Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 849 - Alchemy Equipment

Chapter 849 - Alchemy Equipment

Chapter 849 - Alchemy Equipment

With the Crystal Wolf King's death, everyone's experience bars rose by a large margin.

s.h.i.+ Feng reached 41% of Level 40, while Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo were now only 20% away from Level 40. They would have to grind for just one more day, at most, to bridge this final gap.

However, compared to the EXP they obtained, s.h.i.+ Feng paid much more attention towards the Wolf King's loot.

The Crystal Wolf King was the guardian monster of this map. Moreover, this was the first time it had been killed. Its loot would naturally be much more bountiful than usual.

Sure enough, among the ten items dropped, five were rare materials.

As for the remaining five, three were Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment and one was the Crystal Heart that Thoughtful Rain required. With this Crystal Heart, she would be able to proceed to the next phase of her quest.

The Witch's Sin was a Chain Legacy Quest with a total of five phases. Unlike other Legacy Quests, where one simply had to obtain a Legacy tool and activate it, the Witch's Sin allowed one to enter its Legacy grounds and undertake the final trial only after the completion of a series of quests. It was much more troublesome than the Legacy Quests of other hidden However, it was also one of the easiest Legacies to encounter.

Sure enough, the loot this time is good. s.h.i.+ Feng smiled as he held up a deep-blue crystal bottle.

This crystal bottle was neither a weapon nor equipment that combat players sought. Instead, it was an item that was in demand among Lifestyle players, particularly alchemists, because this crystal bottle was Alchemy Equipment.

[Azure Ocean Crystal Bottle] (Alchemy Equipment, Secret-Silver Rank)

Increases the alchemy success rate by 5%.

Although the crystal bottle only increased the success rate of alchemy procedures by 5%, for comparison, a complete set of Mysterious-Iron Alchemy Equipment provided a total increase of only 8%. Meanwhile, the complete Azure Ocean set could increase the alchemy success rate by 12%. It was a set that was highly desirable even to Master Alchemists.

Although s.h.i.+ Feng currently had only a single bottle, this item would suffice to help an Intermediate Alchemist get promoted to Advanced Alchemist quickly.

After reaching the Advanced Alchemist standard, an alchemist could begin producing all sorts of rare intermediate potions such as the Intermediate Fire Resistance Potion and Intermediate Ice Resistance Potion—the value of these potions would skyrocket once the Eclipse Gate opened. Unfortunately, the Candlelight Trading Firm simply had too few Advanced Alchemists at the moment. Now that s.h.i.+ Feng had obtained a piece of the Azure Ocean set, it would help a lot in addressing this problem.

After killing the Crystal Wolf King, s.h.i.+ Feng did not remain idle. Instead, he led Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo around the Crystal Forest, killing Chieftains and Lords, using this opportunity to gather the other set pieces of the Azure Ocean set.

Finally, around the time when the Soul Lock on Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo disappeared, he obtained an Azure Ocean Test Tube, which increased the alchemy success rate by 3%, after killing a Lord ranked Boss.

s.h.i.+ Feng lacked just two more to complete the set. However, seeing as it was getting late, he had to bring Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo back to the city first. As for the remaining two set pieces, he could only put off collecting them for the future.


White River City, at an open-air restaurant close to the Candlelight Trading Firm:

Players and horse carriages constantly traveled down the street outside the restaurant, every one of these players in a hurry to raise themselves to Level 40.

All of this was due to the sudden appearance of a Mount in White River City.

This incident had whetted the appet.i.tes of White River City's players for Mounts.

At the same time, the number of players trying to join Zero Wing had further increased. Previously, everyone had considered Mounts to be just another mode of transportation. However, after seeing the Demonic Flame Tiger, everyone came to understand one thing…

Mounts could also a.s.sist players in battle. This was especially true for a Mount like the Demonic Flame Tiger. Its mere presence was enough to make one shudder. One could just imagine how much more help it could provide in combat.

"That tiger Mount sure is cool. It would be great if I could have one as well."

"Stop dreaming. Someone on the forums is offering to buy the Mount for eight million Credits right now. Even so, many people are still ridiculing that person."

