Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 731 - Flurry

Chapter 731 - Flurry

Chapter 731 - Flurry

After the large Guilds received the reports that Zero Wing had dispatched 10,000 elite members to the Stoneclaw Mountains, they began to mobilize their troops.

Although the various large Guilds had only dispatched a small number of elites and experts, there were over a dozen large Guilds aiding the Star Alliance.

In fact, the total number of elites and experts the various large Guilds had sent was only slightly lower than the Star Alliance’s army. Overall, they had more than 70,000 players. If the various Guilds went all-out, they could gather more elite players than the Star Alliance and Ouroboros combined.

“Ten thousand elites won’t even be enough to fill the gaps between our teeth!”

“Sure enough, Zero Wing is only here to make an appearance. They don’t have the courage to face us all-out. We’re currently the closest to the Dungeon’s entrance, so Zero Wing’s equipment will be ours for the taking!”

In Star-Moon Kingdom, Zero Wing was famous for having top-tier equipment.

Despite being Level 31 or 32, the elite members of ordinary Guilds generally wore Level 25 Mysterious-Iron and Secret-Silver Equipment, and very few had Level 30 Mysterious-Iron Equipment. As for Level 25 Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment, only an extremely small number of elite players had the privilege of owning any. Meanwhile, Level 30 Secret-Silver Equipment was considered a luxury. As for Level 30 Fine-Gold items, they were considered top-tier equipment, and only a Guild’s core members were fortunate enough to wear such equipment.

After all, Fine-Gold Equipment only had a slightly higher drop-rate in large-scale Team Dungeons.

However, teams that could raid Level 30 large-scale Hard Mode Team Dungeons were rare. Even first-rate Guilds only had several hundred teams capable of raiding such Dungeons. Hence, Level 30 Fine-Gold Equipment was incredibly rare.

However, what about Zero Wing’s elite members?

The most inferior equipment they wore was Level 25 Secret-Silver Equipment. Many among them even had one or two pieces of Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment, and some even had Level 30 Secret-Silver Equipment. There was no need to mention Zero Wing’s core members and main force members.

The harvest they could gain from killing two or three Zero Wing elite members would be like killing a Level 30 or above Chieftain. However, how rare and difficult was it to deal with Chieftain ranked monsters?

Even with a team of 20 elite players, sacrifices were necessary to kill a Level 30-plus Chieftain. There was even the risk of a team-wipe. However, it was a different story if their opponents were elite players. Field Chieftains would grow stronger depending on the number of players raiding them. Elite players would not, making them much easier to deal with.

As the various large Guilds quietly approached the Dungeon’s entrance, many players who were tasked to defend strategic locations began to complain.

“Say, why is our luck so bad? What’s the point of having us stay in this G.o.dforsaken place? The others will probably annihilate Zero Wing before they get anywhere near us. While everyone else gets to take a bite out of the pie, we won’t even get a taste of the crumbs.”

“I know, right? The higher-ups have even said that we get to keep half of the spoils we get from the enemies we kill. Last time, we only got to keep a quarter of the spoils. Even now, I still haven’t obtained any Level 30 Fine-Gold Equipment. Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that went ahead lucked out this time.”

“If I had known something like this would happen, I wouldn’t have volunteered to defend this area. I could have been killing a few of Zero Wing’s members and upgrading my gear.”

The 2,000-man elite legion standing on top of a mountain whined as they enviously watched the fires of battle some distance away, nearly drooling.

Meanwhile, under s.h.i.+ Feng’s lead, Zero Wing’s main force arrived at the foot of this mountain undetected with the help of Isolation Scrolls and Invisibility Potions. With f these two items, even a Ranger’s Eagle Eyes would not detect them. It was very easy for the group to circle the army of the various large Guilds.

“Guild Leader, I’ve investigated the situation using Eagle Eyes. There should be around 2,000 players on top of the mountain. Among them, over 20 have excellent equipment. They should be experts,” Minor Wind reported in the team chat.

“Twenty-plus experts?” s.h.i.+ Feng could not help but laugh. “These people are taking this mountaintop too lightly. Fire, lead your group; get rid of their healers first. Everyone else, focus on your positions. Herd them together as much as possible before using AOE Skills.”

s.h.i.+ Feng did not take the 2,000 elite players seriously at all.

