Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 460 - All-out War

Chapter 460 - All-out War

Chapter 460 - All-out War

During the time s.h.i.+ Feng was in deep slumber, White Fog Canyon had become a forbidden land for players.

White Fog Canyon was a special region where Return Scrolls were unusable.

After the Anubis’s Gatekeeper came out from the Land of the Fallen Star, he would kill any player he met. As a result, countless players grinding for the Warfire Set Equipment were ma.s.sacred.

Although the various Guilds in White River City tried to overwhelm the Gatekeeper through sheer numbers, how could a Level 35 Great Lord possibly be that easy to deal with? After receiving a few Annihilation Spears from the Gatekeeper, the various Guilds in White River City acknowledged their mistake and promptly withdrew from White Fog Canyon, no longer daring to take even half a step inside.

At this moment, everyone realized that, compared to the High Lords they had raided before, a Great Lord was on an entirely different level.

Although High Lords possessed many AOE skills and could cause players a significant amount of trouble, their usage of such skills was infrequent. They would still give players a little breather. As for a Great Lord?

Without hesitation, a Great Lord would immediately use spells of ma.s.s destruction. Moreover, it would use them repeatedly in quick succession. Even several tens of thousands of players would not suffice to raid a Great Lord.

Fortunately, the Anubis’s Gatekeeper would not leave White Fog Canyon and only roamed inside the canyon itself.

As a result, White Fog Canyon was no longer a gold mine for players but a forbidden land, instead. As for the players grinding for the Warfire Set Equipment, they all gave up on the enterprise. White Fog Canyon was originally a very dangerous place. Now, there was even a roaming Anubis’s Gatekeeper inside the canyon. Any who met the Gatekeeper only had death awaiting them. Moreover, the Warfire Set Equipment’s drop rate was simply too abysmal. Many who were already entertaining thoughts of giving up had their resolves hardened with the appearance of the Gatekeeper.

However, the matter regarding White Fog Canyon was still insignificant because after the second system upgrade, it became somewhat easier to increase one’s Reputation in cities. Hence, the various Guilds promptly started grinding for Reputation. At the same time, they also began to secretly ama.s.s Coins. As soon as they possessed sufficient Reputation, they could go into high gear, purchasing real estate in the city and paving a path for their own development in the future.

The various Guilds throughout G.o.d’s Domain started waging a covert war as they all tried to earn Coins.

There was only a limited number of ways to earn Coins in G.o.d’s Domain: obtaining it from the drops of monsters; quest rewards; trading with players; and selling junk to NPCs.

A Guild’s main method of earning Coins would be through monster drops and quest rewards. However, for Guilds without their own Guild Residences, the amount of Coins they could earn through quest rewards was minimal, so monster drops became the fastest source of income for such Guilds. As a result, areas with abundant resources became the compet.i.tion grounds of Guilds, leaving independent players with no opportunity to grind for Coins at those locations.

However, at this critical juncture, a jaw-dropping incident occurred in White River City. Two of the major Guilds in White River City, Zero Wing and Overwhelming Smile, actually started an all-out war with each other. They even declared each other as Hostile Guilds through the system. As long as their members met out in the fields, a battle was bound to occur. Since the two Guilds were Hostile Guilds, members of both Guilds would not become Red Names when killing each other. Hence, the members of both Guilds had zero hesitation over starting a battle with members of the opposing Guild.

While other Guilds were silently developing themselves and grinding for Coins, Zero Wing and Overwhelming Smile had suddenly launched an all-or-nothing war against each other.

Of course, the other Guilds in White River City could not be more joyful over this development. They all simply chose to sit back and watch from the sidelines, taking advantage of the situation at appropriate times. They could not help but hope that these two Guilds would suffer a mutual demise.

After all, an all-out war like this would greatly affect both Guilds involved.

In just the first day since Zero Wing and Overwhelming Smile declared war on each other, thousands of members of both Guilds had already died to each other out in the fields.

