Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 784 - Attack and Defense

Chapter 784 - Attack and Defense

Chapter 784 - Attack and Defense

"This is bad."

When Blue Phoenix saw Thousand Blades start the battle with an AOE Skill, she could not help her worry for Aqua Rose.

Rangers were a physical ranged cla.s.s, and the majority of the cla.s.s's Skills were single-target Skills. Very few were AOE Skills. Hence, when one fought a Ranger, they only needed to focus on monotonous attacks from the front. Even ordinary players could dodge these attacks.

However, as soon as a Ranger learned an AOE Skill, their attack patterns would no longer be monotonous. It would become significantly more difficult to avoid a Ranger's arrows.

An Agility-type cla.s.s might have an easier time coping with a Ranger's AOE attacks, but Aqua Rose was a Cursemancer. She had far less mobility. Hence, it was even harder for her to dodge attacks from an expert like Thousand Blades.

"I'll make you wish for death!" Thousand Blades then pulled his bowstring into a full moon, firing Scorpion Arrows rapidly to surround Aqua Rose.

He targeted Aqua Rose's right side, where she was most likely to dodge. When he had executed Falling Rain, he had focused the majority of the Skill's effective area towards Aqua Rose's left. Hence, if she wanted to avoid the Falling Rain, she would have to dodge to the right.

When experts fought each other, it was common to use the first attack as a diversion and the second attack to deal a blow.

Surprisingly, Aqua Rose didn't move even after noticing the rain of arrows descend towards her. With a light wave of her emerald staff, a faint red protective barrier appeared around her.

[Life s.h.i.+eld] (Tier 0 Spell)

Summons a barrier that absorbs damage equal to 30% of caster's maximum HP for 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 36 seconds

Aqua Rose had a maximum HP of 9,200. This meant that the Life s.h.i.+eld could absorb up to 2,760 damage.

However, Aqua Rose was not done. She then slammed her staff down, and a gray magic array appeared, covering the ground.

[Dark Strengthening] (Tier 0 Spell)

Damage taken reduced by 20% and casting speed increased by 20% for 10 seconds for all allies within 10*10 yards.

Cooldown: 1 minute

Thousand Blades' Falling Rain was only one wave of attacks. Moreover, due to it being an AOE Skill, its damage was not particularly high.

In the end, the arrows descending on Aqua Rose had not even broken her Life s.h.i.+eld.

As for Ranger's follow-up attacks, they were useless.

Thousand Blades was slightly surprised that Aqua Rose had not fallen for his trap. Very quickly, however, he altered his attack pattern, choosing to attack the Cursemancer directly instead.

Instantly, five arrows transformed into five streaks of green light as they flew towards Aqua Rose.

All five arrows closed the distance of over 20 yards in the blink of an eye.

Not wanting to be outdone, Aqua Rose waved her staff once more, sending out pitch-black Dark Arrows, one after another. Aqua Rose's Dark Arrows clashed into Thousand Blades' arrows, the impact throwing both attacks off course. In addition, Aqua Rose double-cast, using Dark Weakening on Thousand Blades. Immediately, dark fog appeared next to the Ranger, swarming him.

Noticing the attack, Thousand Blades retreated without hesitation, avoiding the dark fog. While he retreated, he continued his ruthless a.s.sault on Aqua Rose.

For a time, the two combatants traded attacks, neither gaining an advantage.

On one side, Thousand Blades utilized his high mobility to avoid Aqua Rose's attacks. Meanwhile, Aqua Rose utilized her various Skills to defend herself. Even after multiple exchanges, neither fighter had lost a single HP.

"Aqua Rose is quite good. She has already grasped the technique to double-cast. It's no wonder why she is quite famous. If she is nurtured properly, it is entirely possible for her to reach the peak of the virtual gaming world. Unfortunately, she joined the Asura Battle Team." Everlasting War had not expected Aqua Rose to be so powerful. Although Thousand Blades was holding back, it was still impressive that she fought the Ranger to a standstill.