The equipment worn by Zero Wing’s main force was considered among the best throughout G.o.d’s Domain. They had at least double the Attributes of their enemies.

Even the Dark G.o.ds Legion could defeat 2,000 elite players easily.

The only ones who might actually pose a threat would be the twenty-plus experts. Currently, those that could be considered experts were players who had, at least, reached the Trial Tower’s fifth floor. Unfortunately, even the weakest members of Zero Wing’s main force were sixth-floor experts. Hence, s.h.i.+ Feng did not have a shred of doubt that his team would slaughter the army of 2,000 elite players.

The Rangers, who observed the situation on the mountain, did not detect s.h.i.+ Feng and the others’ approach.

“Guild Leader, we’re in position.” Fire Dance, who stood a short distance away from the enemy’s healer team, said quietly through the team chat.

Flying Shadow and eight other accompanied Fire Dance.

“Guild Leader, we’ve arrived at the enemy’s magical cla.s.s team,” Cola reported quietly.

s.h.i.+ Feng stood a short distance away from the twenty-plus experts. Through a combination of Void Steps and the effects of the Invisibility Potion, even a Ranger or Druid with sharp senses would not detect s.h.i.+ Feng.

“Kill them!” s.h.i.+ Feng growled.

Immediately, everyone burst into action.

Fire Dance activated the Additional Skill of the Tier 1 Set Equipment for, Flurry, increasing her Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 50% for 20 seconds. She then executed Ambush and thrust her flaming shortsword into the back of a Level 32 Cleric.


The Cleric, who had close to 7,000 HP, died instantly.

Magical were very fragile. Not only did they possess very little Defense, but they also lacked Pa.s.sive Skills that reduced damage. Against Fire Dance, who boasted both high Attack Power and critical rates, magical could not withstand even a single blow. Even without a critical hit, Fire Dance could still kill a Cleric with more than 7,000 HP with a single move.

With the sudden death of a Cleric, the remaining healers were dumbfounded.

The healers were typically safe in the heart of the legion. It was nearly impossible for an enemy to reach them undetected, yet their enemy had done just that.

However, the most frightening aspect about Fire Dance was her damage.

She killed a Cleric with nearly 7,000 HP instantly, just like that…

After Fire Dance killed off the Level 32 Cleric, she immediately executed Backstab, her shortsword sinking into a nearby Oracle.


Landing another critical hit, Fire Dance instantly killed the Oracle with over 6,000 HP.

At the same time, Flying Shadow and the others began their own killing sprees. In an instant, the healer team with over 200 members lost over ten players.

“We’re being ambushed!” a player suddenly shouted.

However, as soon as this player announced the attack, he heard screams.

The fires of war illuminated the area. Activating Charge, Shadow Sword arrived before a Level 32 Elementalist. Before this Elementalist could use Blink, the Berserker forced him into a Fainted state. Shadow Sword then followed up with a Whirlwind Slash, a damage of over -4,500 points appearing above the heads of all enemies within eight yards; some even received critical damage of over -9,000 points.

Even Level 30-plus expert magical cla.s.s players would rarely have more than 8,000 HP. In the blink of an eye, Shadow Sword killed off three players, while four held on by a thread of HP.

However, Shadow Sword had also triggered the Bluefire Double-edged Sword’s Pa.s.sive Skill, Bluefire Dance, with his previous attack. Swinging his sword violently, Shadow Sword sent a cone of blue fire ahead of him, dealing more than -7,600 damage and killing another eight players.

Zero Wing’s main force had only begun their a.s.sault, yet, in the blink of an eye, close to 300 elite players fell. To Zero Wing’s main force, these elite players were even less of a challenge than ordinary Elite monsters.

“Leader, we’re being ambushed!” some quick-witted players hurriedly called for help from their team leader.

However, when these players s.h.i.+fted their gazes towards their team leader, they were all dumbfounded.

Countless divine, golden swords rained down on their leader and the other experts, damages of over -5,500 points appearing above their heads. Those who received critical hits received more than -10,000 damage with each s.h.i.+ning blade. In the blink of an eye, half of the twenty-plus experts died while everyone else was sealed within the Skywheel Sword’s effective area.