Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 790 - Different Level

Chapter 790 - Different Level

Chapter 790 - Different Level

Everything had happened far too quickly.

Long Rainbow was like a wild beast as he approached and ambushed Fire Dance stealthily. He had hidden his presence throughout the process. However, when he finally struck, he was like a venomous snake, both fast and accurate.

"What a pity."

"The Glorious Lions truly don't care about their reputation anymore. Previously, they've even declared that they wanted to go one-on-two. Now, it's become a two-on-one instead!"

None of the audience had expected the battle to change so quickly.

Words could no longer describe Fire Dance's strength. She was definitely the most powerful they had ever seen in G.o.d's Domain. Her Strength Attribute was absurdly high. She had been able to suppress a Swordsman expert with so little effort. Her attack that filled the ring with starlight could also suppress everything before her. She was practically invincible in a one-on-one battle.


Meanwhile, standing behind the woman, both Long Rainbow's pitch-black dagger and the hand wielding the weapon pa.s.sed through Fire Dance's body without any resistance.

"This is…" Long Rainbow did not dare believe his eyes. The target he had carefully chosen was just an illusion! Just as he was about to warn Blood Sun, he discovered a silver short sword cutting across Blood Sun's waist, eliminating the Swordsman's final strand of HP.

Even after Blood Sun's HP reached zero, the man had not realized what had happened, confusion as to why his HP had dropped to zero filling his eyes.

After Fire Dance killed Blood Sun, she released a sigh of relief.

Long Rainbow had nearly forced her into a Fainted state. With both Long Rainbow and Blood Sun having activated their Berserk Skills, she would most likely die before Violet Cloud could lend her support.

Fortunately, the Thousand Transformations' Phantom Skill was no ordinary Skill. It allowed her to swap positions with her doppelgangers without any telltale signs. The ability also didn't have a Cooldown, allowing her to use it freely. All she needed to activate the ability was a thought.

Hence, she had swapped positions with her doppelgangers the instant before Long Rainbow's dagger plunged through her.

However, as soon as Fire Dance finished off Blood Sun, Long Rainbow reacted. Immediately, he used the cla.s.s's strongest Skill, Absolute Strike, transforming into a streak of shadow that a.s.saulted Fire Dance.

Unfortunately, by the time the black shadow pierced Fire Dance's body, Fire Dance had long since swapped positions with another of her doppelgangers.

When Long Rainbow's body rematerialized and reappeared behind Fire Dance's doppelganger, Fire Dance swapped position with said doppelganger again. Holding the Petrified Thorn in a reverse-grip, she spun and with centripetal acceleration, she executed a perfect Backstab, shoving her blade into Long Rainbow's back.


"Vanish?" Fire Dance realized what had happened after Petrified Thorn was forced to a stop before it could strike the other Long Rainbow began to disappear immediately. Her lips curling into a smile, Fire Dance stated, "Unfortunately, even this move can't save your life!"

A second after Long Rainbow had disappeared, Fire Dance raised the Petrified Thorn above her and slammed it into the dueling ring's floor.

Petrification Domain!

This was the Epic ranked dagger's second Skill. When activated, it dealt 500% weapon damage to enemies within 50 yards. Enemies. .h.i.t would also suffer a 50% Movement Speed reduction for 10 seconds. In addition, the Petrification Domain increased Fire Dance's Attributes and Movement Speed.

Suddenly, with Fire Dance at the center, the ground began to turn stone-gray, the affected area spreading outwards.

In the blink of an eye, everything within 50 yards of Fire Dance turned stone-gray. Meanwhile, Long Rainbow had been forcefully exposed. Golden, divine runes flowed around the's body, and although Long Rainbow had not received any damage, his body had turned the same gray as the ground, his Movement Speed having plummeted.

d.a.m.n it! This Skill has a Movement Speed Reduction effect! Long Rainbow's expression was grim as he watched Fire Dance dash towards him. Although he had activated Magic Immunity and his Berserk Skill, his Basic Attributes higher than Fire Dance's by a large margin, he was not confident of defeating Fire Dance in a direct confrontation.

