Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 695 - Flower of Seven Sins

Chapter 695 - Flower of Seven Sins

Chapter 695 - Flower of Seven Sins

The black-robed Elementalist was Level 33. On Star-Moon Kingdom’s Ranking List, he would rank within the top 20. The majority of his equipment consisted of Level 30 Fine-Gold rank, while the rest was Dark-Gold rank. Particularly, his staff, which sported a spiral of flame-red runes, was no ordinary Dark-Gold staff.

“Sunlight Dust!” Three Knives was shocked when he saw the black-robed Elementalist reveal himself. “What are you doing here?”

Among the top ten experts on Star-Moon Kingdom’s Red List, Traceless Blood ranked seventh.

Meanwhile, Sunlight Dust stood above Traceless Blood, ranking third on the Red List.

The Red List was different from the Ranking List. Rather than ranking players by their Levels, players on the Red List were judged by their strength. It was a far more accurate estimation than the G.o.d’s Domain Experts List the Secret Pavilion had created.

“So you’re Sunlight Dust, the person who defeated Red Feather, the Star Alliance’s apex expert.” Minor Wind grew serious as he watched Sunlight Dust. Coldly, he asked, “Are you targeting Zero Wing as well?”

Red Feather was one of the strongest combatants in the Star Alliance and was an expert who ranked on the G.o.d’s Domain Experts List.

The fact that Sunlight Dust could defeat an apex expert like Red Feather showed that the Elementalist should also rank at the top of Star-Moon Kingdom. Hence, even he could not afford to be careless around Sunlight Dust; even the slightest mistake could result in his death.

“Initially, I had only planned to earn a quick buck. Now, however, it seems that won’t be possible,” Sunlight Dust said as he turned to an empty area near Minor Wind. Shaking his head, he said, “Zero Wing really has an abundance of experts. Its fame is not undeserved.”

Seeing Sunlight Dust’s reaction, Three Knives was very confused.

With Sunlight Dust’s strength and that of his companions, they could make short work of Minor Wind, yet the expert Elementalist chose to surrender.

A figure suddenly appeared beside Minor Wind.

This figure was none other than Flying Shadow, who had been in Stealth all this time.

“I’m impressed. He actually sensed me from so far away,” Flying Shadow muttered in surprise. With his standards, aside from their Guild Leader, Black Flame, only Fire Dance and Violet Cloud could detect him from such a long distance. One could just imagine how powerful Sunlight Dust was.

“You can’t expect this matter to end just because you revealed yourself, right?” Flying Shadow growled as he stared at Sunlight Dust.

Sunlight Dust and his companions had aimed for Zero Wing from the very beginning. And yet, the instant the situation turned sour, they wanted to just up and leave. It was nothing more than disrespectful.

“Of course not,” Sunlight Dust said calmly. “I have very useful information for Zero Wing. Let us offer this as compensation. What do you think?”

“What kind of information?” Flying Shadow asked.

“Currently, only Red Names and small Workshops are targeting Zero Wing. However, this is only the beginning. I’ve heard that our employer is in the process of hiring the Flower of Seven Sins as well,” Sunlight Dust said slowly.

At the mention of the name “Flower of Seven Sins,” everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

There were many powers in the virtual gaming world. There were Guilds, Workshops, and special organizations such as the Flower of Seven Sins.

The Flower of Seven Sins was neither a Workshop nor a Guild. However, the organization’s name shook the virtual gaming world.

Their fame was so widespread was because the Flower of Seven Sins was an organization specializing in work.

They targeted gamers’ characters, specifically.

As long as a virtual reality game possessed a PvP mechanism, the Flower of Seven Sins would be present. And as long as a player could afford their price, whether it was a monster-like gamer or the Guild Leader of a Super Guild, the Flower of Seven Sins could their target.

