Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 836 - Tablet's Secret

Chapter 836 - Tablet's Secret

Chapter 836 - Tablet's Secret

Just who is this mysterious youth?

s.h.i.+ Feng was slightly shocked as he looked at the cracking ball of Mana in the sky.

The Skill the youth had used was a Tier 5 Curse.

Dark Paradise!

Even Tier 6 G.o.ds would fear this move. The power that the Curse contained could turn all the players on this entire street into ashes instantly. Most likely, the penalty they would suffer would not be any lighter than Hidden Cloud's at all.

"Disappear!" The mysterious youth then flew up towards the sky.

In the next moment, the black ball of Mana transformed into a black hole that began sucking and devouring everything in its surroundings. As the suction grew stronger, the black hole expanded. Players on the street were even getting pulled off the ground.

d.a.m.n it! s.h.i.+ Feng abruptly activated Heavenly Dragon's Power and Blade Liberation, and his Strength Attribute immediately surpa.s.sed that of a Lord ranked monster of the same Level.

s.p.a.ce Freeze, the Skill that the youth had used earlier, was partially a Control Skill. After activating Heavenly Dragon's Power, s.h.i.+ Feng became immune to all Control Skills. Unfortunately, the Strength suppression, as well as an extremely powerful mental suppression, was still present inside the frozen s.p.a.ce. Even without the original Control effect, moving inside the frozen s.p.a.ce remained impossible with the Attributes of current players.

Only by using Twofold Berserk did s.h.i.+ Feng have a chance of moving.

Sure enough, this Strength suppression is intense. When s.h.i.+ Feng tried to s.h.i.+ft his body, it felt as heavy as lead.

"Oh? There's still someone who can move?" The mysterious youth was slightly surprised as he swept his gaze towards s.h.i.+ Feng. "You are the first Tier 1 cla.s.s capable of moving under my Domain."

At this moment, s.h.i.+ Feng could already twitch his fingers. However, his body was still immobilized.

"Unfortunately, under Dark Paradise, even if you can move, you cannot escape."

However, as soon as the mysterious youth said these words, a low shout entered everyone's ears.


As the sound of this low shout echoed throughout the entire s.p.a.ce, the frozen s.p.a.ce instantly shattered.

"You actually dare make such a huge fuss inside Blackwing City. Your courage is truly commendable." In the next moment, a woman dressed in white sacred robes appeared in the sky, overlooking the mysterious youth. "Or are you saying that you intend to make Blackwing City an enemy?"

Upon regaining his freedom, s.h.i.+ Feng looked at the woman in white, and he could not help but shout in surprise, "Sharlyn!"

s.h.i.+ Feng knew full well just how powerful Sharlyn was. Every time he met her, the woman's strength had received a significant improvement. At the very beginning, she had been playing the role of a female bandit. Afterwards, she had transformed into a Tier 3 Divine Official. Later on, she had even become a Tier 5 Red Official.

Now, she was even more powerful—actually managing to directly shatter the mysterious youth's Domain.

While s.h.i.+ Feng was still in shock, a red-jade staff appeared in Sharlyn's hand. The instant this staff appeared, the Mana in the surrounding s.p.a.ce stopped moving altogether. Sharlyn then lightly tapped her staff and…


The black hole abruptly disappeared from the sky of Blackwing City.

"It seems I've underestimated Blackwing City's capabilities," the mysterious youth said as he looked at Sharlyn. "However, it is still impossible for Blackwing City's magic arrays to hold me captive."

Saying so, the mysterious youth transformed into a streak of light and vanished from everyone's sight.

"He sure is quick in running away."

The youth's disappearance did not surprise Sharlyn. After sending s.h.i.+ Feng a glance, she, too, vanished from the sky, leaving behind only a group of dumbfounded players.

"What kind of situation is this?"

"Isn't that NPC a little too amazing? He actually succeeded in killing a player inside Blackwing City and got away safely on top of that."

