Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 658 - Nightmare Descends

Chapter 658 - Nightmare Descends

Chapter 658 - Nightmare Descends

“Aqua, lead everyone away from the town immediately,” s.h.i.+ Feng said through a whisper.

“Understood.” Aqua Rose was slightly stunned by this command. Originally, she had thought s.h.i.+ Feng would use Zero Wing’s trump card. She had not expected him to order a retreat and give up on Stone Forest Town.

However, since s.h.i.+ Feng had given the command, Aqua Rose had no choice but to lead everyone away.

Gentle Snow’s army similarly retreated.

Throughout Star-Moon Kingdom, there was not a single Guild that could stand against an army of 250,000 elite players. If they continued fighting, only death awaited them.

In truth, though, even if they did fight, their enemy would not leave unscathed either. Both sides would be destroyed.

In terms of equipment, Zero Wing’s main force was far superior to the other Guilds’ experts, not to mention their elite players. After the main force had swapped out their Tier 2 Gemstones for Tier 3 Gemstones, their Attributes were simply overwhelming. In addition, there were currently no enemy experts to pin them down.

As a result, the Zero Wing’s main force swept like a scythe across the enemy forces, leaving only devastation in its wake.

Spell after Spell bombarded Cola, Ye Wumian, and Turtledove, who stood at the forefront of the team. However, these Spells had not even tickled the three MTs. Even the most powerful attack only dealt slightly over -1,000 damage. However, all three MTs had over 10,000 HP each. Moreover, the majority of their enemy’s attacks had not even landed. These MTs only needed a single heal to recover to full HP.

There were also the two Tier 2 Demons. Both Tier 2 Demons were melee fighters with over 3,000,000 HP each. Under s.h.i.+ Feng’s control, both Demons were like G.o.ds of Destruction. The two Demons were unstoppable as they targeted the enemy healers. Also, although s.h.i.+ Feng could not control the two Demons perfectly, he could maneuver them to avoid as many attacks as possible.

In terms of Basic Attributes, the two Level 35 Tier 2 Demons were much stronger than even s.h.i.+ Feng. Even their Strength was superior to s.h.i.+ Feng’s, who wore Tier 3 Strength-attributed Gemstones. So, how could ordinary players hope to touch them?

Only if everyone concentrated their attacks on the two Demons and sealed off their escape routes would the two Demons receive some form of damage. However, with Zero Wing’s healers and the Demons’ innate battle recovery, they could very quickly recover the lost HP.

Against the two Tier 2 Demons’ a.s.sault, the various large Guilds suffered scores of deaths with every pa.s.sing second.

After only a few minutes of battle, the coalition of Guilds had lost nearly 7,000 elite players. Zero Wing claimed just as many lives as the Three Great Leaders.

The members of the various large Guilds felt like a knife had been plunged into their hearts as they watched. Without any of their Guilds’ experts, they were helpless against a team like this. This was also why the various large Guilds were desperately trying to nurture experts and frantically fighting over the Stoneclaw Mountains. The only consolation was that Ouroboros suffered similar losses. Since the battle had begun, Ouroboros had lost over 2,000 members.

As both sides watched their companions die, an intense fighting spirit began to fill their hearts. At this moment, the area around Stone Forest Town was like an ancient battlefield.

Meanwhile, the Red Names in Stone Forest Town were dumbfounded.

Players were killing each other all over the place. There were players dying every second. Even experts would be insignificant in a war of this scale.

In comparison, their kill counts were a joke…

While Ouroboros and Zero Wing retreated from Stone Forest Town, s.h.i.+ Feng activated Windwalk and crushed a Speed Scroll as he dashed towards the town. Meanwhile, the Three Great Leaders followed closely behind.

“Hahaha! Black Flame is finally scared! Too bad that it’s too late for regrets!”

“Brothers, charge! Don’t let anyone from Ouroboros or Zero Wing get away!”

With the Star Alliance taking the lead, the other Guilds enthusiastically chased after Ouroboros and Zero Wing’s remaining members.

However, as the two Guilds charged at the enemy encirclement, everyone finally witnessed Zero Wing’s strength.

With just 400 members, Zero Wing had easily torn apart the encirclement of over 10,000 players.

Casting Stars of Light, over a thousand players died by Blackie’s hand in the blink of an eye. As for Fire Dance, she was like a ferocious beast as she charged into the enemy crowd. With a swing of her short swords, she easily sent players flying and dispersed the crowd. There was even less need to mention the Strength-based like Cola and Rampant Blade.

