Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 788 - Legendary Power

Chapter 788 - Legendary Power

Chapter 788 - Legendary Power

"Has she lost her mind?!"

Gentle Snow was flabbergasted as she watched Fire Dance approach Blood Sun slowly.

Zero Wing's Guild Leader was insane enough. She had never imagined that Fire Dance would follow in that man's footsteps.

An's abilities in a frontal confrontation were significantly weaker than a Swordsman's. It would be very easy to defeat an in a head-on clash.

Blood sun was not an ordinary expert, yet Fire Dance had forfeited the greatest advantage an possessed…


As soon as Blood Sun arrived before Fire Dance, the silver sword in his hand vanished. Following which, over a dozen streaks of silver light appeared around Fire Dance, surrounding her.

Tier 1 Skill, Wind Flurry.

In the next moment, the dozen or so silver lights sliced through Fire Dance's body.

"An afterimage?" Before Blood Sun could celebrate his attack, he noticed something odd. Abruptly, he leaped forward.


A streak of silver light then cut across where Blood Sun had just stood.

Seeing her Shadow Steps fail, Fire Dance followed up with an Absolute Strike. Instantly, she transformed into a shadow as she plunged towards the Swordsman.


As soon as the shadow Fire Dance had transformed into arrived before Blood Sun, the Swordsman Parried the incoming attack with his silver sword, negating all damage.

"It's no wonder why you dared to fight me head on. Your Strength is so high despite being an" Blood Sun was slightly surprised as the impact forced him to retreat three steps. He smiled and asked, "However, how will you react to this move?"

Blood Sun charged at Fire Dance. Suddenly, his two swords transformed into dozens of afterimages.

Every one of these images slashed at Fire Dance simultaneously. The sudden appearance of so many blades would have bewildered any opponent. However, this was not the most impressive aspect of Blood Sun's attacks. The speed of these sword images varied. Some moved faster than others. Moreover, the blades' speeds constantly changed.

Trying to grasp the Swordsman's attack rhythm was nearly impossible, not to mention predicting the images trajectories.

The attack took Fire Dance by surprise. She couldn't differentiate which of these swords was real. If she rushed to defend or attack, the slightest carelessness could very well result in her death.

Wind Steps!

Fire Dance retreated as she utilized the less than one-second invulnerability the Skill provided. In addition, Wind Steps' Movement Speed increase allowed Fire Dance, whose Movement Speed was already quite high, to dash out of Blood Sun's attack range.

"You're really fast. You are definitely the fastest I have ever seen to date." Although Blood Sun had hit Fire Dance, the had utilized Wind Steps to block his attacks. Just as he was about to chase the woman down, he discovered that the was already quite some distance away from himself. He couldn't hit her from this far if he wanted to.


Although Fire Dance and Blood Sun's exchange had been brief, the audience was stupefied.

"These two are amazing!"

"Why do I feel my chest tighten while watching these two fight?"

Every member of the audience had seen battles between experts before. However, Fire Dance and Blood Sun's battle ranked near the top of their lists.

Both players were incredibly fast. Before anyone could react, they had already separated from their confrontation.

All the onlookers saw was dozens of sword images and a flickering shadow. In the next moment, both fighters had swapped positions. They were too fast for the naked eye to follow.

As a result, many among the audiences weren't entirely sure about what had just transpired.

"Blood Sun is powerful!" Blue Phoenix exclaimed.

Although most of the audience did not know what had happened, Blue Phoenix was a Void Realm expert. She had seen the exchange very clearly.

"Blood Sun should be the famed Battle Wolves' Phantom Sword. I had never thought that the Battle Wolves would be so desperate to host the Dark Arena." Phoenix Rain smiled bitterly.

"Phantom Sword?" Although Blue Phoenix had never heard this name before, even she had been unable to differentiate which sword images had been real and which had been fake. After all, she was too far away from the dueling ring. She could only rely on her sight, not her other senses.

"Mhm. He is one of the great experts that the Battle Wolves have nurtured. I've also heard that Phantom Sword managed to defeat one of the Battle Wolves' Guild Elders," Phoenix Rain explained. "It seems the Asura Battle Team won't be able to win this match."

"Why do you say that? Although Fire Dance is at a disadvantage, both her movement and reactions are very fast. She still has a possibility of winning this match," Blue Phoenix asked curiously.

"You underestimate the Battle Wolves. I've told you before that the Battle Wolves do not care about their reputation. The Guild has even loaned the Epic ranked one-handed sword they obtained from a Boss they stole to Blood Sun. Knowing this, do you still think Fire Dance has any hope of winning?" Personally, Phoenix Rain wanted the Asura Battle Team to emerge victorious. However, based on the information she had obtained, the gem-encrusted, silver sword in Blood Sun's hand should be the Epic ranked one-handed sword the Battle Wolves had plundered some time ago.

A Dark-Gold Weapon could never compare to an Epic Weapon. The benefits of an Epic Weapon were simply too great.

Moreover, Blood Sun had just been testing out his new weapon. Without utilizing his actual strength, he had backed Fire Dance into a corner. If he began to take the match seriously, he would only need an instant to defeat Fire Dance.


"An Epic Weapon is quite amazing. Just after equipping an Epic Weapon, Blood Sun can produce far more sword images. I wonder how long this young lady will last against him?" Sirius revealed a faint smile after watching Blood Sun's performance.

The Phantom Sword was no stranger to experts. His swordsmans.h.i.+p utilized the s.h.i.+ft in swinging speed to generate afterimages. Ordinary experts would be hard pressed to generate three perfect afterimages, but Blood Sun was a genius in this aspect. Using two swords, he could generate dozens of perfect afterimages.

However, this was not Blood Sun's most frightening aspect. Blood Sun's physical control also surpa.s.sed ordinary players' by leaps and bounds.

Even an expert would struggle to launch attacks with the exact same trajectory at full speed. However, Blood Sun could do just that. Moreover, he could perform the feat without error.

Blood Sun's attack, which had just been an afterimage, could very well be a real sword in the next second. This ability made it nearly impossible to avoid or block his attacks.

Without reaching the Void Realm, it was impossible to differentiate which of his attacks were real, and which were fake.


In the dueling ring, Blood Sun launched a barrage of attacks at Fire Dance. However, Fire Dance maintained a subtle distance from him; she only needed one step to escape his attack range. This made it possible to dodge or block his attacks easily.

"Let's end the game here, then."

Blood Sun had mostly familiarized himself with Daybreak. Meanwhile, the duration of Fire Dance's Wind Steps was nearly over. Immediately, he activated Windwalk, increasing his speed as he charged towards the His swords then transformed into dozens of phantoms, blocking all of Fire Dance's paths of retreat.

Just as the silver lights were about to devour Fire Dance, she tightened her grip around Thousand Transformations and swung the weapon in front of her.

With just a light swing…

Suddenly, countless sword lights appeared before Fire Dance. The sword lights shone like stars in the night sky. These sword lights clashed with Daybreak's phantoms.

Peng! Peng!

The sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng reverberated throughout the dueling ring. Blood Sun felt his hands go numb instantly. He was also forced back four steps before he managed to stabilize his body.

"How did you do that?!" Blood Sun's eyes widened; he couldn't believe what had just happened.

Even though Fire Dance had simply swung her sword, countless, s.h.i.+ning sword lights filled the s.p.a.ce between them. These sword lights were incredibly realistic, making it impossible to determine Fire Dance's true attack trajectory. When he came into contact with a random sword light, it had repelled him…