Moreover, these statements were not without proof. In the past, someone had paid to have the Guild Leader of a Super Guild eliminated. In the end, the Flower of Seven Sins completed the task. Back then, the organization had greatly angered said Super Guild, causing said Super Guild to declare war against the organization. In the end, however, this Super Guild ceased to exist. The Flower of Seven Sins tore the Guild apart thoroughly and removed its name from the virtual gaming world forever.

However, the Flower of Seven Sins’ asking price was extremely high. No ordinary person could afford it.

Fire Dance suddenly appeared in between the two groups. In a grave tone, she asked, “Are you telling us the truth?”

Fire Dance’s sudden appearance surprised even Sunlight Dust, causing the Elementalist to feel an immense pressure.

I actually failed to detect her at such a close distance?!

Sunlight Dust wore a grave expression as he looked at Fire Dance. This was the first time anyone had come so close to him undetected. He possessed a Special Skill that granted him greater perception than ordinary players. Otherwise, he would not have so easily discovered Flying Shadow.

If Fire Dance attacked him at such a close distance, he would likely die.

Zero Wing really is scary. It’s no wonder that person is hiring the Flower of Seven Sins. Sunlight Dust finally realized. He then turned to Fire Dance, smiling bitterly as he responded, “I guarantee that this information is true. However, as to what that person has requested the Flower of Seven Sins to do, even I have no clue.”

“You may leave.” Fire Dance dismissed them with a wave of her hand.

Whether Sunlight Dust was lying to her or not, she doubted his words. Experts had their own pride to protect. It was especially true for an apex expert like Sunlight Dust.

Following which, Sunlight Dust led his team away. As for Three Knives, he was not allowed to leave with his life. Flying Shadow immediately ended the Berserker’s life as negotiations ended. As for Sunlight Dust, he did not particularly mind. Although he and Three Knives were both Red Names, they were not companions, and he had no obligation to rescue Three Knives.

“Big Sis Fire, what are we going to do now?” Flying Shadow asked worriedly as he sheathed his daggers.

Every player’s heart was familiar with the terror of the Flower of Seven Sins. Until today, they had never once failed a job. Even Super Guilds did not dare to provoke the Flower of Seven Sins. Such an organization targeted Zero Wing…

Even with Zero Wing’s current strength, Flying Shadow doubted that they could fend off the Flower of Seven Sins.

“This matter is of utmost importance. Let’s discuss it with Aqua and Guild Leader first.” Fire Dance had no idea of what to do now. The Flower of Seven Sins’ reputation was simply too immense. Anyone who had touched a virtual reality game knew about the organization. The Flower of Seven Sins was a transcendental existence among gamers.

If the Flower of Seven Sins truly intended to annihilate Zero Wing, then this would be the greatest danger their Guild had ever faced.


The Top of the World, Mount Sogar:

With the aid of two Tier 3 Demons, s.h.i.+ Feng finally managed to locate a pair of ma.s.sive locked doors near the top of Mount Sogar. Engraved runes decorated the stone doors and black chains bound them, each chain giving off a faint pressure.

This pressure was familiar to s.h.i.+ Feng.

Divine Might!

Although the Divine Might the chains exuded was faint, no one who had encountered Divine Might would forget the sensation.

s.h.i.+ Feng had already reached Level 34. His level was high enough for him to rank within the top 3 of Star-Moon Kingdom’s Ranking List. On Mount Sogar, however, he was an insignificant existence. If he had not possessed two Tier 3 Demons, he would not have made it up to this point.

s.h.i.+ Feng had encountered multiple Level 50 Lords on his way up the mountain. With his strength alone, unless he activated the Aura of s.p.a.ce’s s.p.a.ce Movement, he would not have survived.

Meanwhile, a gigantic beast stood guard beside the ma.s.sive pair of stone doors.

This quest is absurdly difficult on so many levels… s.h.i.+ Feng inwardly laughed bitterly as he watched the gigantic beast.

[Nine-headed Magic Snake] (Ferocious Beast, Great Lord)

Level 55

HP 90,000,000/90,000,000