Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 780 - Wager

Chapter 780 - Wager

Chapter 780 - Wager

Before the match began, the audience began to place their bets.

Everyone came to the Dark Arena for two reasons. The first was to earn rare materials and top-tier equipment. The second was to watch an exciting battle.

As soon as the two battle teams stepped into the dueling ring, everyone began searching for information regarding the team members and placing their bets based on what they found.

The audience was shocked by what they found.

“Why does this Asura Battle Team consist of members from a small Guild?”

“Just who established the Asura Battle Team? Have they lost their mind? Aside from Aqua Rose, who has some fame, the other members are n.o.bodies! So what if they’re somewhat famous in Star-Moon Kingdom; do they think they can win the compet.i.tion with such low standards? Are they taking the Dark Arena seriously? Or can the Asura Battle Team not afford to hire even a few famous experts?”

“With such a battle team, the Glorious Lions would find it hard to lose even if they wanted to. It seems the Glorious Lions will win their third match in a row.”

Once the audience members read what information had been collected on Zero Wing, they couldn’t believe their own eyes.

Although Zero Wing was not weak, it was not particularly strong, either. Black Flame was the only notable figure in the Guild. However, there was no sign of Black Flame. Moreover, none of the members had even set foot into the Realms of Refinement.

Their equipment might rank at the top in their kingdom, but what did that matter in the Dark Arena?

The Dark Arena was the hub for G.o.d’s Domain’s top powers. Top-tier equipment in a kingdom was nothing in this place. One could see this much just by looking at Glorious Lions’ leader, Everlasting War.

Everlasting War wore a complete Level 35 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, the current-best Set Equipment in G.o.d’s Domain. It was significantly stronger than a Level 30 Dark-Gold Set Equipment. Everything else the man wore was Level 35 Dark-Gold Equipment as well. He was also fully equipped with Tier 3 Gemstones.

As for Zero Wing’s members, they had not replaced their equipment since Level 30. They were no match for Everlasting War.

“They dare call themselves Asura with such members? This is a joke. If Black Flame made an appearance, the show might be interesting, but it seems that Black Flame has allowed his Guild members to venture off on their own. Bet on the Glorious Lions. Although many will bet on them as well, a small profit is still profit.”

Many among the audience could not help but sigh with disappointment at the lost chance to make a fortune. However, Gentle Snow’s excitement grew as she watched this development.

“Hehe! Sure enough, none of them know about that incident!” Zhao Yueru giggled as she watched the other audience members place their bets on the Glorious Lions.

“Alright, stop laughing. We only discovered it by coincidence,” Gentle Snow strictly reprimanded her companion.

Although plenty of information about the war in the Stoneclaw Mountains had leaked, most of this information came from independent players who had watched from afar. At such a great distance, n.o.body had been able to get a clear recording of the apex battle between Zero Wing and the Flower of Seven Sins. Moreover, only a few of the Star Alliance’s upper echelons knew about the Flower of Seven Sins striking out against Zero Wing. The other Guilds had no idea about the attempts. They only knew that the Star Alliance had hired experts to deal with Zero Wing’s upper echelons.

As for the Secret Pavilion, they would not be so foolish as to share a great secret.

What the Secret Pavilion chose to reveal confirmed that Zero Wing’s upper echelons had powerful Basic Attributes. However, they did not reveal any information about the experts they had faced.

Although Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, and Aqua Rose had yet to become Refinement Realm experts, they could exert enough combat power to face down Flowing Water Realm experts. Furthermore, the Asura Battle Team had Ye Feng.

Overall, the Asura Battle Team had four experts who could rival Flowing Water Realm experts. The other members were strong enough to contend with Refinement Realm experts. To put it simply, it would not be difficult for the Asura Battle Team to secure victory against the Glorious Lions. It was a pity that Black Flame was not here. Otherwise, the Asura Battle Team might have won this compet.i.tion without question.


“Aunty Hua, you must avenge me!” Exemplary Willow immediately burst with anger when she saw that every member of the Asura Battle Team was from Zero Wing. She had lost quite a bit of money in the last war. To make matters worse, she had failed to annihilate Zero Wing. She had never imagined the despicable Guild would appear before her once more.