Thousand Blades was already in the Refinement Realm. His physical control was quite refined. Hence, his combat was quite efficient. Ordinary players would find it difficult to deal with the Ranger's direct attacks, not to mention the counterattacks he launched while evading. Moreover, every time Thousand Blades attacked, he fired at least three arrows simultaneously. When an ordinary player attacked, there was over an 80% chance that they would fail to avoid such a complex counterattack.

However, with her ability to double-cast, Aqua Rose was able to both attack and defend.

Unfortunately, such high-intensity battles placed a heavy burden on a player's Concentration and Stamina. In such a battle, Thousand Blades could conserve more of his strength and outlast Aqua Rose should the battle drag on.

This girl really does deserve her fame. After fighting me for a short time, she has already gotten a clear grasp of my movements. Thousand Blades clicked his tongue. Contrary to his expectations, Aqua Rose had not grown weaker as the battle progressed; rather, her strength was growing. Thousand Blades no longer looked down on Aqua Rose.

Initially, he had evaded Aqua Rose's curses easily. However, as the battle progressed, Aqua Rose's attacks improved. Now, she was beginning to predict his movements, and it was becoming far more difficult for him to evade her attacks.

When the battle had first begun, he could fire five arrows simultaneously while dodging. Now, he could fire only three arrows.

Why are her Dark Arrows so powerful? With the power behind my Scorpion Arrows, even if they collide with her Dark Arrows, the impact should not affect their trajectories at all. Thousand Blades was very confident of his own arrows. He had never imagined he would encounter something like this. I can't drag this on any longer.

Thousand Blades was now certain that dragging this battle on any further would only benefit Aqua Rose.

Immediately, Thousand Blades used the Tier 1 Skill, Heart Piercing Arrow.


A silver arrow sliced through the air as it flew towards Aqua Rose.

Heart Piercing Arrow's power was astonis.h.i.+ng. Even the Berserker on the Glorious Lions Battle Team would not take Thousand Blades' Heart Piercing Arrow head-on. Hence, it was impossible for Aqua Rose to block his attack using the instant-cast Dark Arrow.


As expected, the Heart Piercing Arrow shattered the Cursemancer's Dark Arrow.

Such power! Aqua Rose knew that it was too late to cast another Spell. Immediately, she used her staff to block the attack.


When the Heart Piercing Arrow struck Aqua Rose's staff, the Cursemancer was forced to take five steps back. Her arms were numb from the impact, and a damage of over -600 points appeared above her head.

"Die!" Thousand Blades smiled faintly, taking the opportunity to launch a fierce a.s.sault.

One Scorpion Arrow after another rained down on Aqua Rose like a storm.

As the Heart Piercing Arrow had interrupted Aqua Rose's rhythm, it became impossible for her to defend against the dozen or so arrows.

Meanwhile, the only Lifesaving Skill a Cursemancer had was Soul Protection. It could reduce the damage she took by 90% for 4 seconds. However, the Skill had no defense against the Movement Speed reduction and DoT effect of the Scorpion Arrow's poison. Once Soul Protection's duration ran out, her fate would be sealed.

"If you have to blame someone, then blame yourself for being a Cursemancer!" Thousand Blades grew gleeful when he saw that his attacks would hit Aqua Rose.

Dang… Dang… Dang…

Suddenly, three ma.s.sive treants appeared before Aqua Rose. Like an iron wall, the treants blocked all of the incoming arrows.

"What's going on here?" Thousand Blades frowned when he saw the three ma.s.sive treants.

[Forest Sprite] (Special Elite)

Level 38

HP 240,000/240,000

A powerful expert could, at most, deal with one Special Elite of the same level. Now, however, three Special Elites had appeared before him. He also had a Cursemancer, a cla.s.s with many Control Skills, to contend with. This was definitely a problem.