Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 545 - Super Guild

Chapter 545 - Super Guild

Chapter 545 - Super Guild

Although Nine Dragons Emperor’s words were quite arrogant, all of the various Guild representatives present knew that this handsome youth before them had certainly earned his arrogance.

The fact that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was hailed as a super-first-rate Guild, which was the closest existence to a Super Guild, was not without reason. Great strength had built that reputation.

In today’s era, virtual reality had long since integrated into everyone’s life. Practically everyone would come into contact with virtual reality games in some form. Meanwhile, there were countless virtual gaming Guilds.

Any Guild that the public officially recognized became a third-rate Guild. Even though third-rate Guilds were nowhere near the top of the gaming industry, they still stood out among the countless Guilds in the virtual gaming world. Not only did a third-rate Guild possess a certain degree of financial support, but it also possessed a large number of members. Normally, third-rate Guilds had also earned some form of achievement in some virtual reality games.

Standing above third-rate Guilds were second-rate Guilds. Not only did second-rate Guilds possess abundant capital, but they also possessed quite a number of experts. These experts were normally those who held some fame in the virtual gaming world. As for a second-rate Guild’s member count, there was no need to even mention that. Normally, a second-rate Guild would develop itself in multiple cities simultaneously.

As for first-rate Guilds, they were normally Guilds that had been crowned as overlords in at least a dozen large-scale virtual reality games. Such Guilds generally had over a decade of history, having overcome countless, painstaking trials. First-rate Guilds had perfected expert training programs and a large network of contacts. Most importantly, these Guilds had recruited a large number of experts over the years.

Practically all up and coming experts of the virtual gaming world would be split between these first-rate Guilds. With more experts joining the Guild every pa.s.sing year, there would always be a large number of experts present to support, to battle for, and to bring endless glory to the Guild.

They were existences far above second-rate Guilds.

As for Super Guilds?

They were the t.i.tans of the virtual gaming world. There were even many virtual reality games that these Super Guilds had produced personally. They also had their own research teams that were set up to study and improve a person’s gaming skills. Super Guilds had no shortage of ordinary experts. Aside from recruiting some experts who possessed extraordinary talents, they would usually nurture their own army of experts.

As for the various major compet.i.tions held in the virtual gaming world, these Super Guilds organized practically all of them. Meanwhile, the majority of the top-tier experts that had emerged from these compet.i.tions every year were usually experts that these Super Guilds had nurtured.

Take Purple Eye and Aqua Rose for example. Both had been nurtured by the same Super Guild. After undergoing the sharpening of various major compet.i.tions and emerging victorious, both had become rookies of the year. They had then separated from the Super Guild they had belonged to to develop themselves separately.

In fact, this wasn’t just limited to the two of them. Many well-known experts in the virtual gaming world had originated from Super Guilds.

This was the amazing part about Super Guilds.

With this aspect alone, Super Guilds were already leaps and bounds above first-rate Guilds.

Take the financial prowess backing Super Guilds for example. All Super Guilds already stood at the peak of the virtual gaming industry. In a society where virtual reality was so well-developed, the economic value of the virtual industry constantly rose. Whether it regarded financial prowess or influence, Super Guilds were not one bit inferior to international corporations. There were some Super Guilds that were even stronger.

Although the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was not a Super Guild, in reality, it was not far from becoming one. Only, the Pavilion was somewhat young. However, that was only true when compared to actual Super Guilds. When compared to other first-rate Guilds, the Pavilion’s history was a lot longer than many first-rate Guilds in the virtual gaming world.

“This should be fun,” Galaxy Past said as he looked at s.h.i.+ Feng standing near the door, a meaningful grin appearing on his face.

“Guild Leader, you still have the heart to make jokes? If the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion really buys out the Candlelight Trading Firm, wouldn’t we have come here for nothing?” Purple Eye asked as she frowned at Galaxy Past. She had come from a Super Guild, so she knew full well just how powerful a Super Guild’s background could be.