Since these players were fighting for their respective Guilds, both Guilds had established a reward system. As long as their members killed a player from the opposing Guild, the system would automatically record the achievement. Through these kills, members could receive Contribution Points. Moreover, the number of Contribution Points awarded would vary, depending on the position of the Hostile Guild’s member killed; the higher the enemy’s position was, the more Contribution Points awarded. Killing an enemy player who had killed many fellow members would also reward more Contribution Points.

Contribution Points could then be exchanged for Guild Points, and these Guild Points could be exchanged for items available inside the Guild’s Warehouse.

This was undeniably a compet.i.tion between both Guilds’ background and financial prowess.


Inside a bar in White River City, close to a hundred players were drinking and chatting merrily. They discussed their personal harvests, matters regarding the Secret Pavilion’s G.o.d’s Domain Experts List, and such topics.

At this stage of the game, the bars throughout G.o.d’s Domain had long since become the place for independent players to exchange information.

“Do you guys want to know why Zero Wing and Overwhelming Smile, two of the most powerful Guilds in White River City, suddenly started an all-out war with each other?” a Level 20 Ranger asked the female Cleric seated beside him while drinking his beer.

“Do you know the reason?” The Cleric girl blinked her eyes, slightly skeptical about the Ranger’s words.

“Of course! I have a brother who is an elite member of Overwhelming Smile. He even personally witnessed the reason why both Guilds started the war,” the Ranger youth said proudly. “I got a shock when I first heard about this incident from that brother of mine.”

“Can you tell me about it?” the female Cleric asked with great curiosity.

The Ranger’s voice was quite loud when he spoke, so the players inside the bar heard his words very clearly. At this moment, all of them perked up their ears as well.

Zero Wing and Overwhelming Smile were the tyrants of White River City. With the two Guilds warring with each other, the hostilities would greatly affect White River City as a whole. As inhabitants of White River City, the players were naturally curious about why these two major Guilds would wage an all-out war against each other.

Proudly, that Ranger youth said, “In reality, it was because Overwhelming Smile’s members had come into conflict with Zero Wing’s members. In the end, Black Flame had slaughtered Overwhelming Smile’s hundred-man team. In a fit of rage, the higher-ups of Overwhelming Smile secretly set out to kill the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, Black Flame. Back then, Overwhelming Smile had sent a total of 2,000 elite members.

“Overwhelming Smile had even invited the help of an extremely powerful expert. If not for the Anubis’s Gatekeeper showing up, Black Flame might have been killed back then. Having their Guild Leader encircled was a great humiliation for Zero Wing. Naturally, they would not let matters rest. In the end, they declared an all-out war with Overwhelming Smile.”

The players inside the bar felt that the Ranger’s words sounded logical.

This was a matter of the Guild’s reputation. How could Zero Wing possibly concede this matter? Moreover, the hostility present between the two Guilds was something long-standing. Obviously, after the encirclement this time, Zero Wing could finally endure Overwhelming Smile’s antics no longer.

“I wonder which Guild will come out victorious in this all-our war?”

“I think that it should be Overwhelming Smile. The Guild’s main headquarters is based in Maple City. It also possesses ma.s.sive financial support. Haven’t you seen how excellent the benefits offered by Overwhelming Smile are? Just the monthly salary of the elite members is enough to make one drool. How could Zero Wing possibly compare?”

“It should be Zero Wing. After all, this place is White River City. Zero Wing possesses a Guild Residence here. Moreover, there are plenty of experts in the Guild. You can’t imagine just how excellent the benefits provided by their Guild Hall are. Among them, the most welcomed is the private rooms. One can acc.u.mulate Double EXP buffs by resting inside these private rooms. Moreover, Zero Wing’s Guild Warehouse is the envy of every Guild in White River City. There are plenty of Level 25 equipment stored inside. Right now, many of the players who had defected to Overwhelming Smile regret leaving in the first place.”

For a time, everyone in the bar discussed the war between the two major Guilds.

However, a party of six, seated at a corner of the bar, smiled contemptuously over this matter.

“It seems that Black Flame only amounts to this much. Leader, must we really go searching for him?” a Level 26 Swordsman murmured.

“Search. Only after testing him would we know whether or not he qualifies.”