Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 639 - Rare Mount

Chapter 639 - Rare Mount

Chapter 639 - Rare Mount

“Guild Leader, don’t tell me we’re going to capture that?!” Blackie inquired. He gulped audibly as he stared at the ma.s.sive figure in the distance.

The Golden-winged Lion King before him was a bona fide Great Lord.

Moreover, it was no ordinary Great Lord. It was a Level 60 Great Lord. It was definitely part of the ruling cla.s.s of monsters; it could obliterate them with a sneeze.

[Golden-winged Lion King] (Demonic Beast, Great Lord)

Level 60

HP 30,000,000/30,000,000

“Capture it?” s.h.i.+ Feng rolled his eyes at Blackie, saying, “You must be crazy.”

Although the Golden-winged Lion King could be captured, it was a Level 60 Great Lord. He wasn’t that good. Unless they had a 100-man team of Level 70 Tier 2 players or above, they had absolutely no chance of capturing the Great Lord.

s.h.i.+ Feng’s reply left Blackie speechless.

However, the other members of the party released a sigh of relief. Capturing a monster was several times more difficult than killing one.

“We’ll head over once it leaves,” s.h.i.+ Feng said in the team chat.

This Golden-winged Lion King was this area’s overlord. Hence, no other monsters dared to approach the area around the lake. However, n.o.body would have thought that not only was the Golden-winged Lion King a Field Boss, but it was also a Guardian Boss. It was a Boss specifically tasked with guarding a treasure.

In the past, after Fantasy Extinguisher led a team of players to exterminate this Golden-winged Lion King, they discovered a secret. When that secret got out, it shocked the various large Guilds throughout G.o.d’s Domain.

Back then, even ordinary players had their own Mounts. The various large Guilds had also realized the importance of rare Mounts and constantly searched for their own unique monster. The commotion these Guilds caused as a result had disrupted G.o.d’s Domain’s peace and tranquility. However, n.o.body would have imagined that the Fantasy Shrine had actually managed to obtain a 5-star Mount.

The star-ranking of a Mount represented its Growth Potential.

A Guild Mount’s rank could be upgraded when properly nurtured. Furthermore, with a higher star-rank, a Mount had a higher promotion success rate. The majority of the Guild Mounts throughout G.o.d’s Domain were 1-star Mounts.

A 1-star Mount started out as a Common Mount. It was a general Mount, and most Guilds would not capture a 1-star Mount for a Guild Mount as there was only a 10% chance for it to become a Bronze Mount.

A 2-star Mount started out slightly stronger than a 1-star Mount, and there was a 20% chance that it could become a Bronze Mount. As long as Guild members were willing to pay the price, they could nurture their 2-star Mount into a Bronze Mount. It was much cheaper than just purchasing a Bronze Mount.

As for 3-star Mounts, they were rarely seen. Not only could the additional Movement Speed they provided initially reach 110%, but there was also a 30% chance that they could nurture them to become Bronze Mounts. However, few Guilds were capable of obtaining 3-star Mounts.

A 4-star Mount was a rare Mount. Not only could its initial Movement Speed reach 115%, but there was also a 50% chance for it to become a Bronze Mount. Impressively, there was a 15% chance for it to become a Mysterious-Iron Mount. This was a potential that 1-star to 3-star Mounts did not possess. Hence, 4-star Mounts and above were considered rare Mounts. Various large Guilds throughout G.o.d’s Domain drooled over the idea of their own 4-star Mount.

Although there was only a difference of one rank between a Bronze Mount and a Mysterious-Iron Mount, the latter possessed storage capabilities. Moreover, unlike Bronze Mounts, Mysterious-Iron Mounts’ combat capabilities allowed them to make a difference in a battle.

Five-star Mounts were even more powerful. The additional Movement Speed they provided initially could reach 120%; its speed was practically equivalent to an ordinary Bronze Mount. Only, it did not possess any combat capabilities. However, 5-star Mounts had a 70% chance to become Bronze Mounts. Not only could they be upgraded within a short amount of time, but they also had a 30% chance to become Mysterious-Iron Mounts and a 3% chance to become Secret-Silver Mounts.

