Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 816 - Bullying a Great Lord

Chapter 816 - Bullying a Great Lord

Chapter 816 - Bullying a Great Lord

"What a powerful Summoning Skill!"

Autumn Goose and the others were shocked when they saw Aqua Rose's three Level 39 Elite ranked Bluefire Crows.

Generally, Summoners could only summon one Elite or a few Common monsters. Aqua Rose, however, had summoned three Elite monsters at one time. This was the equivalent of adding three powerful melee fighters to their team.

Turtledove threw her s.h.i.+eld at the Agonizing Banshee, slamming it into the Banshee's head. Not only did this attack interrupt the Great Lord's Tier 2 Spell casting, but it also achieved a critical hit, dealing nearly -5,000 damage.

The Agonizing Banshee was enraged. She pointed a finger at Turtledove.

Immediately, eight Black Fog Spears shot towards the Guardian Knight.

These Black Fog Spears had significantly damaged the Immortal Light members when they had faced her. As the spears were incredibly powerful, even when the Immortal Light's MTs blocked the attack with their s.h.i.+elds, they had lost nearly 4,000 HP. Worse yet, the Banshee had launched eight of these spears. Even an MT would lose their life if they received four or five spears.

"That won't work against me!" Turtledove declared. Rather than retreating, she charged towards the Black Fog Spears.

Just before the spears reached her, Turtledove raised her s.h.i.+eld and leaped forward, smas.h.i.+ng into one of the Black Fog Spears. The remaining spears simply flew past Turtledove's body, missing her completely.


Upon collision, Turtledove was forced back by two steps. She lost nearly 1,800 HP. In the next moment, however, a Healing Light touched the Guardian Knight, returning her HP to full status immediately.

"That is an MT from Zero Wing?" Sinned Heart was astonished as he watched Turtledove handle the Agonizing Banshee's attacks so gracefully.

When their strongest MT blocked one of the Black Fog Spears, he had lost over 3,400 HP instantly. In addition, due to the incredible speed of the spears, he hadn't been able to avoid the following attacks in time. Generally, he would receive roughly three spears, destroying more than half of his HP.

On the other hand, Turtledove had neutralized the Black Fog Spears with such ease.

The other Immortal Light members were similarly stupefied when they saw Turtledove tank a Great Lord by herself. None of them could believe their eyes.

Normally, they needed at least four or five MTs to rotate tanking a single Great Lord. Even so, there were times when they failed to hold the Boss. Turtledove was definitely stronger than they were.

However, the members of Immortal Light did not know that Turtledove currently wore a Tier 1 Set Equipment. Her plate armor was even Epic rank. Although equipping the Divine Frost Armor had caused Turtledove to lose the final set effect of the Yin-Yang Walker Set Equipment, the former not only reduced the damage she took, but one of its Pa.s.sive Skills also reduced the Agonizing Banshee's Movement Speed and Attack Speed. Although the Black Fog Spears were quite fast, Turtledove could easily determine the best evasion route with the speed reduction effect. Moreover, Turtledove was a Guardian Knight. Her Magic Resistance was very high. With over 18,000 HP, she could even survive a direct hit from a Tier 2 Spell.

Very quickly, Cola and Turtledove had pinned down the two Great Lords. Now, everyone just needed to focus everything they had on two Bosses.

"Are those monsters really Great Lords?"

Blue Bamboo felt as if she were dreaming as she watched Turtledove tank the Agonizing Banshee without a.s.sistance. Even now, she alone had maintained Turtledove's HP at full. Normally, when she raided High Lords with Autumn Goose and the others, they needed at least three healers to focus on a single MT. Even so, their heals were not always sufficient. Yet, despite facing a Great Lord, only she was the only necessary healer to keep Turtledove alive…

Autumn Goose also wondered if the Agonizing Banshee seemed very weak. She even doubted that the MT needed her a.s.sistance as she focused solely on damage.

However, Autumn Goose was very aware…

The Agonizing Banshee was not weak at all. Rather, Zero Wing's members were just that strong, which resulted in such a misconception.

Only now did she understand why s.h.i.+ Feng had been so confident, why all of these experts from Zero Wing were so confident.

Now that the MTs had solidified their hold on the Bosses, Zero Wing's members had no issue dealing sufficient damage.

The cla.s.s relied on speed to deal ma.s.sive amounts of damage over time. Fire Dance, however, played the cla.s.s differently.

Standing behind the Skeleton General, Fire Dance launched streak after streak of silver light at the Great Lord. Despite the Skeleton General's incredible defense, the female's damage was mind-boggling.





s.h.i.+ Feng's damage was also impressive. None of his attacks dealt less than -6,000 damage. From time to time, his Chop achieved a critical hit, dealing over -20,000 damage with a single attack.

As for the other melee like Shadow Sword and Rampant Blade, they never dealt less than -3,000 damage.

With their powers combined, these several players devoured the Skeleton General's HP of 18,000,000 at a rate visible to the naked eye.

"Are they even human?"

The Immortal Light members were astonished.

The total damage s.h.i.+ Feng, Fire Dance, Shadow Sword, Rampant Blade, Blackie, and a few other core members of Zero Wing dealt was higher than their 100-man team's total damage.

Previously, their attacks had only dealt over -1,000 damage to the Great Lord. Even Sinned Heart, the most powerful player on the team, had only dealt over -2,000 damage to the Skeleton General. s.h.i.+ Feng and Fire Dance, however, easily managed tens of thousands of damage. From time to time, they even dealt over -30,000 damage.

Despite the Skeleton General and Agonizing Banshee being two daunting Great Lords, against Zero Wing, they were no different than helpless Common monsters. The two Bosses could only struggle against the small team of players. Even with its prided speed and Strength, the Skeleton General, in particular, rarely landed a hit on the Guardian Knight Cola due to Fire Dance and s.h.i.+ Feng's coordinated attacks. Even when the Great Lord used a Tier 2 Skill, Cola easily took the hit with a Lifesaving Skill. As for the team's healers, aside from the slight pressure they felt when the Skeleton General used a powerful Skill, they needed to do so little to keep their companions alive that they had time to join the attack on the Great Lords…

In just five minutes, the Skeleton General's HP fell to 30%.

"Wumian, pin one of them down and leave the other to me! Everyone else, focus on the Skeleton General Cola is tanking!" s.h.i.+ Feng shouted after seeing the Skeleton General begin to split itself into three clones.

Although this move was quite powerful, all three copies shared the same HP. As long as they had enough players to tank the three Skeleton Generals, they could cope.

As soon as the Skeleton General had completed its cloning, Ye Wumian lured one away. As for s.h.i.+ Feng, he activated Heavenly Dragon's Power.

After all was said and done, a Great Lord was still a Great Lord. Unlike MTs, s.h.i.+ Feng did not possess any Damage Reduction Skills or very high Defense. He didn't have a s.h.i.+eld, either. If he wanted to withstand the Boss's attacks, he had to rely on his own Strength. Unfortunately, he could not contend with a Level 43 Great Lord with his normal Strength Attribute. Only by activating a Berserk Skill could he pin a Skeleton General down by himself.

Among the many Berserk Skills s.h.i.+ Feng possessed, Heavenly Dragon's Power had the shortest Cooldown, which was three hours. The Power of Darkness had a 6-hour Cooldown, whereas Blade Liberation had a 10-hour Cooldown. The last one also had side effects he needed to worry about. Hence, Dragon's Power was s.h.i.+ Feng's best option. Moreover, Heavenly Dragon's Power was his best-suited Berserk Skill for head-on confrontations. It was the best option against Bosses.