Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 690 - Absurd EXP

Chapter 690 - Absurd EXP

Chapter 690 - Absurd EXP

The Top of the World is pretty nice. It’s no wonder why those experts in the past tried so hard to come here. s.h.i.+ Feng sighed contently after he finished organizing the loot.

Among these drops, there were several dozen pieces of Level 50 equipment, two of which were Mysterious-Iron rank, 16 were Bronze rank, and the remainder were Common rank.

After reaching Level 50, even Elite monsters rarely dropped Bronze Equipment. Only Chieftains would drop Bronze Equipment with a 100% certainty and had the chance to drop Mysterious-Iron Equipment. As a result, players would have a far more difficult time obtaining Level 50 high-quality equipment.

To make matters worse, the Final Bosses of Level 50 Hard Mode Party Dungeons were only Chieftains. Only h.e.l.l Mode had Lord ranked Final Bosses. However, how many ordinary parties were capable of conquering h.e.l.l Mode Party Dungeons?

Moreover, Bosses drop-rates declined sharply after Level 50. A Boss that would drop six or seven items at lower levels would only drop one or two items after reaching Level 50.

s.h.i.+ Feng could vaguely remember the time he had fought and grinded frantically, only managing to reach Level 50 after an arduous struggle.

Yet, what about Level 50 equipment?

After investing a ton of effort, he had only managed to obtain a full set of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment by the time he reached Level 50. If he had worn that quality equipment when he was Level 45, he would have been considered as an ordinary veteran player at best. Even so, he had been the envy of Blackie and many of his fellow Guild members.

Back then, wearing several pieces of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment into a 20-man Team Dungeon had been a luxury, not to mention a full set of Mysterious-Iron Equipment. After all, one obtained less than a handful of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron items after clearing a Level 50, 20-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon.

This was also the reason behind forgers’ suddenly popularity surge.

Although it might be very difficult for players to forge top-tier equipment, they had a relatively high success rate for producing Level 50 and above Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Weapons and Equipment. However, the required materials were not so easily obtained.

On the other hand, after defeating a single wave of Stone Apes, s.h.i.+ Feng now had so many pieces of Level 50 Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Equipment. It was mind-blowing.

s.h.i.+ Feng continued to explore Mount Sogar’s core area. During his journey, he defeated any Stone Ape patrols that he encountered for EXP and equipment.

Humans had yet to claim Mount Sogar, so there were many Stone Ape patrols wandering along the mountain trail. It did not take long before s.h.i.+ Feng encountered another patrol team. For s.h.i.+ Feng, this place was a leveling heaven.

Against the Stone Ape patrols, the Purgatory Demon’s strength was simply overwhelming.

In less than three hours, s.h.i.+ Feng easily reached 74% of Level 33. If he wanted to, he could place in the top 20 of Star-Moon Kingdom’s Ranking List.

Previously, to obtain the First Clear of Level 30, 100-man Team Dungeons, the various Guilds had intentionally held back their levels. Meanwhile, some powerful independent experts or Workshop experts had not. Instead, they took the opportunity to level up rapidly, earning some fame for themselves. Hence, the current average level on Star-Moon Kingdom’s Ranking List was quite high, with the top three players at Level 34.

Meanwhile, the top 20 on Star-Moon Kingdom’s Ranking List were all Level 33 and above.

If not for the Purgatory Demon helping him grind on Mount Sogar, he might have struggled to catch up to the top 20 players.

Mount Sogar was ma.s.sive. It was almost three times as large as an ordinary leveling map of the same Level. Hence, searching for Solomon’s Treasure was time-consuming. s.h.i.+ Feng also encountered many powerful monsters throughout his journey, which slowed his progress further.

To explore Mount Sogar effectively, s.h.i.+ Feng had used the Bible of Darkness and Magic Amplification Scroll once more to summon a Level 51 Tier 3 Curse Demon. Although the Curse Demon had similarly turned on him, s.h.i.+ Feng had directed the Purgatory Demon to incapacitate the Curse Demon, allowing him to force it into submission.

Unlike the Purgatory Demon, however, the Curse Demon did not possess any Tier 3 Taboo Skills. It also only had 9,500,000 HP. However, as it was a magic-type Demon, its AOE capabilities were much stronger than the Purgatory Demon.