The most powerful Guild Mount s.h.i.+ Feng had seen in the past was a 6-star Mount. Its rarity could even rival that of a Legendary item. There was a 90% that it could become a Bronze Mount, 50% chance for Mysterious-Iron rank, and 10% chance for Secret-Silver rank.

Just the thought of a Guild outfitting its members with Secret-Silver Mounts was frightening. After all, unlike Mysterious-Iron Mounts or below, Secret-Silver Mounts possessed Skills that could a.s.sist players in battle, increasing their combat power significantly. This was also why so many Guilds had been so desperate to collect rare Mounts in the past.

In the past, after Fantasy Extinguisher’s team killed the Golden-winged Lion King, they discovered a 5-star Mount and became one of the few large Guilds throughout G.o.d’s Domain to possess one.

After over an hour, the Golden-winged Lion King finally quenched its thirst and finished its rest. It then flew from the clear lake.

“Alright, everyone, drink your potions and follow me.” s.h.i.+ Feng did not bother to explain much. Immediately, he retrieved a deep blue potion from his bag and emptied the bottle’s contents.

The Underwater Breathing Potion allowed players to breathe underwater for two hours.

After drinking the potion, s.h.i.+ Feng led his team and dove into the lake.

Although the Golden-winged Lion King was a Guardian Monster, it did not guard this place constantly. It normally left the area for an hour or so, giving players a loophole to exploit. Otherwise, s.h.i.+ Feng would not have been confident of capturing 5-star Mount that hid behind a Great Lord.

After swimming for about a dozen minutes or so, the party discovered the ruins of a shrine. However, the shrine’s thick, stone doors were currently shut tight. Even after combining their strength, they could not open the doors. It was obvious that they needed some sort of item to gain pa.s.sage.

Just as everyone was at a loss on what to do…

s.h.i.+ Feng activated the Seven Luminaries Ring’s s.p.a.ce Movement and entered the s.p.a.ce beyond the stone doors.

A minute later, the stone doors slowly opened.

Everyone was amazed by this scene. They had not thought that the doors could be opened like this.

“I wish I had an item with s.p.a.ce Movement. I could easily teleport into any shrine I find without wasting effort looking for a way to open the doors,” Blackie said enviously.

“This method is only viable for shrines that are not magically sealed. You wouldn’t be able to teleport into shrines with magic seals or their own s.p.a.ces.” s.h.i.+ Feng wished the same, but there were very few non-magically sealed shrines throughout G.o.d’s Domain. There were even fewer items with Skills similar to s.p.a.ce Movement.

Normally, in order to enter this shrine beneath the lake, players were required to obtain the key by killing the Golden-winged Lion King.

“Alright, we don’t have much time left. We have around 40 minutes before the Lion King returns. We need to finish the job within these 40 minutes.” s.h.i.+ Feng no longer bothered to explain. Immediately, he swam further into the shrine.

The shrine was not large, being only three-stories tall. The first floor was completely flooded. There was nothing special about the second floor beyond the various idols that cluttered the s.p.a.ce. However, upon reaching the third floor of the shrine, the party felt as if they had entered a different s.p.a.ce entirely.

The third floor was actually a forest. Various wild beasts and Demonic Beasts lived here, and the monsters were all Level 50. However, the beasts living here would not actively attack players.

Meanwhile, slumbering in this forest’s heart was a blue wolf that stood over three meters tall. Despite being asleep, blue arcs of electricity flashed around the wolf’s body, preventing others from approaching it.

[Thunder Wolf] (Demonic Beast, Lord)

Level 50

HP 9,000,000/9,000,000

“Such a handsome wolf!” Cola was immediately mesmerized by the Thunder Wolf.

In comparison, the horses of the Red Rain Caravan’s Bronze Carriages looked like ugly toads.

The Thunder Wolf was twice as large as a horse. If he could ride the beast through the city, he would become the envy of all.

“We only have thirty minutes left. Get into position as I taught you. If we fail, we’ll have to spend a long time running back to this place,” s.h.i.+ Feng hurriedly commanded.

Quickly, everyone stealthily approached the Thunder Wolf under s.h.i.+ Feng’s command.