Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 536 - Unshakable

Chapter 536 - Unshakable

Chapter 536 - Unshakable

Under Feng Xuanyang’s command, Youlan, who was currently in Maple City, gave a new command.

Reduce their prices further!

“Miss Youlan, we won’t earn much money if we reduce our prices any more than this,” a female a.s.sistant cautioned.

“I don’t want this, either.” Youlan shook her head helplessly. “The Candlelight Trading Firm’s new move is simply too effective. It actually obtained such a valuable product. Both ordinary players and elites require this Light Stone. Although our Fire Dragon Potions are also very useful, only elite teams and various Guilds can afford to buy them. Meanwhile, our stock of Fire Dragon Potions is very limited. As a compet.i.tive edge, it stands no chance against the Light Stone at all.”

If they wanted to lure players to the Overwhelming Trading Firm, their only option was to do so with their common products.

“Right, from this moment onwards, halt all sales of the Fire Dragon Potion in White River City,” Youlan said after giving it some more thought.

Their supply of Fire Dragon Potions had already been insufficient to meet the demands of Maple City. Now that they had opened a Shop in White River City as well, their stock had stretched even thinner, further reducing the Overwhelming Trading Firm’s compet.i.tive edge. Moreover, there was a city tax imposed for selling the Fire Dragon Potions in White River City. This was also a considerable expenditure. So, now, their best option was to maintain the Overwhelming Trading Firm’s compet.i.tion in Maple City above all else.

“Understood,” the female a.s.sistant then left the meeting room.

Overwhelming Trading Firm’s price reduction on its common goods had indeed attracted more ordinary players.

Common items such as Whetstones and Advanced Whetstones, various food and beverages, Regeneration Potions and Mana Recovery Potions, basic scrolls and more were must-have items when grinding in the fields. Now that the Overwhelming Trading Firm offered a 40% discount on these items, many ordinary players ran to its Shops to purchase these items.

For a time, the weakened Overwhelming Trading Firm in Maple City suddenly stood on equal footing with the Candlelight Trading Firm.

The Candlelight Trading Firm had the Basic Strengthened Armor Kits and the Light Stones.

The Overwhelming Trading Firm possessed the Fire Dragon Potion and discounts on common goods.

This situation overjoyed Maple City’s players.

While the Candlelight Trading Firm did not possess too large of an advantage in Maple City, in other cities, however, it was an entirely different story. The Trading Firm was like the sun at high noon in these cities. Because of the Light Stones, a large number of players swarmed the Candlelight Trading Firm’s Shops. Most of these players might have initially arrived with the intention of only purchasing the Light Stones. However, upon seeing the wide array of products the Trading Firm offered, they fell prey to temptation and bought other items as well.

Suddenly, the Candlelight Trading Firm’s income exploded.

Meanwhile, the Trading Firm’s most exaggerated sources of income were still Star-Moon City and White River City. As the Candlelight Trading Firm had set up its Shops on these two cities’ golden Lands, it had instantly become an unshakable player-owned trading firm there. The traffic other player-owned trading firms enjoyed was nothing compared to what the Candlelight Trading Firm saw.

Star-Moon City and White River City were Star-Moon Kingdom’s first and second most populated cities, respectively. Naturally, the income they could offer was astonis.h.i.+ng.

In a short few hours, the Candlelight Trading Firm had earned over a thousand Gold.

“Guild Leader, why don’t we set up a few more Shops in other cities?” Melancholic Smile suggested when she saw the Trading Firm’s profits.

This was only the income from seven cities. If they set up a Shop in every city throughout Star-Moon Kingdom…

“There is no rush. Right now, we are relying on the Light Stones produced by almost a hundred Basic Forgers to barely meet the demands of these seven cities. If we expand any further, it will do more harm than good. We should focus on nurturing a large number of Forgers and Alchemists,” s.h.i.+ Feng said with utter calm.

As for the income of over a thousand Gold in just a few hours, s.h.i.+ Feng did not consider it odd in the least. However, players only purchased the Light Stones in large quant.i.ties at the moment due to their lack of the item. Once they had their own stock, they would only need to purchase them to resupply. Hence, the Candlelight Trading Firm’s income would decrease gradually as more time went by. Regardless, it would still be a frightening amount of money.

