Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 650: Breaking the Record

Chapter 650: Breaking the Record

Chapter 650: Breaking the Record

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Chapter 650 - Breaking the Record

The appearance of a fourth name on the Trial List's seventh floor instantly plunged the Divine Colosseum's main hall into silence.

Everyone's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when they saw Violet Cloud's name.


Feng Xuanyang, who occupied a VIP room, also stared, slack-jawed, having lost his previous calm.

He could barely accept Fire Dance reaching the seventh floor. After all, she was the Commander of Zero Wing's main force. However, he could not bring himself to accept Violet Cloud's victory.

Aside from the difficulty of reaching the seventh floor, just the fact that there were two people in Zero Wing capable of this success was shocking.


The second person from Zero Wing to reach the seventh floor was not even a combat cla.s.s. Instead, she was a Cleric, one of the healer

It was commonly known that, out of the twelve main in G.o.d's Domain, the healer possessed the weakest combat power. It was also a lot more difficult for healer to advance in the Trial Tower as most of their Skills focused on healing rather than dealing damage. Hence, healers never ranked particularly high in the Trial Tower. Yet, Violet Cloud, a Cleric, had actually managed to reach the seventh floor…

However, what everyone did not know was that, in reality, Violet Cloud possessed a hidden cla.s.s. She was not purely a Cleric. Regarding combat capabilities, Violet Cloud was slightly stronger than ordinary combat

Moreover, Violet Cloud had a bit more control over her own body than Fire Dance. Since Fire Dance had reached the seventh floor, Violet Cloud would naturally be able to do so as well. One could say that this was expected.

When comparing top combat power, it was obvious, with a glance, which Guild was superior. Zero Wing grasped a complete victory.

"Zero Wing really is the number one Guild. They actually have two top-tier experts capable of reaching the seventh floor. If Black Flame also competes, Zero Wing will most likely have three people on the seventh floor. Even Overwhelming Smile and Heaven's Burial combined are no match for Zero Wing."

"But it's still too early to determine anything. Zero Wing has always had many top-tier experts. It is reasonable that they are superior to Heaven's Burial and Overwhelming Smile in this aspect. However, a Guild cannot survive by relying on a handful of people. It has to rely on its main force, the Guild's backbone. Take a look at Zero Wing's backbone; it is clearly inferior to the other two Guilds. Zero Wing's potential is still no match for the other two."

"We are no longer living in the past. Before, Zero Wing was White River City's absolute overlord. Now, however, just look; the person occupying the top one position on the Trial List is Heaven's Burial's Ghost Shadow. Zero Wing might not necessarily hold the overlord's seat in the future."

Many players in the main hall began discussing the matter, and the majority did not have a favorable view of Zero Wing's future.

A Guild had to depend on a powerful team for support. Even if an individual was stronger, how much of a difference could they make by themselves? Not to mention, Zero Wing had yet to obtain the number one position on the Trial List.

"Right, this should be Zero Wing's last remaining card. What's there for me worry about? White River City will definitely be mine." Feng Xuanyang calmed himself down.

He had too much riding on White River City. At this point, he had already invested everything he had into White River City. As long as he succeeded, he would become the first heir to his family.

After being repeatedly defeated by Zero Wing, it had become an instinct of sorts to worry.

However, after calming himself and giving the matter some thought, he realized that he had nothing to worry about. There were only so many experts in Zero Wing. On the other hand, in order to take control of White River City, Underworld had invested blood and sweat and had sent the experts it recruited from all over the virtual gaming world to White River City. With White River City under its control, how could Zero Wing possibly hope to compare with Underworld when it came to recruiting talent?

This was only the beginning. Now that Overwhelming Smile had surpa.s.sed Zero Wing in terms of their respective Guild's backbones, in the future, this gap would only grow. It was only a matter of time before Overwhelming Smile took control of White River City.

Time gradually ticked by. Although it had been quite a shock to the spectators that two people from Zero Wing had reached the seventh floor, everyone's attention quickly s.h.i.+fted back to the fifth floor's list.