With two Tier 3 Demons under his control, s.h.i.+ Feng could explore the area far more efficiently. He had no problems facing even two or three waves of Stone Ape patrols simultaneously. He no longer had to waste too much time hiding and killing monsters.


The Stoneclaw Mountains’ inner region:

“Cola, be careful of that Half-orc Lord’s Skills. Lure it away from the team first. Everyone else, focus fire on the Lord that Turtledove is tanking.” Fire Dance fought while commanding her team to deal with two Level 40 Half-orc Lords.

Currently, players crowded the Stoneclaw Mountains. To secure more resources for themselves, Zero Wing’s main force had no choice but to distance themselves from the crowd and push deeper into the Mountains.

They were lucky if they encountered a Lord in the outer region. However, after reaching the inner region, the number of Lords wandering about had increased significantly. From time to time, players would have to face two Lords simultaneously. This was a huge challenge for teams. Hence, the various Guild teams avoided this area.

To Zero Wing’s main force, however, this area was just difficult enough.

Zero Wing’s lead MT Cola wore a complete Tier 1 Set Equipment. He also had the Bluefire s.h.i.+eld. He had no problems handling a single Level 40 Lord by himself. As for Turtledove, she had recently obtained the Epic ranked Divine Frost Armor, so she, too, could tank a Lord without a.s.sistance. In addition, Ye Wumian similarly wore a complete Tier 1 Set Equipment for s.h.i.+eld Warriors. He was constantly ready to jump in when necessary.

If the MTs had no issues, there was no need to mention the team’s DPS. Whether it was Fire Dance, Rampant Blade, Shadow Sword, Minor Wind, or Violet Cloud, every one of them possessed superb Attack Power. They also wore equipment that allowed them to ignore more than ten of monsters’ Levels. Without any level suppression, their damage against Level 40 Lords would not be affected in the slightest.

Hence, the team was more than capable of taking down two Level 40 Lords simultaneously.

Currently, the members of Zero Wing’s main force were all at Level 32, leveling with impressive speed. There were a few reasons for their leveling rate. First, everyone’s experience bars had been frozen around 90% of Level 30 throughout their raid of the Frost Prison. After obtaining the First Clear of the h.e.l.l Mode Frost Prison, everyone promptly turned their attention to grinding in the Stoneclaw Mountains. They also managed to acc.u.mulate the Double EXP buff by resting in the Guild Residence’s Private Rooms while they had been offline. While they had focused on raiding the Frost Prison, they had acc.u.mulated more than one Level’s worth of the Double EXP buff. Thus, the moment they returned to leveling, they rapidly climbed to Level 32.

In less than 20 minutes, the team had dealt with their latest Half-orc enemies, resulting in everyone’s experience bars rising significantly.

“Fire Dance, our Guild members have been ambushed in the Stoneclaw Mountains. Be careful.” Aqua Rose suddenly contacted Fire Dance to warn her.

“Someone’s ambushed our Guild members?” Fire Dance was slightly surprised. “Which Guild is it?”

Stone Forest Town was Zero Wing’s territory now. For someone to dare target Zero Wing’s members in the Stoneclaw Mountains, they were simply asking to be banned from the town.

“I don’t think that it’s a Guild. The ambushed members reported that their attackers had not worn any Guild Emblems. After watching the videos they recorded, the ambushers didn’t seem like any Guild experts I’ve encountered. However, the enemy is moving in relatively large groups. The smaller groups have around a dozen or so players, while the largest one is a 50-man team. I’ve researched that team already. They do not belong to any Guild. Rather, the team belongs to a Workshop.” Aqua Rose was similarly surprised when she received the report on these a.s.sailants. After all, every player currently grinding in the Stoneclaw Mountains should know Zero Wing’s reputation. Yet, there were still people who dared to ambush their members. “In any case, your team should be on the lookout as well. I’ll try to learn more as soon as possible.”

If this really were the doing of a Guild, then she would destroy that Guild’s foothold in the Stoneclaw Mountains.

“Alright, I’ll make a note of it.” Fire Dance nodded.

There would not be any other players in the Stoneclaw Mountains’ inner region. After all, the danger here was much higher than in the outer areas. Ordinary players could not set foot here and survive.

However, as soon as Fire Dance disconnected the call, she heard Minor Wind’s anxious voice through the team chat.“A large group of players is approaching!”