.l.l Fiend growled as he stood and prepared to leave.

"What about the selection?" Praying Lotus hurriedly asked. The audition had already begun.

"I've already notified Ordinary Stranger. When the time comes, he will represent me in choosing those experts." h.e.l.l Fiend refused to waste any more time. He rushed out of the room, intending to head towards Light City's Teleportation Hall.

However, as soon as h.e.l.l Fiend set foot out of the room, numerous black chains emerged from the ground and bound him, startling the Adjudicator. He couldn't respond to the sudden development while he was restrained.