Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 583 - Suppressing a Great Lord

Chapter 583 - Suppressing a Great Lord

Chapter 583 - Suppressing a Great Lord

To current players, a Level 40 Demonic Great Lord was a nightmare.

Noya was also a Gargoyle.

Among Demonic Creatures, Gargoyles ranked at the top in terms of Magic Resistance and Defense. Worse, Gargoyles possessed a ma.s.sive pair of wings that enabled them to soar through the sky. If players encountered one, they would not even have the chance to escape.

Gargoyles could also attack from the sky, leaving melee players at a great disadvantage. Only ranged posed any threat to Gargoyles.

A black slate tablet was embedded into the towering gate that Great Lord Noya protected. A faint gray barrier also prevented anyone from reaching the gate. Meanwhile, Demonic Power filled that black slate tablet; it was none other than the Chapter of Darkness that s.h.i.+ Feng was trying to obtain. It was also the core energy source for the barrier protecting the stone gate.

If one wanted to obtain the Chapter of Darkness, not only were they required to defend themselves against the Gargoyle’s attacks, but they also had to break the barrier.

It was practically impossible for anyone to obtain the Chapter of Darkness without killing the Great Lord Noya. Only after defeating the Gargoyle could one attempt to break the gray barrier.

As s.h.i.+ Feng approached the gate stealthily, he could faintly hear noise from nearby, and he turned to look for the source.

“Why are players here at such a time?” s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised.

A short distance from the ma.s.sive stone gate, a team of a hundred players with levels ranging from 28 to 29 slowly approached, seemingly intending to raid the Great Lord.

The sky grew darker by the minute, and it wouldn’t be long before night arrived. To players, this was an extremely unfavorable situation. Ordinary players would normally hurry back to their respective Shelters at this time of day.

“Are they planning to raid Noya now?” s.h.i.+ Feng could not help his shock.

At this moment, this team of 100 players had already spread out and moved into formation. It was obvious that they intended to raid Noya. Only, a Level 40 Field Great Lord was not an easy opponent. Even a 500-strong team would face one ending—death.

Otherwise, District Five would not have joined hands with several other Districts in an attempt to raid Noya.

Meanwhile, the crusading army, which several Shelters had organized, consisted of 1,000 players.

Of course, this did not mean that all 1,000 players would enter the battle simultaneously. Instead, they planned to use a rotational tactic, taking turns to wear out the Great Lord.

Field Bosses would grow stronger depending on the number of players within their area of influence. For a Great Lord like Noya, when that number exceeded 100, its HP, Defense, and Attack Power would increase significantly. Hence, when fighting a Field Great Lord, it was ideal to send a team of 100 players or have several teams of 100 players rotate in and out of battle. This was also the method that Guilds favored when dealing with Field Bosses.

Watching the 100 players stand before Noya, one could easily tell that they were not ordinary players based on their levels.

In District Five, Level 28 or 29 players stood at the peak of the Shelter, yet, there were actually 100 such players here right now.

However, against a Level 40 Great Lord, this team was still far from enough.


As the leading Elementalist shouted, the twelve Elementalists that had surrounded the Gargoyle promptly unfurled the magic scrolls in their hands and began chanting.

These twelve magic scrolls seemed to be of one body as they formed a complex 12-star magic array. In the blink of an eye, this 12-star magic array enveloped the Great Lord Noya. Powerful elemental Mana continuously suppressed the Field Boss, who stood in this array’s center, causing the Great Lord to release an angry bellow.

“Humans! It’s you d.a.m.ned humans again! I’ll sacrifice you all to Lord Carlo!” Despite the 12-star magic array, Noya still revealed a sinister smile.

“You can smile even in the face of death?” the leading Elementalist sneered. “Everyone, attack! With the Demon Suppressing Barrier in effect, it won’t be able to display even one-tenth of its strength! The Chapter of Darkness is fated to belong to District One this time!”

Everyone nodded in agreement as they charged towards the Great Lord.

“The people from District One are insane.” s.h.i.+ Feng silently clicked his tongue.

Although he had heard that District One was the most powerful Shelter in the Dark Den, trying to raid a Great Lord using such a brute-force method was clearly not a wise move.

Just like the leading Elementalist had said, a Demon Suppressing Array formed by the power of twelve Elementalists was indeed powerful. Even a peerless Great Lord could only display about one-tenth of its strength while contained in this barrier. With this, their MTs could definitely tank a Level 40 Great Lord.

However, the Demon Suppressing Array required twelve Elementalists to maintain it. Moreover, the barrier took an immense toll on the Elementalists’ Mana. If even one Elementalist ran out of Mana, the barrier would immediately crumble.

Normally, only teams that were extremely confident in their DPS would attempt this method. After all, after one took into account the slots for MTs and healers, there were only 70 or so slots for DPS on a 100-player team. Losing another 12 core damage dealers would greatly affect the team’s overall damage.

Particularly, the abilities of the team’s DPS were further put to the test when one considered the problem of the barrier’s duration.

Following which, the six MTs of District One took turns receiving the Noya’s attacks. With the rear line healers healing them, the MTs managed to stop the Gargoyle’s fierce attacks easily. At the same time, the other DPS of the team also began to attack the Great Lord madly.

Fireb.a.l.l.s, Frost Arrows, arrows… All sorts of magical and physical attacks bombarded Noya.

Although the Great Lord’s strength had been suppressed, greatly weakening its Attack Power and Defense, the players of District One could not inflict enough damage. The highest damage they dealt did not even exceed -1,000.

“d.a.m.n! Why does this monster have so much Defense?!” the leading Elementalist frowned. Gritting his teeth, he shouted, “Move on to Plan B!”

Immediately, a Cursemancer began chanting an incantation.

The spell this Cursemancer used was one that s.h.i.+ Feng was very familiar with. It was none other than the Tier 1 Curse that Ironwrist’s party had used, Dark Storm. Not only could it inflict large amounts of damage, but it could also heavily injure its target, greatly reducing the target’s Defense.

When Dark Storm struck Noya, damages of over -3,000 points appeared above its head, one after another…

The Tier 1 Curse only dealt a total damage of around -10,000 points to the Great Lord. To Noya, who possessed 10,000,000 HP, this was not even a scratch.

Following which, everyone’s damage abruptly soared, and many dealt over -1,000 with their attacks.

Unfortunately, the duration of Dark Storm’s effect was limited. A short moment later, everyone’s damage fell.

“Next!” the leading Elementalist shouted.

Another Cursemancer began chanting, similarly casting the Tier 1 Curse, Dark Storm.

In such a way, the team repeatedly cast Tier 1 Curses at Noya. Eventually, the Gargoyle’s HP fell to 60%.

“What an amazing team. Not even Zero Wing’s core team is capable of wearing out a Level 40 Great Lord to such a degree.” s.h.i.+ Feng was quite surprised as he watched this scene. However, he was also pleased.

Initially, he had struggled to think of a way to break the gray barrier. However, now that someone pinned down the Great Lord for him, he could head over to the barrier and take his time researching it.