Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 527 - Commotion at Maple City

Chapter 527 - Commotion at Maple City

Chapter 527 - Commotion at Maple City

Inside Overwhelming Smile’s Guild Leader’s Office…

Some time after Youlan’s departure, Laughing Heaven still struggled with accepting the situation.

He could not understand why Black Flame, the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, would go all the way to Dragon Ridge to ambush Overwhelming Smile’s members.

Who was Black Flame?

He was Star-Moon Kingdom’s publicly acknowledged number one expert. He was someone capable of coming and going as he wished even when surrounded by tens of thousands of enemies. Laughing Heaven had even heard tell that two of Underworld’s prided Seven Ghosts had died at the hands of Black Flame, leaving Underworld helpless against Zero Wing. In the end, even Underworld could do nothing but forbear from dealing with Zero Wing. This alone spoke of Black Flame’s power.

“s.h.i.+t!” Laughing Heaven suddenly recalled a situation.

There was a rumor going around saying that Black Flame was capable of preventing the players he killed from logging into G.o.d’s Domain for a long period. However, Laughing Heaven knew that this rumor was true, as after Black Flame killed Underworld’s Fifth Ghost and Sixth Ghost, the two were unable to log into the game for two full days. Laughing Heaven also knew that, back in the Watch Cemetery in the White River City Region, Black Flame had single-handedly forced Underworld to withdraw from that land of treasures.

If what Youlan said was true, then the Overwhelming Smile members in Dragon Ridge vying for revenge were no different than sheep to the slaughter. Moreover, it was currently night in G.o.d’s Domain. Every Guild member capable of leveling up at night was an elite player. If these people were annihilated and barred from entering the game for two days…

Laughing Heaven immediately tried to contact War Wolf, hoping his team of experts could pin down Black Flame. With their strength, they should be able to deal with this matter without much difficulty. Afterward, he only needed to withdraw his Guild members from Dragon Ridge.

“Did he log off?” When Laughing Heaven opened his friends list, he suddenly discovered that War Wolf and the other experts were offline. “That shouldn’t be right. I heard that War Wolf was planning to raid a Dragonmen’s Nest today; why would they log off so soon?

“It can’t be?!” Laughing Heaven abruptly thought of an extremely unlikely possibility. “How could this be? Did Black Flame kill all eight of those top-tier experts?!”

However, when he recalled Youlan’s sudden appearance in his office, it was highly possible that War Wolf had contacted Youlan after he died.

“This won’t do. I need to call back everyone immediately!” When Laughing Heaven thought about the ma.s.sacre of Overwhelming Smile’s members, rage and frustration filled his heart. However, who else could possibly win against this one-man army?

Shortly after, Laughing Heaven sent a command to all Overwhelming Smile members in Dragon Ridge, ordering them to either head to other locations to level up or return to the city to rest. In any case, the monsters at night were not easy to deal with. They could also acc.u.mulate Double EXP buff if they rested in the Guild Residence.

“What’s going on? Why are we being told to leave Dragon Ridge? I’m only a short distance from the treasure chest!”

“That’s right! Our team is still looking for that little thief that dared ambush us! If we withdraw like this, won’t we let that b.a.s.t.a.r.d get away?”

“Who knows? However, this is a command from the Guild Leader, so we have no choice.”

The members of Overwhelming Smile were somewhat dissatisfied with Laughing Heaven’s command. However, as it was a command from the Guild Leader himself, they could not disobey.


While Overwhelming Smile gradually withdrew from Dragon Ridge, a commotion occurred in Maple City.

Many players resting in the city pa.s.sionately discussed these ambushes and Overwhelming Smile’s withdraw. Bars were particularly lively with such conversations. After all, Overwhelming Smile was Maple City’s overlord, and it constantly received attention from the city’s players. Now that such a huge incident had occurred, how could it not attract attention?

“Did you hear? Overwhelming Smile suddenly withdrew all of its members from Dragon Ridge.”

“Of course, I heard about it! It really makes you wonder what is going through their leaders’ minds.”

“Hehe! I have some insider information! I heard that someone is killing Overwhelming Smile players in Dragon Ridge. With no way to deal with this a.s.sailant, Overwhelming Smile was forced to withdraw from Dragon Ridge.”

“Oh, blow it out your a.s.s! Overwhelming Smile is our Maple City’s absolute overlord! Whoever dares attack them is just looking to die!”

“Hey, don’t deny it so quickly. That player that ambushed Overwhelming Smile is no simple character.”

Suddenly, the players in the bar grew curious. Aside from the fact that Overwhelming Smile was the city’s overlord, the Guild also had more than its fair share of experts. Otherwise, they would not have successfully raided Level 20, 20-man h.e.l.l Mode Team Dungeons one after another. Even until now, aside from Overwhelming Smile, no other Guild in Maple City had accomplished such a feat.

With these experts, what player had even a chance of challenging the Guild?

“I don’t believe it. Who could possibly be so powerful?”

“That’s right! Unless a first-rate Guild is trying to wage an all-out war against Overwhelming Smile in Maple City, who else would possess such strength?”

The bar’s crowd expressed their doubts. They did not believe this any of this information. Moreover, they always had a sense of pride regarding the Guild known as Overwhelming Smile. After all, they were all players of the same city.

Moreover, Overwhelming Smile was indeed very powerful. Throughout the entire Star-Moon Kingdom, only a few Guilds could raid Level 20 h.e.l.l Mode Team Dungeons. Even if a first-rate Guild wished to take strike out at Overwhelming Smile, they would be beaten to death if they set foot in Maple City.

“Hehe! I knew none of you would believe me. However, once I say this name, you will definitely believe me!” the male Druid giggled.

“Continue boasting!”

“Who doesn’t know how to boast?”

Suddenly, everyone inside the bar sent contemptuous looks at the independent player.

“Hahaha! Let me tell you guys, then! The player attacking Overwhelming Smile is Black Flame, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader and Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one expert!” the male Druid said very confidently.

When the Druid finished speaking, the entire bar fell silent.

Everyone felt that Black Flame was the only person capable of such a feat.

This was because such an incident had once occurred in White River City. Back then, hadn’t Overwhelming Smile’s many experts been forced to withdraw from the Watch Cemetery precisely because of Black Flame?

It could be said that practically everyone in Star-Moon Kingdom knew about Black Flame. One hit to deter the Guilds in White River City, one battle to be crowned as G.o.d...

Many players had tried to learn from Black Flame. If they could learn even a fraction of his skills, they could become experts.

Meanwhile, Black Flame’s t.i.tle as the One-hit Asura was something that excited countless players.

“He’s the Leader of a Guild. Moreover, he is the overlord of White River City. Why would he come all the way to Maple City to cause trouble for Overwhelming Smile?” someone suddenly asked.

“How should I know? Maybe Black Flame plans to lay his hands on Maple City as well?” the male Druid joked.

Silence overtook the entire bar once more.

When they thought about it, there was indeed a small possibility of such a situation. After all, Zero Wing was already White River City’s overlord. Why would such a powerful Guild be satisfied with ruling just a single city? It had to expand sooner or later.

Thinking up to this point, everyone could not help but grow excited.

Meanwhile, seated in a corner of the bar, a middle-aged man in his late thirties was greatly shocked when he heard this news. This man was none other than Liang Chen, the person who bought Land on behalf of s.h.i.+ Feng.

“Sure enough, the winds of Maple City are going to change.” Liang Chen sighed.

In all of Star-Moon Kingdom, most likely, only an expert like Black Flame was capable of deterring the overlord of an entire city by himself.