Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 786 - Strong Matchup

Chapter 786 - Strong Matchup

Chapter 786 - Strong Matchup

When the black lights dispersed, the victor's name appeared above the dueling ring.

Aqua Rose!

The entire venue fell silent.

Aqua Rose's performance was simply too shocking.

Not only could she summon monsters to fight for her, but her final Soul Cloud was also exceedingly powerful.

"It's no wonder why Ye Feng sent Aqua Rose to fight in the first match. It turns out that she has an impressive trump card. I'm guessing that not even the Glorious Lions expected such an outcome." Blue Phoenix shuddered when she recalled the might of Aqua Rose's Soul Cloud.

Although Thousand Blades had activated his Lifesaving Skills to defend against the attack, Soul Cloud could not be blocked, only dodged.

Against flying blades from all directions, even Blue Phoenix was only confident in dodging 20 to 30 attacks with her techniques. Using Blink to escape would be her only option. However, Thousand Blades was a Ranger. He did not have any instantaneous movement capabilities or Skills that provided invulnerability.

"It seems that we don't understand as much about Zero Wing as we thought." Phoenix Rain revealed a bright smile as she watched Aqua Rose.

One move to finish the enemy!

Such situations were rare in the Dark Arena. Furthermore, Aqua Rose had yet to even set foot into the Refinement Realm. Since she had not secured victory with her techniques, then the only possibility was the Cursemancer's weapon and equipment.

Previously, Ye Feng had displayed his overwhelming advantage in terms of Attributes. Now, they realized that Aqua Rose had the same advantage.

The Glorious Lions had the support of the Super Guild Battle Wolves. Very few could compete with the Glorious Lions' equipment and weapons. Hence, it was inconceivable that Zero Wing's Aqua Rose had better equipment than Thousand Blades.

Phoenix Rain's curiosity of the Guild named Zero Wing grew.

However, the following matches were the true hurdles the Asura Battle Team had to overcome.

A team had to win three out of five matches to win the compet.i.tion. However, the Glorious Lions had a monster-like expert. One could say that the battle team had at least one match in the bag. If the Asura Battle Team could not win two out of the three remaining matches, then it would lose.

However, through this first match, everyone finally understood the Asura Battle Team's strength. They also understood just how powerful Aqua Rose was.

Victory with one move!

In the future, anyone who challenged Aqua Rose would have to consider today's fight.

For a time, the various major powers focused their attention on Aqua Rose. They began to investigate her past.

"She used to be an Honorary Elder of Twilight Echo? The upper echelons of Twilight Echo really are interesting. They chased such a talent out of the Guild."

"Hahaha! Twilight Echo sure is rich! While others are frantically trying to recruit top-tier experts, Twilight Echo is chasing them away! The Guild must have too many geniuses!"

"It's no wonder why Twilight Echo has not been performing well in recent years. So this is their problem. Now that Aqua Rose has joined a small Guild like Zero Wing, we might have a chance to poach her."

The various major powers in the venue could not help but ridicule Twilight Echo. The expressions of Twilight Echo's upper echelons, who had come to watch the battle, twisted in response. Although they had known that Aqua Rose was a talented fighter and an experienced manager, they had never thought she would become this strong.


Meanwhile, in the Glorious Lions Battle Team's resting area, the team members remained indifferent about the battle's outcome. They acted as if it were none of their business that they had lost the first match.

"This Asura Battle Team is fairly interesting. They are slightly stronger than I expected. It is no wonder why that Aqua Rose is Zero Wing's Vice-Leader. Thousand Blades really lucked out this time," the Swordsman Blood Sun commented disappointingly. He paid no attention whatsoever to Thousand Blades' defeat.

After all, there was no way their battle team could lose this compet.i.tion.

On the Glorious Lions Battle Team, Thousand Blades' strength only ranked in the middle. None of their strongest combatants had taken part in the compet.i.tion yet. On the other hand, the Asura Battle Team had already dispatched its strongest fighter.