To ordinary players, reaching the seventh floor was an impossible dream. The fifth floor, on the other hand, was not completely out of their reach. Hence, they paid more attention to the fifth floor's list.

"Look, two more people from Heaven's Burial have pa.s.sed."

"Three more from Overwhelming Smile have pa.s.sed as well."


Just as everyone was focused on the fifth floor's list, the list suddenly began to change multiple times.

"What's going on? I'm not seeing things, right? Why did more than a dozen names suddenly appear on the list?!"

"Wow, it's true. The total number of people on the list was 224. Now it's 242. I wonder which Guild or independent players succeeded?"

Many among the spectators greatly admired the independent experts who had reached the fifth floor.

At this point, there were only a few experts in White River City who had reach the fifth floor. If one were an independent expert, large Guilds would shower them with invitations and various offers. They would become famous overnight and would no longer have to live an ordinary life.

This situation had driven many independent players into a frenzy. It was one of the reasons why so many independent players were desperately challenging the Trial Tower.

Today's mainstream experts were already on the fifth floor. After some more time pa.s.sed, when these experts reached the sixth floor, it would be far more difficult for independent players to experience such overnight fame.

As everyone began searching for the ident.i.ty of those 18 experts, they suddenly realized that something amiss.

"Why does it seem like these people are from Zero Wing?"

"This is a lie, right? All 18 people are actually from Zero Wing?!"

None of the spectators dared to believe their own eyes. They immediately began counting the total number of players Zero Wing had on the fifth floor. In the end, they discovered that there were indeed 18 more fifth floor experts in the Guild. Instantly, Zero Wing became the Guild with the most experts on the Trial Tower's fifth floor.

However, just as they finished counting, another group of experts managed to pa.s.s through the fourth floor.

This time, the numbers were even more frightening, with a total of 45 people.

Moreover, all 45 were members of Zero Wing.

Suddenly, the Divine Colosseum fell silent.

Just what was this?

n.o.body in the main hall could make sense of what was happening.

In the morning, Zero Wing's main force had challenged the Trial Tower. At that time, however, not a single person had pa.s.sed through the fourth floor. Yet, now, every single one of them pa.s.sed.

Zero Wing now had a total of 103 people on the Trial Tower's fifth floor, far ahead of Heaven's Burial and Overwhelming Smile.

"Impossible! This is not possible! Something must have gone wrong with the Trial Tower!" Feng Xuanyang abruptly stood, his eyes bulging as he stared at the Trial List.

If it were just an additional dozen or so people, he would have, at most, been surprised. However, if every single member of Zero Wing's main force was an expert who pa.s.sed the fourth floor, the term "shock" was no longer appropriate This was simply terrifying.

To obtain more experts who could pa.s.s through the fourth floor, Feng Xuanyang had scoured and poached talents from various other cities. He had also received a continuous supply of experts from Underworld. Yet, even so, he still couldn't produce a 100-man team of such experts.

What about Zero Wing? Not only was it a Guild without any backing whatsoever, but it also lacked a wide array of connections. How did such a Guild manage to obtain so many experts?

"Zero Wing really knows how to hide its strength." Ghost Shadow squinted his eyes at the fifth floor's list. He, too, felt a heavy pressure weigh on him.

There was no longer anybody who dared to look down on Zero Wing. n.o.body dared disparage the Guild anymore, claiming that its position as White River City's overlord was no longer stable.

What a joke. If Zero Wing's entire main force consisted of fifth-floor experts, which Guild in White River City could contend with it? Not to mention White River City, even in all of Star-Moon Kingdom, there was not a single Guild that was a match for Zero Wing.

However, before everyone could recover from their daze, another change occurred on the Trial List's seventh floor.

This time, however, there was no addition to the list itself. Instead, the rankings had changed.

The lofty and overweening Ghost Shadow, who had stood at the very top of the Trial List, had fallen. Moreover, he had fallen not just one, but two places, taking the third place on the seventh floor.

Meanwhile, the first and second ranks on the Trial Tower's seventh floor now belonged to Fire Dance and Violet Cloud, respectively…