Although Black Flame was very strong, his strength only mattered in Star-Moon Kingdom. If he were in a Super Guild, he would be considered average.

As for the other experts of Zero Wing, a Super Guild had armies of such individuals.

Not to mention, Super Guilds also possessed plenty of old monsters. Those players were no longer considered human. Only, these old monsters would not normally appear in the public eye, so not many people knew of them.

A single flick from a Super Guild could easily annihilate Zero Wing.

If it came down to a fight, Zero Wing wouldn’t even be powerful enough to resist.

In reality, even an amazing first-rate Guild would stand no chance against a Super Guild, much less Zero Wing. At most, it could only provide a momentary struggle. This was also one of the reasons why there was only a small number of Super Guilds, despite there being a large number of first-rate Guilds in the virtual gaming world.

The only reason why Super Guilds did not go out of their way to compete with first-rate Guilds, only contending with opponents of the same level, was because they did not like bullying the weak. It was the same concept as for how an adult would not partic.i.p.ate in a fight between children. Doing so would only harm to their reputation.

“It seems that Gentle Snow’s decision was correct. If I had known something like this would happen, I would have gone along to purchase some Intermediate Mana Armor Kits,” Galaxy Past sighed ruefully.

Once the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion purchased the Candlelight Trading Firm, it definitely would not sell the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits. Rather, it would use those kits to strengthen itself and challenge those Super Guilds.

If he wanted to buy the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits, now was his only chance to do so.

Meanwhile, sitting in the corner of the reception hall, Feng Xuanyang was thoroughly dumbfounded. The situation left him utterly speechless.

The higher-ups of Underworld had instructed him to purchase 300 Intermediate Mana Armor Kits. If the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion bought the Candlelight Trading Firm, how was he supposed to buy the kits?


Melancholic Smile entered the reception hall on the second floor with Gentle Snow behind her.

The location Melancholic Smile had led Gentle Snow to was still inside the reception hall. Only, it was situated on the building’s second floor. It could be considered a VIP room of sorts. And while the occupants of the first floor could not see the occupants on the second floor, the reverse did not hold true. Not only could one see everything that went on inside the reception hall on the first floor, but one could also hear the first floor’s ongoings clearly.

“Why have you brought me here?” Gentle Snow asked, surprised.

“Miss Snow, please wait a moment,” Melancholic Smile said. “Guild Leader knows that you want a large number of Intermediate Mana Armor Kits. However, the supply for the kits is truly too scarce. As the demand for it is very high, he plans to hold an auction for the kits. Meanwhile, the auction will be held right here. As soon as he sends away the Guild representatives below, the auction will begin.”

“Send them away?” Gentle Snow could not help but glance at the Nine Dragons Emperor.

She had seen the Nine Dragons Emperor many times before, so she knew this man’s temper. He was the very definition of the word “hypocrite.” If both sides were on equal footing, then there wouldn’t be a problem with discussing business. However, if the other side’s strength were inferior to his, only a painful slaughter awaited them.

Nine Dragons Emperor was also willing to do whatever it took to achieve his goals, and that included unscrupulous means. Hence, very few people were willing to deal with him. However, it was also this personality that had allowed him to reach the position of Pavilion Master.

In a super-first-rate Guild, it was not easy for one to reach the position of Pavilion Master. Knowing a few tricks was far from enough. One also needed strength and ability. Otherwise, one would not be able to secure their position even if they did manage to obtain it. The fact that Nine Dragons Emperor had held his position firmly for so many years spoke volumes about his strength.

“Hopefully, he wouldn’t do anything stupid,” Gentle Snow said somewhat worriedly as she glanced at s.h.i.+ Feng.


Inside the reception hall on the first floor, silence filled the venue. Everyone had focused on s.h.i.+ Feng, waiting for his reply despite having already guessed what the outcome would be.

“You want to buy the Candlelight Trading Firm and Zero Wing?” s.h.i.+ Feng laughed. Smiling at the Nine Dragons Emperor calmly, he said, “Sure, but I want 60% of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s shares.”