Excited expressions appeared on the faces of the players on the street who had witnessed this scene.

This was their first time experiencing the power of a high-tiered NPC. In front of these NPCs, even the current strongest player in G.o.d's Domain would be no different from an ant.

However, their excitement was more due to their antic.i.p.ation of high-tiered Meanwhile, news of this matter also spread throughout G.o.d's Domain at the speed of light.

I never thought that there would also be such a risk when buying NPC-sold items from an auction. It seems I'll have to be careful when purchasing items in the future. When Gentle Snow thought about her purchases for the Guild, she could not help growing anxious.

Let alone that mysterious youth, even a Level 100, Tier 2 NPC could put her in a huge bind. If a Tier 3 NPC appeared, then only death would await her.

In reality, Gentle Snow wasn't the only person who had such thoughts. The representatives of the various large Guilds shared her fears.

In the future, when they were purchasing treasures sold by NPCs in an auction, they would have to estimate properly whether or not they had the ability to protect the treasures they wanted to acquire.

If they were not confident in protecting a treasure, they would not buy it. Otherwise, they could lose both their lives and money.

He's finally gone. s.h.i.+ Feng breathed out a sigh of relief as he saw the mysterious youth disappearing.

Had Sharlyn come even one or two seconds later, he would have had to surrender to fate and gotten sucked into the black hole. At that time, not only would he have lost several Levels' worth of EXP, but he also would not have been able to log into the game for several days. It definitely would have dealt a fatal blow to his gaming career.

However, as soon as s.h.i.+ Feng relaxed, Sharlyn's voice suddenly entered his ears.

"Come to the Library. I have some things to say to you."

System: You have triggered the Epic Quest "Tablet's Secret."

Quest content: Head to White River City's Library and meet with Sharlyn.

"What?" s.h.i.+ Feng was momentarily stunned when he heard the system notification. Even an NPC robbery can trigger a quest?

This was s.h.i.+ Feng's first time to encounter such a situation.

Generally, if one had a certain amount of strength, they would be able to repel an NPC robbery easily and protect the merchandise they bought from the Auction House. One could say that having sufficient financial power was only the first threshold to purchasing a treasure from the Auction House. At the end of the day, whether one would be able to obtain the treasure depended on their own abilities.

Hidden Cloud had purchased the golden tablet at a high price.

If the were to learn that s.h.i.+ Feng had fortuitously gotten such a chance encounter due to his sacrifice, he would most likely faint from anger.


At this moment, however, Hidden Cloud had long since flown into a rage.

"d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n it! That d.a.m.nable NPC actually dared to steal my tablet!" Hidden Cloud bellowed as soon as he exited his virtual gaming cabin, an extremely ugly expression on his face.

Now that he had lost the golden tablet, the upper echelons of the Guild would definitely be angry.

This feeling of falling from heaven straight into h.e.l.l maddened Hidden Cloud.


After s.h.i.+ Feng had triggered the quest, he did not hurry to return to White River City. Instead, he bade farewell to Gentle Snow and secretly went to a private location and disguised himself. He then returned to the Blackwing Auction House and placed the remaining 3,000 Strengthening Devices up for sale at the establishment.

Rather than selling all 3,000 Devices at once, he split them up into batches and scheduled them for different time slots. However, instead of selling them in stacks, he would sell anywhere from ten to twenty individual pieces for each time slot.

If he sold the Strengthening Device at the Candlelight Trading Firm, he could indeed earn a lot more money. After all, he would not need to pay an exorbitant handling fee. He could even increase the trading firm's fame this way. However, Strengthening Devices were not items that ordinary players could easily afford. Only the various large Guilds gathered at Blackwing City possessed the financial reserves to purchase these items.

When s.h.i.+ Feng's first batch of ten Strengthening Devices went up for sale at the Blackwing Auction House…

It immediately triggered another commotion in Blackwing City.

"Isn't this the Strengthening Device that appeared in the monthly auction?"