Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 744 - Star Alliance’s Defeat

Chapter 744 - Star Alliance’s Defeat

Chapter 744 - Star Alliance’s Defeat

As the Flower of Seven Sins came to an end, everyone watching from afar was dumbfounded.

It was especially true for the Star Alliance’s upper echelons. People in their position were very aware of how terrifying the Flower of Seven Sins was.

The Flower of Seven Sins was an organization that had killed the upper echelons of Super Guilds countless times, invoking the Super Guilds’ wrath. However, none of those Guilds could do anything to the organization.

Until this day, the Flower of Seven Sins had never failed a job. Yet, now, this legend shattered…

The most incredulous aspect was that it had been an upstart Guild that broke the legend.

“How can this be?!” Red Feather’s eyes widened, and he clenched his fists as he stared at the corpses of the Seven Sins scattered across the ground.

The Flower of Seven Sins had been their final trump card against Zero Wing.

Now that the had been wiped out, how were they supposed to deal with Zero Wing’s upper echelons?

Any expert could take advantage of the narrow terrain to exert their strength, not to mention Black Flame, who could instant-kill the Flower of Seven Sins’ team leader.

With Black Flame’s strength, he could slaughter elite players without wasting much Stamina. He only needed one hit for each kill.

If they relied on zerg tactics to kill Black Flame, just how many elite players would they need to sacrifice?

Not to mention, the Tier 3 Demon was still alive and kicking.

It was practically impossible to annihilate Zero Wing’s main force here with just 20,000 elite players.

“Guild Leader, the Flower of Seven Sins members have been wiped out. What should we do now?” Unsure himself, Red Feather quickly decided to report to Galaxy Past.

“What?!” Galaxy Past was momentarily stunned when he received the news. For a second, he even thought Red Feather was joking. However, Red Feather would never joke so distastefully in such a dire situation like this. His expression turning serious, Galaxy Past asked, “How many people does Zero Wing have left? Is Black Flame dead?”

The Flower of Seven Sins’ strength was absolute. Even if Zero Wing’s main force were impressive, they would not walk away unharmed. If Zero Wing’s main force had suffered severe casualties, then they could rely on their elite army to swarm their remaining enemies.

Without any commanders, Zero Wing’s army would into disarray and morale would drop sharply. It would be significantly easier to take out Zero Wing’s elite army without its leaders.

“They have 76 people remaining. Black Flame is still alive,” Red Feather hurriedly reported after glancing at Zero Wing’s members, who were still within the magic array.

Galaxy Past’s surprise escalated.

“A-Are you sure?” Galaxy Past asked once more.

The Flower of Seven Sins had dispatched 50 of its top-tier Every one of these was an expert that struck fear into one’s heart. Even Galaxy Past himself was not sure that he could escape should any one of these experts come for his life. How was it possible that this team of had only claimed slightly over 20 Zero Wing lives?

Galaxy Past had a very clear understanding of the strength of Zero Wing’s main force.

Aside from the few, very strong upper echelons, most of them were subpar. Galaxy Past was even confident he could face several of them at once.

“Guild Leader, how could I mistake something like this?” For a time, even Red Feather was at a loss. Hurriedly, he said, “All of Zero Wing’s upper echelons are still alive. Only a few core members died. That Tier 3 Demon has also broken out of its magical imprisonment and has begun to attack our people.”

When Galaxy Past heard this, his brain stopped functioning.

Since when was Zero Wing so powerful? Against the Flower of Seven Sins’s 50-man team, Zero Wing had actually emerged victorious, losing only a few unimportant members.

“Guild Leader, what should we do now? Do we fight or retreat?” Red Feather asked anxiously as he watched the Tier 3 Demon slaughter his elite members.

“Black… Flame! We will… retreat!” Only after a long moment did Galaxy Past finally decide. When he uttered the word “retreat,” he sounded as if he had been sapped of all of his energy.

How many years had it been? Galaxy Past had long since forgotten the feeling of defeat. However, today, he had been reminded of the taste.

This taste made him very uncomfortable.

Ever since the Star Alliance had fallen into his control, the Guild had only lost to Super Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds. The Star Alliance had never lost to anything less.

Yet, now, the Star Alliance he commanded had been beaten into submission by an upstart Guild. This blow was many times more humiliating that suffering defeat at the hands of those Super Guilds.

A Tier 3 Demon was the equivalent of a Great Lord. Galaxy Past knew the strength of a Great Lord quite well.

Otherwise, he would not have paid such a large price to purchase a Tier 3 Summoning Scroll from a Super Guild. At this stage of a game, having a Great Lord on one’s side could reduce one’s losses significantly while dealing a devastating blow to the enemy.

With two Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls, they thought they had this war in the bag. However, Galaxy Past had never imagined that an energy pulse attack would eliminate both of their Great Lords.

They had no way to deal with a Tier 3 Demon.

If they did not retreat, they would only suffer more casualties.

After Red Feather heard Galaxy Past’s command, his downcast expression became even more gloomy. However, he still gave the order to retreat.


Meanwhile, standing on a nearby mountaintop, the Secret Pavilion members were engaged in a heated discussion over this war between the Star Alliance and Zero Wing.

“Guild Leader Black Flame is too powerful! The way he killed that team leader from the Flower of Seven Sins was just too cool!”

“I wonder what sort of training Black Flame used to get to his level? Even after watching the battle so many times, I only caught a glimpse of Black Flame’s figure. I couldn’t even see the afterimage of his attack. Uncle Yuan would most likely last only a few moves against Black Flame.”

“What do you even know? Uncle Yuan is powerful. Of course, he could block Black Flame’s attack.”

“But Black Flame’s Attack Speed is so high. Who could possibly defend against his attack?”

Among the Secret Pavilion’s trainees, many had renewed their impressions of Zero Wing. They were no longer arrogant when talking about Zero Wing. Unconsciously, they had gone from calling the Swordsman ‘Black Flame’ to calling him ‘Guild Leader Black Flame.’ However, a few youths among them were still unsatisfied.

“There is no need to argue. I am not a match for Black Flame. Or to put it in another way, only those few, monstrous players can contend with Black Flame now,” Yuan Tiexin said suddenly. He could not help but laugh at everyone’s conversation.

“Autumn, what did you think of this fight?” Yuan Tiexin asked the silent Cold Autumn.

Cold Autumn was the top genius among the Secret Pavilion’s new generation. The youth had joined the Secret Pavilion’s secret training program a year ago. He was only 17 years old, yet he had already become the Pavilion’s star pupil. He had already reached the Half-step Refinement Realm and was only a thread away from truly entering the Refinement Realm. He could break through at any time.

Initially, Yuan Tiexin had brought Cold Autumn and the other trainees here to teach them not to be too arrogant, showing them that there were many experts in the virtual gaming world. He had also wanted to show them a true monster.

Unfortunately, Silver had not made an appearance this time.

However, their gains from watching the battle between Sky and Black Flame should be sufficient.

Yuan Tiexin had even hoped to see a confrontation between Black Flame and Silver. Just what kind of outcome would such a battle yield?

“Black Flame is very strong. With my current strength, I am no match for him,” the prideful Cold Autumn admitted softly. “However, I will continue to work hard! Sooner or later, I will surpa.s.s him!”

“Hahaha! That’s right! This is the sort of mindset you must possess! It seems that this trip here has not been a waste at all!” Yuan Tiexin nodded with satisfaction. Suddenly, he heard the ring of his communicator, surprising him.

After all, this was a call from none other than the Secret Pavilion’s Guild Leader.