Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 829 - Fifth Floor Master

Chapter 829 - Fifth Floor Master

Chapter 829 - Fifth Floor Master

Blackwing City:

Many players hawked their wares on the wide, flouris.h.i.+ng streets of the city. s.h.i.+ Feng had already reverted to his original appearance and made his way towards the Blackwing Auction House.

It had only been a short time since s.h.i.+ Feng last visited the city.

The street the Blackwing Auction House resided on had become a player market. It was even more lively than an empire's imperial capital.

However, unlike other cities, one only needed an entry pa.s.s to enter Blackwing City.

As players' Levels continued to increase, more entry dropped. Hence, Blackwing City's traffic had increased by several times. At this point, Blackwing City had become the largest trade hub in G.o.d's Domain. Even the Four Great Empires' imperial capitals could not compete with Blackwing City.

The transactions between the various large Guilds here were astronomical.

If one wanted to point out G.o.d's Domain's most profitable locations, Blackwing City would definitely be one of them.

The Auction House in Blackwing City was also where Guilds and independent experts of various kingdoms and empires preferred to sell or purchase items.

This was because those who could reach Blackwing City were either lucky individuals who had gotten their hands on an entry pa.s.s, independent experts with a certain degree of strength, or players from the various large Guilds. As long as one had a valuable item, they did not need to worry about it not selling in Blackwing City. They also didn't need to worry that players could not afford their prices. Hence, many players preferred to sell their treasures at the Blackwing Auction House.

Upon entering the Blackwing Auction House, s.h.i.+ Feng discovered even more players inside the establishment than those who camped on the street outside. It was especially true for the registration counters. Long lines of people had queued up in front of the dozen or so registration counters.

Why are there so many people here? s.h.i.+ Feng swept a glance over the sea of players before him. At the very least, there should be over a thousand players present. If not for the Blackwing Auction House's extremely large size, it would be impossible to hold so many people.

While s.h.i.+ Feng tried to figure out why there were so many players lining up to get into the Blackwing Auction House, he suddenly heard a crisp, pleasant voice from behind him.

"Ye Feng, so you've received the news as well."

Turning to the source of the voice, s.h.i.+ Feng discovered none other than Gentle Snow, whom he had not seen for quite some time. Currently, Gentle Snow wore a set of silver sacred armor. On her back, she carried a silver greatsword engraved with golden divine runes. A hint of bloodl.u.s.t radiated from the greatsword. This faint bloodl.u.s.t wrapped around Gentle Snow's body, making the woman seem like a G.o.ddess of the battlefield.

Walking through the building, Gentle Snow attracted the pa.s.sionate, watchful gazes of many male players.

However, n.o.body in the room dared to approach Gentle Snow casually. Though her status as Ouroboros's Guild Leader was part of the reason, the main deterrent was the group of players accompanying Gentle Snow.

Among this group, the lowest player was Level 37, while the highest was Level 39. In a kingdom, these players would rank at the very top of the kingdom's Ranking List. Furthermore, every one of these players had an extraordinary origin. This was particularly the case for Hidden Cloud, the Level 39 leading the group.

Hidden Cloud was a famous character that belonged to the Super Guild Nine Heavens Pavilion. He had been one of the talented newcomers that had entered the virtual gaming world ten years ago. He had risen to prominence like a comet when he had joined. Through a relatively popular virtual reality game, he had earned numerous achievements. Afterward, the Nine Heavens Pavilion had paid an astronomical price to recruit him.

Back then, his appearance had shaken the virtual gaming world.

Moreover, after joining the Nine Heavens Pavilion, he had become the Ninth Floor Master in just three years. His growth had left other Super Guilds speechless.

There were a total of nine Floor Masters in the Nine Heavens Pavilion. Each of them enjoyed an even higher status than the Guild Elders. They were the Guild's absolute core members. The First Floor Master was the Nine Heavens Pavilion's Guild Leader.

Hidden Cloud had become the spearhead of the Nine Heavens Pavilion, leading the Guild through one conquest after another. By the time he joined G.o.d's Domain, he had been promoted to the rank of Fifth Floor Master.

With a Super Guild's high-profile individual present, who would dare try to flirt with Gentle Snow? Only those who wished to quit G.o.d's Domain or wished to start a new account would be so bold.

Not only was Hidden Cloud inhumanely strong, but he was also incomparably vicious.

There was once the upper echelon of a large Guild who had tried to compete with a good friend of Hidden Cloud's over a woman. In the end, Hidden Cloud had wiped his Guild out of existence, removing the Guild from the virtual gaming world permanently. From then on, n.o.body ever dared to offend anyone close to Hidden Cloud.

"Guild Leader Snow." s.h.i.+ Feng could not help his confusion as he watched the woman approach. He had not come here due to any particular news. He had only come here to earn money. "Is something going on here?"

"You don't know? Today, Blackwing City will hold its monthly auction. Incredibly rare items will be available for bidding. I have heard that there is a possibility that Epic items will make an appearance," Gentle Snow informed him, somewhat surprised by s.h.i.+ Feng's reaction.

The man before her was one of Zero Wing's core upper echelons. Although news of the monthly auction had only been announced today, with Zero Wing's capabilities, it should have received this information.

So, that is what is going on.

Realization dawned on s.h.i.+ Feng. The end of the month was indeed approaching. Near the end of every month, Blackwing City randomly held a large-scale auction. Not only would NPCs sell large numbers of rare items during this auction, but players could also put their items up for sale. However, the handling fees were slightly higher. If one sold ordinary rare items during this auction, they would not walk away with any profit. On the other hand, if one sold extremely rare items, they could make a fortune.

s.h.i.+ Feng was ecstatic about this discovery. He never expected this coincidence.

Before teleporting to Blackwing City, s.h.i.+ Feng had retrieved 5,000 Strengthening Devices from Melancholic Smile.

These Strengthening Devices were the culmination of several days of Melancholic Smile and her team's hard work. The Magic Crystals the few of them had spent during this period would even astound a first-rate Guild.

The current market value for Magic Crystals was 24 Silver each. However, that was only true if one purchased them in bulk. Purchased individually, one would have to spend at least 25 or 26 Silver.

Unfortunately, Magic Crystals were the main material needed to manufacture Strengthening Devices. The other materials were very cheap. Fortunately, Magic Crystals were not a problem for Zero Wing right now. The Magic Crystals s.h.i.+ Feng had won from the Glorious Lions Battle Team alone were enough to supply Zero Wing's needs for a relatively long time. They also had the Magic Crystals earned from Stone Forest Town.

"Snow, is this person your friend?" Hidden Cloud asked, his expression darkening as he examined s.h.i.+ Feng.

"Mhm. Let me introduce you. This is Ye Feng from Zero Wing." Gentle Snow nodded. She then looked towards s.h.i.+ Feng and introduced Hidden Cloud, saying, "This is Hidden Cloud from the Nine Heavens Pavilion. He is also a good friend of my elder brother."

Before s.h.i.+ Feng could offer a greeting, he felt a very clear hint of killing intent from Hidden Cloud.

Although Hidden Cloud had hidden it very well, once one reached s.h.i.+ Feng's standard, hiding killing intent was impossible unless one held absolutely no ill will.

However, this killing intent vanished as suddenly as it had appeared. It was as if this killing intent had never existed.

Was I mistaken? s.h.i.+ Feng could not help but turn to the smiling Hidden Cloud.