After all, even Blood Sun, who was the stronger of the two, had died while facing the female head-on. His chances of victory were even lower. The only way he could win this match now was to eliminate the Cleric Violet Cloud first. Once his Skills' Cooldowns had completed, he could look for an opportunity to slay Fire Dance.

However, that was no longer an option…

Just as the six Fire Dances were about to reach Long Rainbow, the latter activated a Skill that freed him from all Control effects. Following which, he struck at the leading Fire Dance.

"Heh." Fire Dance did not bother resisting the attack, allowing Long Rainbow to strike as much as he wished.

After Long Rainbow pa.s.sed through Fire Dance's body unhindered, Fire Dance executed an Eviscerate from behind the male

However, Thousand Transformations had failed to hit Long Rainbow. The Fragmented Legendary Weapon only struck the afterimage the had left behind.

Before anyone realized it, Long Rainbow appeared behind Fire Dance's true body, executing Backstab.

Long Rainbow had thought of this plan after Fire Dance had forced him out of stealth. He had deliberately exposed a weakness in his defense, launching a surprise counterattack while Fire Dance attempted to strike.

"Die!" Long Rainbow shouted, his eyes bloodshot with fury as he thrust his blade.

In the end, however, his dagger still pa.s.sed through the woman without any resistance. He had failed.

"How?!" Long Rainbow's eyes widened.

Meanwhile, as soon as Long Rainbow's black dagger left Fire Dance's body, the doppelganger spun and slashed at the

The two were too close. Even if Long Rainbow had predicted the attack, the Fire Dance's Attack Speed was simply too high. Furthermore, he had not yet recovered his stance after his full-powered attack. He could not defend himself.

The silver Thousand Transformations became a stream of light that shot Long Rainbow's heart.

Immediately, a damage of -10,648 points appeared above Long Rainbow's head, devouring more than two-thirds of the's HP.

Ignoring the pain, Long Rainbow abandoned his defense as he tightened his grip on his dagger and stabbed at Fire Dance. As an expert, his pride no longer allowed him to care about winning or losing this match.

Only one thought went through Long Rainbow's mind—he needed to damage Fire Dance at least once.

Although his attacks had only struck illusions, the pain Thousand Transformations caused him was absolutely real. Hence, Long Rainbow was certain that the Fire Dance before him was the real deal.

Yet, just as his dagger was about to strike Fire Dance, Long Rainbow felt another sting in his back.

"You…" As Long Rainbow's HP dropped like a stone, he turned his head to take a look, discovering that the real Fire Dance had appeared behind him without his notice.

Following which, Long Rainbow fell to the ground, bitterness filling his eyes.

Despite his Berserk Skill, even until his death, he had not managed to touch the real Fire Dance.

This was the first time since he had joined G.o.d's Domain that anyone had toyed with him to such a degree. And he had been completely powerless against it.


Silence dominated the spectator stands.

Compared to this battle, the previous battles had been a joke.

The battle had only lasted several seconds, yet before anyone realized what was going on, the two great experts of the Glorious Lions Battle Team were dead.

Although none of the audience members understood what had just happened, they had learned one thing from watching Fire Dance's battle…

All attacks against Fire Dance were ineffective, while every one of her attacks was vicious. This fight had felt like a dream. Two great experts had died without offering the slightest resistance.

Aside from their confusion, everyone among the audience admired and feared Fire Dance.

The Glorious Lions' two great experts were undoubtedly extraordinary individuals. Even in the Dark Arena, their strength ranked at the top. Yet, even after these two great experts had activated their Berserk Skills, Fire Dance had defeated them without any Berserk Skill whatsoever.

Berserk Skills generally improved a player's combat power significantly. It should have been impossible for a player without a Berserk Skill to contend with a player with one active. Today, however, every player in the room had been given a living example to the contrary.

This was no longer an issue of Attributes. Both sides were simply on entirely different levels.

"Just who is this Fire Dance?" The major powers in the audience grew quite curious about Fire Dance's ident.i.ty.