Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 483 - Everlasting War

Chapter 483 - Everlasting War

Chapter 483 - Everlasting War

Although the fight in Watch Cemetery had not been on a large scale, it had dealt a ma.s.sive blow to Overwhelming Smile.

This was not a matter of winning or losing. Instead, it was because Overwhelming Smile had conceded.

This one point proved that Overwhelming Smile was inferior to Zero Wing.

In addition, s.h.i.+ Feng’s stunning performance had calmed the rush to join Overwhelming Smile.

Previously, they all had an optimistic view on Overwhelming Smile, believing that the Guild was about to overtake the position of White River City’s overlord. Now, however, the situation had taken a 180-degree turn.

Needing only one hit per person, s.h.i.+ Feng had wiped out all of Overwhelming Smile’s experts within the Watch Cemetery. Without that hindrance, Zero Wing’s Tier 1 experts were able to display their strength as they swiftly wiped out the normal members from Overwhelming Smile, forcing the Guild to pull back from the treasured land known as the Watch Cemetery.

The Watch Cemetery was White River City’s most resource-rich Level 20 to 30 map. Losing it would undoubtedly be detrimental to Overwhelming Smile’s future development.

Although Overwhelming Smile was wealthy, that wealth would be meaningless if they could not convert it into leveling resources.


The sky slowly darkened as the setting sun gradually disappeared past the horizon. After a day’s struggle, many players had begun to return to the city to rest and celebrate their day’s harvest. Bars, restaurants, clubs, and many such establishments were already crowded.

At this moment, in the rooftop dining room of a high-cla.s.s restaurant, two female players feasted on delicacies as they enjoyed the view of White River City. Many male players present snuck glances at these two women.

Of the two female players, one was pet.i.te and lovely, while still sporting stunning curves.

The other was even more beautiful. Her face was so pure that it put flowers to shame and outshone the moon. Her snow-white skin looked so delicate that it seemed as if it might break from the gentlest touch. Currently, although she wore a long, aqua-blue mage robe, trimmed in gold, the clothing failed to conceal her graceful body.

These two were none other than Blue Bamboo and Thoughtful Rain, the pair that had originally planned to join Overwhelming Smile.

“Blue, what did I tell you? Look how quickly Zero Wing suppressed Overwhelming Smile,” Thoughtful Rain said as she glanced at Blue Bamboo, the gentle smile in her ink-black eyes intensifying.

Previously, due to her refusal to join Overwhelming Smile, Blue Bamboo had pestered her ceaselessly, giving her a huge headache. Only now that Zero Wing had forced Overwhelming Smile to submit did the girl finally relent.

“Overwhelming Smile is truly disappointing! To think that I thought so highly of it, it actually dared to let me down! I don’t want to join Overwhelming Smile anymore, either!” Blue Bamboo pouted, disappointed.

“I already told you that Zero Wing is far superior to Overwhelming Smile. After all, it was the first Guild to own a Guild Residence in White River City. Not only that, it claimed the best residence available in White River City. It also has plenty of experts. Currently, the various Guilds in White River City barely have any Tier 1 experts in their Guilds. Yet, I hear that Zero Wing already has over 50. Zero Wing has long since taken the lead. Furthermore, its Guild Leader, Black Flame, is a t.i.tled expert.” Thoughtful Rain’s thin lips s.h.i.+fted slightly as she explained, smiling tenderly.

“Since that’s the case, why don’t we join Zero Wing?” Blue Bamboo could not help but have expectations.

“Zero Wing’s exam is very strict. I might be able to pa.s.s it, but I’m afraid that you…” Thoughtful Rain shook her head after evaluating Blue Bamboo.

“Humph. Who says my techniques are bad? I’ve only recently begun playing virtual reality games. After some time, I’ll be more amazing than even Black Flame. Besides…” Blue Bamboo’s ink-black eyes suddenly shone as she revealed a meaningful smile, saying, “Rain, I know that you’ve encountered one of the higher-ups of Zero Wing before. His name was Ye Feng, I think? He gave you a permanent pa.s.s to the library. All of my cla.s.smates turned green with envy when I told them about that item. Since he gave you such a precious pa.s.s, he should be able to admit us into the Guild without any issues with his position.”

“I am only acquaintances with him. Blue, stop overthinking things,” Thoughtful Rain hurriedly explained. “Besides, if he invites you into Zero Wing, and you perform badly, what then? Others will question his ability to manage the Guild.”

“Are you my best friend or his? You’re actually defending him, yet, you claim that there is nothing going on between you two? I don’t care. In any case, I want to join Zero Wing! I have always wanted a piece of Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment. With your felonious body, you just have to say the word, and he’ll let me into the Guild and smother us with Fine-Gold Equipment!” Blue Bamboo stated as she swept a glance at Thoughtful Rain’s graceful body, her lips hooked up into a deep, suggestive smile.

Thoughtful Rain was suddenly speechless.

At this moment, a party of six suddenly appeared before the female duo. The leader of this party was a middle-aged man with a burly body, examining the two with world-weary eyes. None of the party could be underestimated as the other five also gave off an air of danger.

The party’s stance alone left the surrounding witnesses breathless.

Their Levels were even more astonis.h.i.+ng. Of these six, the lowest leveled player was Level 26, while the leading middle-aged man was a Level 27 Guardian Knight.

“Excuse me, ladies, I couldn’t help but overhear that the both of you are familiar with the higher-ups of Zero Wing. I wonder if you can introduce us to them? If you do, this Level 25 Morning Dew Staff will be yours,” the leading middle-aged man said, smiling warmly. He then retrieved a two-handed staff made of pure white jade from his bag, placing the weapon on the table.

Red gemstones were inlaid in the staff, and with a glance, it was obvious that the staff was no ordinary weapon.

“Wah! This is a Secret-Silver staff! Its Attributes are awesome!” Blue Bamboo was immediately mesmerized by the Morning Dew Staff. She then turned to Thoughtful Rain, saying, “Rain, we’re heading over to Zero Wing anyway, so why don’t we take them with us?”

“I don’t know. Why do you want to meet Zero Wing’s higher-ups?” Thoughtful Rain only swept a glance over the Morning Dew Staff before s.h.i.+fting her gaze back to the middle-aged man.

She was no fool.

Since they had offered a Level 25 Secret-Silver Weapon as a token of appreciation, then they were definitely plotting something. She would not be a proper friend if she abruptly contacted Ye Feng without knowing their intentions.

“Miss, please don’t misunderstand. My name is Everlasting War. We seek the higher-ups of Zero Wing purely with the intention of conducting trade. This trade will only benefit, not harm, Zero Wing, so you can rest a.s.sured. If we really wanted to cause trouble for Zero Wing, we would have already done so. We wouldn’t have to go through this much trouble,” the middle-aged man explained.

“Alright, then. I’ll contact him for you, but it will be up to him whether or not he meets with you,” Thoughtful Rain nodded in agreement, feeling that Everlasting War’s words sounded reasonable.

Following which, Thoughtful Rain called up her friends list and contacted Ye Feng.