Cras.h.i.+ng into the enemy frontlines with his s.h.i.+eld, Cola easily sent five Level 28 and Level 29 MTs flying, damages of over -1,000 points appearing above the enemy players’ heads. After absorbing an acc.u.mulated damage of 5,000 points, he then activated Bluefire s.h.i.+eld, causing 150% damage to an area of 3*10 yards in front of him. The enemy players before him lost over half of their HP.

As for Rampant Blade, he brandished his Bluefire Double-edged Sword, killing an enemy player with each hit. From time to time, he would also trigger the Bluefire Dance, instantly wiping out a group of elites.

However, when it came to group-killing capabilities, Aqua Rose was the strongest of them all. Not only was she a gla.s.s cannon, but she also had the Bluefire Heart. She could summon three Elite ranked Bluefire Crows to a.s.sist her in battle. Although the Bluefire Crows were only Elite ranked and were the same level as Aqua Rose, Level 30, their Attack Power would increase based on Aqua Rose’s Intelligence Attribute. Meanwhile, Aqua Rose currently wore a complete Tier 1 Set Equipment. In addition, she was also fully equipped with Tier 3 Gemstones. Her total Intelligence was over 400 points. Overall, each Elite ranked Bluefire Crow could rival a Special Elite of the same level.

However, the Bluefire Crows’ most impressive aspect was their Growth Skill. One minute after the Bluefire Crows had been summoned, they could grow from Elites to Special Elites. After five minutes, they would become Chieftains. After ten minutes, they would become Lords. After 18 minutes, they would become High Lords. Finally, at 27 minutes, they would become Great Lords.

At that time, even though the Bluefire Crows would only last for three more minutes, three Level 30 Great Lords could easily wipe out an army of 1,000 Level 30 elite players.

By this point, 18 minutes had pa.s.sed since the Bluefire Crows’ summoning, so all three were already High Lords. Their damage could rival even Great Lords. Aside from MT, the Bluefire Crows only needed one strike to kill the other

“How is Zero Wing so strong?! Even though they have so few people, they’ve killed over 10,000 of our troops. Yet, we’ve only managed to claim over a dozen or so lives!” For a time, after seeing how powerful Fire Dance and the other members of Zero Wing were, the enemy Guild members refused charge forward, afraid that they would die instantly as well.

Before this, everyone had only heard that Zero Wing was very strong. However, no one had ever actually witnessed their exact strength. Now, however, these Guilds finally saw it for themselves.

An army of 10,000 elite players was nothing to these experts.

This scene also shocked Ouroboros’s members.

With just 400 players, they had instilled fear into tens of thousands of players. As an enemy, they were a frightening force to reckoned with. As an ally, however, they were incredibly dependable.

Very easily, Zero Wing punched a hole through the encirclement of the various large Guilds, creating a path of escape.

However, facing the encirclement of over 200,000 players, even Zero Wing’s members could only do so much. Ouroboros, which had started this war with an army of 50,000 players, had less than 30,000 members remaining. Should they continue fighting, they would most likely suffer complete and utter annihilation.


Meanwhile, Stone Forest Town suddenly began to collapse, the buildings within the town crumbling, one after another.

A ma.s.sive Obelisk then emerged in the heart of the town, and s.h.i.+ Feng stood atop this Obelisk.

“What’s going on?”

This commotion instantly attracted everyone’s attention as they felt the ground beneath their feet quake It was like an earthquake measuring 7 on the Richter scale had hit the area around Stone Forest Town.

“What are you trying to do?!” Sareya shouted anxiously at s.h.i.+ Feng, an expression of horror on his face.

The two other Leaders similarly stopped their pursuit as they glared at s.h.i.+ Feng.

This Obelisk was their group’s greatest secret. They had never imagined that s.h.i.+ Feng would know about it or to rush into their stronghold to activate it.

“Of course, I want to witness the depths of h.e.l.l.” At this moment, s.h.i.+ Feng looked ragged. Not only had he needed to avoid all the traps inside the stronghold, but he also had to dodge the Three Great Leaders. Only after using all his usable Lifesaving Skills had he manage to activate the greatest Taboo Obelisk in the Star-Moon City region.

Saying so, s.h.i.+ Feng swung the Abyssal Blade, shattering the dazzling crystal ball on top of the Obelisk.


The Three Great Leaders shouted in horror.