“Hm? Did this battle team provoke you somehow?” Hua Qiushui asked, laughing.

“Yes! They caused me to lose a lot of money. Aunty Hua, since the Glorious Lions Battle Team is yours, do you think you can raise the wager and make them suffer?” Exemplary Willow gnashed her teeth as she glared at the Asura Battle Team.

“Alright. However, both sides have to accept the wager first. If the other side refuses, I can’t do anything about it. But rest a.s.sured, your Aunty Hua will definitely make them pay.” Hua Qiushui nodded.

She had nothing against the Asura Battle Team. However, she was not fond of the man known as Ye Feng. Not only had he refused to partic.i.p.ate in her audition, but he had also appeared before her as the leader of the Asura Battle Team.

Society’s inner circle was only so big. If Ye Feng won this compet.i.tion and others learned of their history, she would be a laughingstock.

Now that even Liu s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ asked her to avenge the loss the girl had suffered, she could use this opportunity to teach Ye Feng a lesson.


In the dueling ring:

“What did you say?” Everlasting War asked again.

The other Glorious Lions members were similarly stunned by s.h.i.+ Feng’s offer, thinking that they had heard wrong.

Both Primal Emerald Wood and Soul Cultivating Stones were necessary materials to construct a Stable. The various large Guilds in G.o.d’s Domain were keeping a tight hold on their stocks, causing the prices to skyrocket.

For example, the Primal Emerald Wood had cost 40 Gold per log not too long ago. Each log was already worth as much as a piece of Dark-Gold Equipment. Now, however, each log cost 60 Gold.

As for the Soul Cultivating Stone, each stone originally sold for 30 Gold. Now, no one would part with theirs even for 50 Gold.

These two materials had become strategic resources for Guilds. Even in the Dark Arena, not many were willing to wager these items.

After all, a Stable was simply too important to a Guild. It was far more valuable than any of the current Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment.

Yet, s.h.i.+ Feng wanted to gamble 40 logs of Primal Emerald Wood and 24 Soul Cultivating Stones. Even Everlasting War did not have the authority to approve of such a large bet.

Furthermore, the Swordsman also wanted 30,000 Magic Crystals and 1,000 pieces of Level 30 and above Dark-Gold Equipment.

Even their total profits from the previous two matches were not worth so much.

“Forty logs of Primal Emerald Wood, 24 Soul Cultivating Stones, 30,000 Magic Crystals, and 1,000 pieces of Level 30 and above Dark-Gold Equipment. What do you think, Brother Everlasting? If you think the wager is too low, we can increase it further,” s.h.i.+ Feng repeated.

Zero Wing’s recent expansion had been ma.s.sive. While the Guild did not lack Mysterious-Iron and Secret-Silver Equipment, there was a shortage of top-tier equipment.

Lately, Zero Wing’s main force had been busy dealing with other matters and had not raided any Dungeons. In addition to the recent expansion, Zero Wing needed Level 30 Dark-Gold Equipment.

If he could obtain 1,000 pieces of Level 30 Dark-Gold Equipment from this match, it would make up for the Guild’s shortage.

Everlasting War was rendered speechless.

Previously, he had boasted that he did not care what they bet. He had never dreamed that s.h.i.+ Feng would offer such an expensive wager.

There was no doubt that s.h.i.+ Feng could afford this gamble. After all, if either side did not have the ability to pay up, the system would not allow the battle to begin. Hence, s.h.i.+ Feng had no reason to lie. Moreover, he was not that kind of person.

“Brother Ye Feng, please wait a moment. I don’t have the authority to agree to such a large wager. I need to ask my superior.” For now, Everlasting War could only offer an excuse. Following which, he contacted Hua Qiushui and reported the situation honestly. “Director Hua, the Asura Battle Team has offered the wager. Please take a look. If this is not enough, they are willing to increase the bet.”

When Hua Qiushui saw s.h.i.+ Feng’s wager, her complexion darkened.

“Aunty Hua, are you not feeling well?” Exemplary Willow asked curiously when she saw Hua Qiushui’s expression.