“Guild Leader, what about the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits?” Melancholic Smile asked.

Previously, s.h.i.+ Feng had told her to hold off on offering the kits for sale, confusing her.

“Have you not noticed that someone in White River City is buying Light Stones in absurd quant.i.ties?” s.h.i.+ Feng laughed.

“There seems to be someone like that. When I examined the statistics, I discovered that someone had purchased 500 stacks in one go for a total of 95 Gold. Afterward, two others had purchased 300 stacks and 400 stacks, respectively. Even if these people bought the Light Stones for their own Guilds, they should not need to buy so many.” Melancholic Smile nodded.

“Someone is intentionally trying to clean out our stock of Light Stones. If we push out the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits right now, what would we do if that person stops buying our Light Stones? Since someone is willingly purchasing our Light Stones in large quant.i.ties, who are we to stop them from giving us their money?” s.h.i.+ Feng laughed.

The production of Light Stones was very fast. If a Basic Forger crafted them, the process for each Stone would typically take around six to eight seconds. After all, the materials only needed a little processing, and the finished product just needed a coating of magic runes. Though the process of adding the magic runes was somewhat troublesome initially, that would not be a problem once the Forgers were accustomed to it. After that, the only problem remaining was the success rate. Basic Forgers had a 60% success rate for forging the Light Stones. If they had good equipment and tools, their success rate could be increased to around 70% or so.

In other words, as there were 48 hours in each day in G.o.d’s Domain, a single Basic Forger could produce roughly 20,000 Light Stones per day. If 100 people worked for two days continuously, they would have 4,000,000 Light Stones. Moreover, this was only with the condition that Basic Forgers produced the Light Stones. This time, s.h.i.+ Feng had distributed all of the Light Stone Forging Designs, allowing many other Advanced Forging Apprentices to learn it as well. Only, their production speed was slightly slower.

Four million stones were the equivalent of 200,000 stacks. If they sold each stone at 1 Silver and each stack at 19 Silver, one would have to spend 38,000 Gold to purchase them all.

In all of G.o.d's Domain, s.h.i.+ Feng did not believe that anyone possessed 38,000 Gold. And even if someone did, n.o.body would be so stupid as to spend it all on Light Stones. They would have long since invested it into buying Lands.


Currently, Feng Xuanyang sat at one of the open-air tables in a high-cla.s.s restaurant. He held a Light Stone in his hand, admiring it.

“This item’s effects are truly impressive. If we buy out all the Candlelight Trading Firm’s stockpile, they will have no choice but to limit the amount they sell. At that time, it will be the Overwhelming Trading Firm’s time to s.h.i.+ne,” Feng Xuanyang laughed coldly.

It would be just like the Basic Mana Armor Kits. Back then, the supply of the Basic Mana Armor Kits had been too limited. As a result, the kit’s price had risen from 20 Silver to 40 Silver when other players resold it. Even then, plenty of people still purchased them.

As soon as the Candlelight Trading Firm began limiting the amount of Light Stones it sold, he could turn around and sell the Light Stones he bought at an increased price. At that time, even if he sold them at 1.5 times the original price, a large number of players would still buy them. He would not have to fear a lack of customers.

“Young Master Feng, after using all the Coins we bought with Credits, as well as the Coins earned through the Overwhelming Trading Firm, we’ve purchased over 4,000 stacks of Light Stones. However, the Candlelight Trading Firm shows no signs of limiting its sales,” the slightly chubby middle-aged man reported worriedly, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“What are you worried about? Now that we’ve purchased so many, they can’t possibly have much left in their inventory. It won’t be long before it is our time to s.h.i.+ne,” Feng Xuanyang comforted the man, utter confidence filling each word.

He had already asked the three Advanced Forging Apprentices he had previously poached, so he knew that Advanced Forging Apprentices had less than a 30% success rate for producing the Light Stones. Moreover, each stone required more than a dozen seconds to craft. Even if the Candlelight Trading Firm had over a dozen people forging Light Stones constantly, it could not acc.u.mulate a large stock over a few days. After they had purchased so many stacks, even if the Candlelight Trading Firm was not currently at its limit, it soon would be.

Now, all he had to do was wait.