The compet.i.tion's outcome was already self-evident.

"Let's see what the Asura Battle Team plans to do next. Though, it doesn't really matter what kind of tricks they try to pull," the Long Rainbow said, yawning.


In the first match, the Glorious Lions Battle Team had been the first to send a combatant into the ring. For the second match, it was the Asura Battle Team's turn to send a representative. s.h.i.+ Feng had no wish to prolong this compet.i.tion. Hence, for the next two-on-two match, he sent Fire Dance and Violet Cloud.

"What's going on? They're actually sending a Cleric?!"

"Is the Asura Battle Team giving up this match entirely?"

"Wait, that Fire Dance seems to be the commander of Zero Wing's main force."

The Asura Battle Team's representatives for the second match confused the crowd. Although Clerics were not entirely useless, one would not normally send a Cleric into a two-on-two match. After all, if the enemy focused on the Cleric, the battle would quickly devolve into a two-on-one situation. To make things worse, the cla.s.s could not pin down players like the Guardian Knight and s.h.i.+eld Warrior could.

"Just what is going through that man's mind? Is he trying to forfeit the match?" Phoenix Rain could not help her frown.

She was aware of the three great experts of Zero Wing. They were Aqua Rose, Fire Dance, and Violet Cloud, respectively. Although sending two of the three great experts seemed like a good move, in the off chance that they were both defeated, the Asura Battle Team would lose all chances of winning this compet.i.tion.

Having them take part in the later three-on-three matches, taking the enemy by surprise like Aqua Rose had, would have been the wisest move.

Yet, Ye Feng had discarded that opportunity.

"Interesting. This brat's desire to win is impressive. He wants to win two matches in a row and rely on his own strength to fight for the final strand of hope? He is underestimating the Glorious Lions," Sirius muttered as he glanced at s.h.i.+ Feng. Immediately, he instructed, "Rainbow and Blood, you two will fight. Show the Asura Battle Team's leader the Glorious Lions' strength."

Blood Sun and Long Rainbow's combat prowess was only weaker than his among the Glorious Lions Battle Team.

It was especially true for Blood Sun. To increase their chances of becoming the Dark Arena's organizer, the Battle Wolves had even given Blood Sun an Epic Weapon. With Blood Sun's skills and the Epic Weapon, the Swordsman's combat power was only beneath his own.

Hence, winning this match would be child's play for Blood Sun and Long Rainbow. In fact, Blood Sun alone was more than enough to defeat the Asura Battle Team's two representatives.

"Leader, rest a.s.sured," Long Rainbow confidently rea.s.sured the team's commander as he stood abruptly.

"Rainbow, wait a minute. Fighting one player is too boring. Let me handle the both of them by myself," Blood Sun said as he stopped Long Rainbow. "After the compet.i.tion, I'll give you a bottle of Life Wine. How about it?"

The Life Wine was a Fire Dragon Empire specialty. It was known as a mortal world delicacy. Although the recipe was easy to obtain, the materials it required were extraordinarily rare. One could only obtain these materials if they were lucky. Aside from the drink's delicious taste, the Life Wine also had a certain probability of strengthening a player's physique. It was even more precious than Dark-Gold Equipment.

"Really?" Long Rainbow was certainly tempted when he heard the words "Life Wine."

This item was Blood Sun's treasure. Even their team leader had only managed to obtain one bottle from the Swordsman after a lot of trouble. Normally, Blood Sun would not even share a cup.

"Of course," Blood Sun a.s.sured.

He wanted to test his new sword properly, and he did not want Long Rainbow to interrupt his fun.

"Fine, I agree. However, if it seems like you are going to lose, for the sake of winning the compet.i.tion, I'll have to join the fight. Of course, you'll still have to give me the Life Wine," Long Rainbow said after giving it some thought.

"Sure." Blood Sun grinned.