"Ridicule? Why? That's eight million Credits we're talking about! If I had that much money, I wouldn't have to work for the rest of my life. If I were the owner of the tiger Mount, I would definitely sell it!"

"Do you think that Mount is worth only eight million? Although some Guilds have managed to get their hands on Mounts as well, those Mounts are just Bronze rank, with very few being Mysterious-Iron rank. Currently, rumor has it that the tiger Mount might be a Dark-Gold Mount. If that's true, it's the highest ranked Mount currently known in G.o.d's Domain. Instead of it being just a Mount, it is a symbol of one's ident.i.ty. Most likely, eight million Credits isn't even worth 10% of that Mount."

"These people are just insane. I'm having a headache just trying to earn 40 Gold. Who knows when I'll be able to save up that much money? It would be great if the Mounts were cheaper."

"Of course there is a cheaper alternative. A Guild Mount costs only 25 Gold. However, you'll need to join a Guild with a Stable first. Currently, Zero Wing is the only Guild in G.o.d's Domain that has a Stable. The number of players trying to join Zero Wing every day has nearly filled up Zero Wing's Residence to the point of bursting. If I had known something like this would happen, I would've tried to join Zero Wing sooner."

"Zero Wing really is amazing. Right now, even Super Guilds have yet to construct their own Stables, but Zero Wing has done so already. In a few years' time, Zero Wing might even become a new Super Guild."

While the players on the street were busy chatting, a handsome young man wrapped in a Black Cloak wore a gloomy expression on his face as he sat in the open-air restaurant.

"Zero Wing sure is something. It's no wonder they dared to oppose King's Return," the tall and beautiful woman seated beside the handsome youth said, a faint smile on her face. "It's been too long since our Guild has made a move. It seems that people have started to forget how frightening we actually are."

In the minds of ordinary players, Super Guilds were merely Guilds with long histories and plenty of experts. They did not understand the truly formidable aspect of Super Guilds.

The reason why Super Guilds were powerful was not because of their large number of experts and vast resources, but more due to the quality of their experts.

The Falcon Legion sent to kill the core members of Zero Wing was the best proof.

The Falcon Legion was a legion of experts King's Return had secretly nurtured. Every member of the Falcon Legion could rank among the top experts of a first-rate Guild. The more powerful members were even in the Refinement Realm already. Going up against multiple top-tier experts of first-rate Guilds at the same time would be a piece of cake for these Refinement Realm experts.

Now, not only had King's Return sent a 20-man team after Zero Wing's core members, but the Guild had also a.s.signed Quirrell, one of the team leaders of the Falcon Legion, to lead it. In addition, Ordinary Stranger and Thunder Tiger even accompanied the team. Both these men were Refinement Realm experts. With such a force, annihilating Zero Wing's core members would be child's play.

Of course, King's Return's intention was not to exterminate Zero Wing but to give it a warning.

"Hopefully, Zero Wing will learn their lesson after this little warning. If they still dare to stand against me, their core members won't be the only ones to die next time," h.e.l.l Fiend stated, a cold glint flas.h.i.+ng across his eyes. "Sinned Heart has already departed from his Guild Residence and is currently heading over. It should be time for us to meet that Guild Leader of Zero Wing."

It would indeed be difficult for King's Return to thoroughly exterminate Zero Wing in one fell swoop. However, other methods could be used to deal with the Guild slowly. The simplest way was to repeatedly kill the upper echelons of the Guild. If the Guild's upper echelons were frequently killed, their deaths would negatively impact the growth of the Guild. If the situation was prolonged, Guild members would lose faith in their upper echelons. In the end, members would start quitting, which would, in turn, weaken the Guild.

This was also the reason why the various Guilds were afraid of Super Guilds.

Just as h.e.l.l Fiend was about to head to the Candlelight Trading Firm, twenty cloaked players appeared before him. These twenty players were none other than Ordinary Stranger's group.

"Well? Did you finish the mission?" h.e.l.l Fiend asked softly as he looked at Ordinary Stranger, who stood in the lead.