Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 505 - Domineering Melancholic

Chapter 505 - Domineering Melancholic

Chapter 505 - Domineering Melancholic

White River City, inside one of Candlelight Trading Firm’s forging rooms:

Melancholic Smile was currently busy forging Basic Strengthened Armor Kits.

There were simply too many players in White River City. With just the three of them producing the Basic Strengthened Armor Kits, it was impossible to satisfy the demand of so many players. Had they not produced a large number of the kits early on, their supply would have long since depleted.

“Sister Smile, there are two people on the first floor looking to discuss business with you.”

“I understand. Like the others, have them wait in the reception room for now. I’ll head over once I finish my work.”

“But, one of them is claiming to be Overwhelming Smile’s Guild Leader.”

“Overwhelming Smile’s Guild Leader?”

Melancholic Smile could not help but pause.

As one of the tyrannical Guilds in White River City, it was far ahead of other Guilds. Their funds and member count were also plain for all to see.

A Lifestyle Guild’s direction of development was completely different than Combat Guilds’. In other words, there should not be any conflicts of interest between the two.

However, a Lifestyle Guild did not possess any combat capabilities. When producing certain items, plenty of rare materials were required. Meanwhile, many of these materials dropped from Dungeons. Hence, Lifestyle Guilds would usually cooperate with some Combat Guilds.

In such a relations.h.i.+p, the Combat Guild in question would be responsible for supplying the rare materials, while the Lifestyle Guild would offer some discounts and give priority on sales of certain items to said Combat Guild.

“Hahaha! Just in time,” Melancholic Smile said. “I’ll head over there now.”

Saying so, Melancholic Smile tidied up the materials on the table and headed downstairs.


In the reception room on the first floor, many of White River City’s Guilds had sent representatives to the Candlelight Trading Firm to discuss potential cooperation. However, when a man and a woman entered, the entire reception room’s atmosphere sank.

Everyone in the room immediately focused their attention on this pair of new arrivals, the woman in particular. Practically every Guild in White River City knew who she was.

This woman was none other than the Guild Leader of Overwhelming Smile’s White River City branch, Youlan.

“The Candlelight Trading Firm sure knows how to treat its guests, to actually make us wait here with other Guilds.” Feng Xuanyang swept a glance at the reception room, frowning slightly with discontent at the Firm’s arrangements.

Youlan did not comment on Feng Xuanyang’s statement. Instead, she only sat down and waited quietly.

Although Overwhelming Smile was a powerful Guild with ample funds, the Candlelight Trading Firm was no ordinary existence, either. The fact that it had been able to purchase two of White River City’s golden Lands in such a short time displayed the Firm’s powerful backing.

A short moment later, Melancholic Smile entered the reception room. Immediately, the atmosphere in the room relaxed significantly as the occupants promptly stood to welcome her, smiling.

“Everyone, please sit,” Melancholic Smile said after glancing around the room.

Every player in this room was a big shot at the peak of White River City. Melancholic Smile never thought that the day would come where she would become one of these supreme characters as well. Before this, she was merely a Forging Apprentice who Guilds would casually chase away, someone who relied on forging to earn some meager living expenses.

Regarding these high-ranked managers from various large Guilds, they were all existences that she would have only admired from a distance.

Yet, now, every one of these powerful characters greeted her with fawning smiles. Compared to her previous life, it was as if she was in an entirely different world.

When Melancholic Smile considered this, her thoughts immediately switched to the man who had helped her rise to this position. If s.h.i.+ Feng had not been willing to accept her back then, she would most likely have still worried over her day-to-day life. She would still be one of the Lifestyle players at the bottom-layer of White River City, rejoicing over earning one or two Silver a day. In contrast, when dealing with hundreds, or even thousands, of Gold, her current self could maintain indifference.

Before her were the upper managers of the various large Guilds in White River City. Among them, there was even the Guild Leader of Overwhelming Smile. One could just imagine how much pressure one would feel from having to discuss business with these people. Yet, Melancholic Smile, who had never encountered such a scene spoke as naturally as if she were sipping tea while enjoying light conversation.

“Seeing as everyone present wishes to cooperate with us, I will make things simple. We at Candlelight Trading Firm only have one requirement,” Melancholic Smile calmly said. “You must sell all of the materials your Guilds have collected to us. Everything. We will purchase these materials at 60% market value. In return, the Candlelight Trading Firm will give your Guilds a discount on your purchases here. The discounts available range from 5% up to, but not limited to, 15%. In addition, we will reserve some of the rarer items for you, giving you priority to purchase them.

“If you accept these terms, you may sign the agreement that has just been given out. If not, then you may leave.”

Melancholic Smile’s statement was firm and confident.

The managers of the various Guilds immediately sucked in a breath of cold air, every one of them falling silent upon hearing the woman’s conditions.

This was fraud!

If they sold all of the materials they had obtained to the Candlelight Trading Firm, what would be left for their own Guilds?

Moreover, the purchase price was only 60% of market value. Wouldn’t they be better off selling their excess materials to the public?

Most importantly, they could only receive meager discounts of 5% to 15%. Their Guilds wouldn’t gain much benefit from such a small discount. In the end, wasn’t the Candlelight Trading Firm getting the better end of this deal?

“I’ve already said my piece. You can take your time to think it over. However, note that I will take back the contracts in thirty minutes.” Although Melancholic Smile could feel everyone’s murderous gazes, she paid them no heed. Instead, she simply turned to leave.

It was as if her actions had said, “If you want to sign, go ahead. If not, get lost.”

Suddenly, the various representatives, who had been so confident, fell mute.

“Wait a minute!” Feng Xuanyang suddenly stood with a cold expression on his face. He glared at Melancholic Smile, sneering, “Don’t you think you are going too far with your demands?

“You should know that there are many materials that only Guilds like ours can obtain;, independent teams are simply not strong enough to provide a supply. If our Guilds join hands to cut off Candlelight’s supply, do you really think you can continue doing business?”

Shocked, Youlan rushed to her feet, advising, “Young Master Feng has gone a little too far with his words; I ask for Miss Melancholic’s understanding. However, we have all come here with the intent to do business; there should be a process of negotiation at the very least. The way you cut us off will not benefit either side. Why don’t we sit down and discuss things properly?”

Everyone in the reception room nodded in agreement.

If every Guild refused to sell their materials, how could Candlelight Trading Firm hope to continue its success in White River City?

At the end of the day, a Lifestyle Guild was still a Lifestyle Guild; they were born to lower their heads to Combat Guilds.

“Hahaha! Your statement is indeed reasonable!” After thinking it over for a moment, Melancholic Smile nodded as she looked towards Feng Xuanyang and Youlan. Smiling sweetly, she said, “Although what you’ve said is logical, I stand by my decision! Moreover, from this point onward, I retract Overwhelming Smile’s contract! You two may leave now!”

“You?!” Feng Xuanyang’s eyes immediately became bloodshot as he nearly spat blood in rage. If not for the fact that they were still in the Candlelight Trading Firm, with the owner of the Firm having absolute control over and being an invincible existence inside this place, he definitely would have killed Melancholic Smile by now.

Youlan was similarly stunned by Melancholic Smile’s words.

Meanwhile, the upper managers of the various large Guilds were also stupefied by this situation…

In White River City, Overwhelming Smile was only second to Zero Wing. Yet, Melancholic Smile had dismissed them with just a few words, showing no pretenses at all.

This was simply too domineering!