Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 431 - Denounce

Chapter 431 - Denounce

Chapter 431 - Denounce

Beside one of the streams inside the White Fog Canyon, a team of over a hundred players currently guarded the entrance of a mine. Each of these players wore a Guild Emblem in the shape of a purple moon on their chests. This was none other than Overwhelming Smile’s Guild Emblem.

At this moment, these players faced off against the eight Level 27 Special Elite ranked Flame Furbolgs that had emerged from within the mine.

[Flame Furbolg] (Special Elite)

Level 27

HP 70,000/70,000

Although the ma.s.sive Flame Furbolgs were very powerful, the members of Overwhelming Smile fought with organization, continuously draining their enemies’ HP.

“Boss Oriental, Zero Wing’s party killed Monkey and the others,” a Level 23 gray-clothed Ranger reported as he walked up to the Level 24 Swordsman who currently commanded the team.

This Level 24 Swordsman was fully geared with Level 20 Secret-Silver Equipment. The Snakebone Sword that hung on his back was even a Level 20 Fine-Gold Weapon. Currently, in G.o.d’s Domain, his items were definitely top-tier.

“That was two parties of elite A single party from Zero Wing actually wiped them out? Did Zero Wing receive help from someone else?” the Level 24 Swordsman, Oriental Sword, asked.

Although the named Monkey was not an expert, he was a PvP veteran. He sported a promising battle record, and even experts would find him difficult to take down in a short amount of time. If he focused solely on his escape, it would be even more difficult to kill him. Oriental Sword had not expected that not even one would return.

The only possibility he could think of was that Monkey and the others had been outnumbered and surrounded.

“No. There was only a single party from Zero Wing. However, the leading the team was a Level 26 expert,” the Ranger said, shaking his head.

“Was it that Fire Dance from Zero Wing?” Oriental Sword grinned. “Before I reached White River City, I had heard rumors of Fire Dance’s prowess. Some are even calling her the Flaming Rose. Originally, I thought she was merely one of Black Flame’s decorations. I expected as much from the team leader of Zero Wing’s core team. Not bad.”

“She isn’t the one who killed Monkey. That was a man called Flying Shadow. Monkey had only lasted five moves against him. Of the twelve players in the two parties, eight had died at that man’s hands. There was no mention of a person named Flying Shadow in any of the reports we had received.” The Ranger was very familiar with Oriental Sword’s personality.

Oriental Sword was absolutely confident of his own strength, and he would never consider anyone a worthy opponent. He loved PvPing more than anything, especially against experts. He was a complete battle maniac. However, he was also one of Overwhelming Smile’s top experts, which was why he had been sent to White River City. If not for the higher-ups prohibiting anyone from challenging Zero Wing, Oriental Sword might have been the first to launch an a.s.sault against the Guild.

“Flying Shadow? This seems intriguing,” Oriental Sword’s interest grew. “Ignore Zero Wing’s party. Since Monkey and the others had failed to kill them, they would definitely report back to their superiors. There is only one thing we need to focus on, and that is mining the ores inside this cave.”

“Boss Oriental, will our skirmish with Zero Wing cause an all-out war between our Guilds? Haven’t the higher-ups warned us not to create any friction with them?” the Ranger asked strangely.

“Recently, Zero Wing has been mining ores in White Fog Canyon. Their movements are unusual. In addition, they have somehow managed to obtain a lot of Level 25 equipment. There might be a relation between these incidents. Our superiors agree; it doesn’t matter if a small conflict occurs. So what if we ambush those cowards from Zero Wing? What will they do to us?

“Do you think they will start a war?

“Don’t be a fool. Since Zero Wing had not declared war on us when Overwhelming Smile started investing in White River City, they missed their best chance. If they start a war now, they will only gamble their lives. However, I, on the other hand, hope that Zero Wing takes action. Unfortunately, they don’t have the guts.”

Oriental Sword laughed as he resumed commanding his team, wiping out the Flame Furbolgs inside the mine.

Before anyone noticed, however, a party of six had appeared in the misty forest a short distance from the mine. This party disregarded the team of over a hundred elite players under Oriental Sword’s leaders.h.i.+p, walking leisurely towards the mine.

“Guild Leader, I’ve discovered the mine after using a Treasure Hunting Scroll. I’ve even used Stealth and scouted its interior. It is full of Starfire Ore deposits. If we excavate them all, we can get at least 300 to 400 Starfire Ore,” Flying Shadow said as he pointed towards the cave that Oriental Sword and his men guarded. “However, after I left, we were ambushed by from Overwhelming Smile. Although I tried to rescue them, I was too late, resulting in two of my party members dying. Overwhelming Smile has since occupied the cave.”

s.h.i.+ Feng nodded before commanding, “Violet, go and revive the two who died. Everyone else, let’s take a look.”

Following which, Violet Cloud ran over to where the two players had died as s.h.i.+ Feng led Aqua Rose, Blackie, Fire Dance, and Flying Shadow towards Oriental Sword.

s.h.i.+ Feng’s movements had undoubtedly attracted the attention of Overwhelming Smile’s team.

“The fellows from Zero Wing are kind of interesting.” Oriental Sword grinned upon seeing s.h.i.+ Feng and the others.

“Boss Oriental, that Level 24 Swordsman is Black Flame. The two beauties by his side are the Elementalist Aqua Rose and the Fire Dance. The Cursemancer is Zero Wing’s famous expert, Blackie, and that male is the person who killed Monkey and the others, Flying Shadow,” the Ranger beside Oriental Sword briefly introduced the members of s.h.i.+ Feng’s group.

Black Flame’s arrival surprised every member of Overwhelming Smile.

Black Flame’s fame was truly too immense.

He was the publicly acknowledged number one expert of Star-Moon Kingdom. There was n.o.body in White River City who had not witnessed Black Flame’s battle videos. Killing every player with a single hit, he had ma.s.sacred over a hundred Dark Star members. He suppressed more than ten thousand players with his aura alone, causing all of them to freeze. In the end, he even escaped unharmed.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, what brings you here today, I wonder?” Oriental Sword asked playfully as he smirked at s.h.i.+ Feng.

“A straightforward person does not resort to insinuations. Today, you sent your men to ambush members of our Guild. Now, you’ve occupied the mine that we found after much difficulty. Don’t you think that you’ve gone a little overboard?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked calmly.

Although s.h.i.+ Feng’s voice had been soft, his overbearing tone intimidated the crowd from Overwhelming Smile.

“Overboard?” Oriental Sword laughed madly. “Twelve of my men died. I have not even asked for compensation, yet you come here to denounce me?

“Since you’re here, we can use this opportunity to discuss compensation. I don’t want much. Just pay me 100 Gold per person for a total of 1,200 Gold. How about it?”

Mockery filled Oriental Sword’s expression.

He believed that s.h.i.+ Feng was a complete fool. With just five players, s.h.i.+ Feng had dared come into his territory looking for trouble.

At this stage of the game, players’ levels were no longer insignificantly low. Their equipment was decent quality, and they had learned many skills. It was not possible to kill a player with a single hit anymore.

Currently, he had close to 150 players on his side, and they were all elite members of the Guild. They were also Level 22 or higher, and they possessed impressive combat power. They could easily take out fifty players, much less five.