Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 832 - Crazy Auction

Chapter 832 - Crazy Auction

Chapter 832 - Crazy Auction

s.h.i.+ Feng was similarly stunned for quite some time after seeing the auction window.

A Secret Technique!

This was a treasure that every expert dreamed of obtaining.

He had never expected something so shocking to be the Blackwing Auction House's first item.

If he could obtain this golden tablet, he could help even more people from Zero Wing grasp a powerful combat technique.

While s.h.i.+ Feng recovered from his shock, the bidding for the golden tablet had begun.

Bidding for the golden tablet started at 100 Gold. However, a few players present instantly bid on it like madmen.

"One hundred and ten Gold!"

"One hundred and twenty Gold!"

"Seven hundred Gold!"

It only took a few short seconds to stun many of the players present.

The golden tablet's starting bid had already been beyond many players, yet for just a piece of a broken tablet, someone was actually willing to pay 700 Gold. Even to a third-rate Guild, this was an astronomical price. A single third-rate Guild would have four or five hundred Gold at most. Only second-rate Guilds and above could afford such a price.

Second-rate Guilds, however, unless they had lost their minds, would not spend all their liquid funds on an unknown tablet piece.

Suddenly, Hidden Cloud shouted, "One thousand Gold! This tablet belongs to the Nine Heavens Pavilion!"

Once again, many players were dumbfounded.

They had never expected a Super Guild like Nine Heavens Pavilion to be so insane as to willingly spend 1,000 Gold on the golden tablet.

"Such big words! Do you think this item belongs to your family or something?" A female Elementalist with an exquisite body laughed pompously. "One thousand, five hundred Gold!

"Quiet Melody, what's the point of fighting it? Do you really think the Sacred Temple can compete with the Nine Heavens Pavilion?" Hidden Cloud laughed. He then raised the bid, saying, "One thousand, six hundred Gold!"

To develop the Guild, the Sacred Temple had recently spent a lot of Coins to purchase Land and Magic Crystals. Hence, the Temple's should be running low. It could not compete with the Nine Heavens Pavilion's financial strength right now.

Of course, he had two goals in mind with his comment. First, he wanted Quiet Melody to retreat, while his second goal was to buy time. Hidden Cloud had not intended to pay much attention to the auction. He was mainly here to accompany Gentle Snow. Hence, he had not brought a lot of money with him. After pooling the money he and his companions had brought, they only had around 2,000 Gold or so. If this were a normal auction, that would be more than enough. They could even purchase a piece of Epic Equipment.

Now, however, it was most likely not enough to win the golden tablet.

After all, that tablet was far more valuable than any single Epic item. Currently, G.o.d's Domain's various Super Guilds searched for these tablets frantically, yet after investing so many resources and manpower, they had not found any clues leading to these items. There were no set patterns to acquiring these items. It was purely based on luck. Now that this tablet had appeared, he would spend more than 10,000 Gold if he could purchase the golden tablet, much less several thousand.

This item was like G.o.d's Domain's golden Lands. Not only was it unique, but its value would also grow in the future. One could only encounter a treasure like this, not find one.

However, his Guild needed time to collect the required money. This made Hidden Cloud somewhat anxious.

"Hahaha! I never thought that the famous Hidden Cloud would be so arrogant!" Quiet Melody covered her mouth with the back of her hand and laughed. Her laughter mesmerized many of the male players in the auction venue. "It seems you really don't have much money on hand right now! Well then, I'll gladly buy this golden tablet on your behalf!

"Three thousand Gold!"

The entire venue suddenly fell silent. The various Guild representatives and the many independent players could not believe what they had just heard.

Three thousand Gold?!

With that much money, one could buy an ordinary plot of Land in an imperial capital. Even to Super Guilds, this was a large sum of money, yet someone was willing to spend it on a piece of a broken tablet. This was insane!

"Just what kind of item is this?" Gentle Snow was astounded when she heard Quiet Melody's bid.

As expected of the Sacred Temple's Vice Temple Master! s.h.i.+ Feng, on the other hand, silently praised the beautiful Quiet Melody. He had not expected the woman to see through Hidden Cloud's troubles with just a glance and act on it.

While bidding for an item in a Blackwing Auction, the item would be sold to the highest bidder once a period of time pa.s.sed without a competing bid. Moreover, if one did not have enough money on hand, they would not be able to bid.

Hidden Cloud's expression instantly soured when he noticed that his ploy had backfired. Three thousand Gold was already far beyond his limit. If he had not provoked Quiet Melody and had gradually increased the bid, he could have earned some time for his Guild to send more money. Now, however, he had lost the opportunity.

"Snow, how much money do you have with you? Lend it all to me. I'll pay you back with 10%, no, 20% interest later. How about it?" Hidden Cloud asked anxiously.

"This…" Gentle Snow hesitated. Although she did not know the golden tablet's function, she could not outbid a Super Guild. However, her goal in coming here was to buy some items that were useful to her Guild. If she lent all of her money to Hidden Cloud, it would be difficult to purchase the items she needed. After all, such auctions did not happen very often.

"Thirty percent!" Hidden Cloud shouted after hearing the hostess reporting the bid a second time.

"Alright, I have 1,700 Gold with me," Gentle Snow said after considering her options.

Gentle Snow immediately traded 1,700 Gold to Hidden Cloud, boosting his finances to 3,700 Gold.

"Three thousand, one hundred Gold!"

However, a few seconds after he called out this bid, Quiet Melody once more shouted, "Three thousand, two hundred Gold!"

At this point, Quiet Melody lost her composure.

Although she had prepared some money before coming to the auction, she had not prepared a lot. Recently, to develop its businesses, her Guild had purchased several plots of Land. Hence, her available funds were limited. For this auction, she had only brought 3,500 Gold.

After Quiet Melody placed her bid, the other members of the Sacred Temple began to borrow money from other partic.i.p.ants.

However, a crisp sound echoed throughout the venue.

"Three thousand five, hundred Gold!"

Everyone immediately turned their gazes towards the new voice, discovering a beautiful young woman of similarly extraordinary origins.

"Phoenix Rain!" Hidden Cloud glared at the smiling Phoenix Rain, who sat in the back row on the first floor.

"I am truly sorry, but the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion has set its sights on this item as well," Phoenix Rain said, smiling softly. Recently, she had made a huge fortune in the Dark Arena. Although she had already spent some of that fortune, for this auction, she had brought 4,000 Gold with her. It was also obvious that both Hidden Cloud and Quiet Melody were reaching their limits. Hence, she had more than enough to obtain the golden tablet.

"Three thousand, seven hundred Gold!" Hidden Cloud yelled out his final bid. At the same time, he secretly sent a message to Blaster, demanding, "Blaster, is the money not here yet!?"

"Boss, they're still in the process of collecting money right now. They've already mailed some of it to me, but I'll need to wait for another minute to receive it!" Blaster was also jittery. However, the process of sending money in G.o.d's Domain was not instantaneous. There was a short transfer time.

"Three thousand, eight hundred Gold!" Phoenix Rain increased the bid by 100 Gold without hesitation.

Both Hidden Cloud and Quiet Melody frantically tried to borrow money. However, borrowing such a large sum in such a short time was easier said than done.

And yet, after Phoenix Rain had announced her bid, s.h.i.+ Feng motioned towards the hostess and said…

"Four thousand Gold!"