Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 443 - Completion Rate

Chapter 443 - Completion Rate

Chapter 443 - Completion Rate

After G.o.d’s Domain’s second evolution, skill use demanded far more of players.

Even experts needed a relatively long period to adapt to this new system.

As s.h.i.+ Feng’s party searched for the exit in the Land of the Fallen Star, battles against the cavern’s inhabitants were unavoidable.

Fortunately, s.h.i.+ Feng did not have to endure this adaptation process like everyone else. Activating most of his skills was second nature to him. He had no problems dealing with a few Elites and Special Elites.

As for Aqua Rose and the others, they used these monsters to practice.

It was especially true for melee like Fire Dance and Flying Shadow.

Currently, they each faced a Level 27 Elite ranked Wolfman Warrior, both of them activating their skills continuously as they fought.

Fire Dance brandished the Truefire Blades, drawing a red arc that cut across the Wolfman Warrior’s body. A flower of blood bloomed, and immediately, a damage of -2,749 appeared above the Elite monster’s head. However, to the Wolfman Warrior, which possessed 42,000 HP, this damage was nothing.

System: Eviscerate Completion Rate 56%, resulting in 69% of skill’s effect. Skill Proficiency +1.

Glancing at the Combat Notification Window, Fire Dance frowned, feeling unsatisfied with her Completion Rate.

The Wolfman Warrior bellowed angrily. Lifting its war hammer, it slammed the weapon down on the before it. Turning her feet slightly, Fire Dance easily evaded the war hammer. Reversing the grip on one of the Truefire Blades, she spun around and shoved the blade into the Wolfman Warrior’s back, her movements as smooth as flowing water.



“Ao!” the Wolfman Warrior howled with pain.

System: Backstab Completion Rate 69%, resulting in 83% of skill’s effect. Skill Proficiency +2.

Fire Dance was far more proficient with Backstab’s movements than she was with Eviscerate’s, the Completion Rate of the skill reaching a whole new level. However, Fire Dance was still unsatisfied. If this were the past, even without weapons such as the Truefire Blades, she could easily dish out such high damage.

After practicing a few times on the Wolfman Warriors, Fire Dance understood how difficult it would be to adapt to the new combat system.

There were simply too many variables. The might of a player’s skill depended on the player’s Completion Rate. It was nothing like the previous system, where players could display 100% of the skill’s effect with every use.

Now, however, that was not possible…

If one did not perform the skill’s movements appropriately, the damage would be negligible.

Moreover, it was even more difficult to move successfully during battle.

Overall, combat was now three times as difficult as it had been.

Fire Dance had previously been able to solo one or two Special Elites, and she even considered challenging a Chieftain. Now, however, a Special Elite was too strong for her, much less a Chieftain.

Elsewhere, Flying Shadow was also sporting a serious frown. The more he fought, the more frustrated he became.

After some effort, Fire Dance had managed to raise her Completion Rate past 50%. Her Backstab had even reached a 70% Completion Rate. Flying Shadow, on the other hand, could only achieve 50% with Backstab, one of the simplest skills he possessed, and he had just barely earned the one Skill Proficiency point for the skill. As for his other skills, their Completion Rates were all below 50%.

Compared to Fire Dance and Flying Shadow, after spending some time practicing, the mages of the party could achieve relatively high Completion Rates. They had all reached 60% or higher with their skills. However, this was because the two had different methods of activation. When mages used a skill, they chanted incantations and traced runes. Some skills only needed a few hand gestures and simple incantations, so they were relatively easy to cast. Only, their current casting time was much longer than it had been. It was especially true for advanced spells.

While everyone practiced their skills, s.h.i.+ Feng, who stood ahead of the party, conducted a ma.s.sacre.

Faced with dozens of Wolfman Warriors, s.h.i.+ Feng dashed forward and activated Thundering Flash.

One arc… Two arcs… Three arcs…

A total of five arcs of blue lightning tore through the Elite monsters, a series of frightening damages appearing above their heads.

-2,060, -2,706, -3,521, -4,543, -6,020…

Instantly, the dozens of Wolfman Warriors lost close to half their HP. Some that had received critical hits fell to critical lows. In addition, due to the Damage Amplification debuff of Thundering Flash, they would receive an additional 30% damage from future attacks.

And yet, the damages were nothing compared to Thundering Flash’s Completion Rate.

System: Thundering Flash Completion Rate 83%, resulting in 97% of skill’s effect. Skill Proficiency +3.

Immediately after his attack, s.h.i.+ Feng leaped into the air. As he raised the Abyssal Blade high, the power of lightning and fire emerged from the sword. He then slammed the weapon down towards the gathering of Wolfman Warriors.


All of the Warriors within an area of 10*10 yards fell into a Fainted state instantly and received over -7,000 damage. Those that had received a critical hit suffered over -14,000 damage. The Wolfman Warriors with low HPs crumbled.

System: Thunder Flame Explosion Completion Rate 74%, resulting in 89% of skill’s effect. Skill Proficiency +2.

The moment s.h.i.+ Feng landed, he followed up with Chop, striking three Wolfman Warriors and dealing over -2,800 damage to each.

System: Chop Completion Rate 85%, resulting in 100% of skill’s effect. Skill Proficiency +3.

In just a moment, s.h.i.+ Feng had exterminated dozens of Wolfmen.

Standing at a distance, Aqua Rose and the others were tongue-tied after watching s.h.i.+ Feng’s battle.

Every member of the party had personally experienced how difficult it was to achieve a high Skill Completion Rate. However, when they saw s.h.i.+ Feng’s success, they felt nothing but shock.

As for s.h.i.+ Feng’s feat of killing dozens of Wolfman Warriors, none of them really had anything to say about it. The Wolfman Warriors were merely Elite monsters. Everyone present could easily destroy them. Although they had trouble using their skills, their basic attacks were still very powerful thanks to their equipment. Dealing with these Elites was only a matter of time.

The reason for their shock was s.h.i.+ Feng’s ability to reach a Completion Rate above 80%, yet after training arduously for the past four hours or so, they had only achieved above 50%.

Moreover, even when using Thunder Flame Explosion, the skill s.h.i.+ Feng was least proficient with, he could perform a Completion Rate above 70%…

However, this was still not the most noteworthy aspect. s.h.i.+ Feng’s casual use and chaining of his skills were what impressed them the most. How could they not be shocked?

“Guild Leader, can’t you just teach us how we can improve our Skill Completion Rates?” Aqua Rose envied and admired s.h.i.+ Feng’s super-high Completion Rate.

“That’s right! It’s not like we’re demanding much! I will be satisfied if I can reach a 70% Completion Rate!” Blackie’s Completion Rate had given him a headache.

In the beginning, their Completion Rates had improved relatively quickly. Within half an hour, they had managed to achieve 50%. However, it had taken them over three hours to rise from 50% to 60%. Moreover, it only became more challenging to raise their Completion Rates the higher they went. By now, their Completion Rates had basically plateaued…

At around 60%, they could only display roughly 60% to 70% of their skill’s potential. If they could stabilize their Completion Rates at 70%, they could almost display their previous strength.

Only when a skill achieved an 85% Completion Rate could it manifest 100% of its effects. If the Completion Rate could rise past 85%, then the skill’s effect would exceed 100%.

If they could raise the Completion Rate of all of their skills past 85%, the combat power would surpa.s.s their previous selves.

Everyone eagerly looked forward to such a day. Unfortunately, they had no idea how to overcome the challenge of the new system.

“Do you guys really wish to know how to improve your Completion Rates quickly?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked after tidying up the loot. He could not help but laugh as he looked towards his party members.