Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 312 - Diving into Danger Alone

Chapter 312 - Diving into Danger Alone

Chapter 312 - Diving into Danger Alone

After South Wolf died, the members of Dark Star were like headless flies. Frightened and scared, they fled in all directions.

Zero Wing’s Berserker Lonely Snow swiftly closed the gap between him and an Elementalist of Dark Star to 20 yards before using Charge to instantly catch up to and incapacitate the Elementalist. After that, Lonely Snow used Thunder Clap, Violent Strike, Suppression, and Whirlwind Slash in rapid succession, making quick work of the Elementalist.

Following closely, everyone else from Zero Wing took action as well.

Against a group of mages and healers that could use neither skills nor tools, in addition to the fact that these were innately slow runners, the members of Zero Wing required no time at all to finish off the surviving Dark Star members. As these players died, they left behind piles of weapons and equipment.

“Hahaha! What a fun battle! Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from Dark Star think that they are so amazing, but now, all of them are dead!” Cola laughed loudly as he looked at the weapons and equipment scattered all over the ground. The frustration he had acc.u.mulated from continuously running away was completely swept away now.

Fire Dance nodded her head in agreement, a faint smile appearing on her face. She then said with a light chuckle, “This battle was indeed a good stress reliever. None of us died this time, while Dark Star lost over 100 players. After this battle, Dark Star will have to reorganize their plans to pursue us.”

If they could deal with a team of over 100 elite players in such a short time, it also signified that Dark Star would be simply sending its members to their deaths if a team had fewer than 200 or 300 players. In order to reduce its losses, Dark Star would definitely consolidate its teams and at least double or triple the member count of each team.

At this moment, Blackie and the others were laughing without restraint as well.

After all, they were able to kill over 100 elite members of Dark Star. This would, without a doubt, be a huge blow to Dark Star.

“Collect the loot. Dark Star will be arriving here soon,” s.h.i.+ Feng commanded.

The loot they obtained from killing the 100-plus elite members of Dark Star was extremely bountiful. They had collected close to a thousand weapons and equipment, and a majority of them were even Mysterious-Iron rank. The harvest they got from this single battle far exceeded even the harvest Aqua Rose obtained from the battle that involved tens of thousands of players.

Even s.h.i.+ Feng was somewhat moved by this harvest.

Kill and plunder.

Just from this battle, they had obtained the resources required to arm an elite team of 100 players. This was precisely the reason why, in the past, many large Guilds preferred to kill and plunder the core teams of smaller Guilds. Not only could they increase their Guild’s fame and prestige by doing so, they could also make a huge profit. They could upgrade their weapons and equipment much faster this way, compared to raiding Dungeons and killing Bosses.

However, the harvest from this battle was still insufficient to offset the losses Zero Wing had suffered.

After all, the weapons and equipment of Dark Star’s elites were inferior to those of Zero Wing’s elite members, not to mention those of Zero Wing’s core members. Every core member of Zero Wing possessed quite a few pieces of Secret-Silver ranked weapons and equipment, and some even possessed Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold ranked weapons and equipment.

“Guild Leader, why aren’t you leaving?” Fire Dance looked curiously at s.h.i.+ Feng who had jumped onto a large tree.

“You guys go first. I’ll hold down the fort.” s.h.i.+ Feng was not a lord who would sit comfortably in his throne while his subordinates fought. Since he was already here, naturally, he needed to take something away from Dark Star.

“But, Guild Leader, this place is too dangerous. You’re also not an,” Fire Dance said worriedly.

“You guys have done enough. Let your Guild Leader handle the rest.” s.h.i.+ Feng waved them off, hurrying Fire Dance and the others to the designated location.

Upon hearing s.h.i.+ Feng’s words, everyone from Zero Wing was immediately moved.

In G.o.d’s Domain, Guild Leaders who were willing to brave danger for his fellow Guild members were definitely as rare as a phoenix’s feather. Not to mention, s.h.i.+ Feng was currently a famous existence in G.o.d’s Domain. If he were to die, his reputation would be greatly affected.

“Then, I’ll stay behind as well!” Blackie said.

“How could I be left out from such an important matter!” Cola stepped forward.

Suddenly, everyone else started voicing intentions to remain.

“All of you, stop making a fuss and leave with me. You all will only be a hindrance to Guild Leader if you stay behind.” Fire Dance could feel the cold killing intent radiating from s.h.i.+ Feng at this moment. She knew that he could no longer hold himself back. She then raised her head and looked at s.h.i.+ Feng, saying, “Guild Leader, you have to be careful.”

“Rest a.s.sured, I know my own limits.” s.h.i.+ Feng laughed. He then retrieved a Basic Stealth Scroll from his bag.

This scroll allowed players to enter Stealth mode. The Stealth Scroll’s effect had a duration of one hour, and as long as players did not carry out any attacks during this period of time, the scroll would remain in effect.


Shortly after Fire Dance and the others departed…

Youlan came hurrying over to this place with a huge team of more than 300 players.

“Sure enough, all of them died.”

Youlan sighed softly when she saw the ground littered with corpses. However, she was not surprised by this outcome. Obviously, the ambush before was meant to lure them into a trap. However, South Wolf had been too eager for success—which resulted in a team-wipe, as she had expected.

“Revive them,” Youlan said to the healers in her team.

Immediately, the 30-plus healers in the team started using resurrection skills.

If players died outside of a Dungeon, there were two methods for them to revive. The first method was to revive back at the cemetery. However, players were required to wait for half an hour before they could do so. The other method was to have one of the healer use a resurrection skill. Players could be revived immediately using this method. However, upon resurrection, players would have to wait another ten minutes before resurrection skills could be used on them again.

A short while later, all 100-plus elite players had been revived.

Meanwhile, after being resurrected, South Wolf felt fortunate over the fact that he was not a Red Name. He had only lost one piece of equipment and fallen by one Level after he died. Yet, when he discovered that most of the equipment he wore had been turned to sc.r.a.p, he nearly went insane.

South Wolf had been using Level 15 Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment, which could be obtained only from a Level 15 Team Dungeon.

In order to obtain the complete set, South Wolf had expended a huge amount of time and effort. Now, however, all of them were destroyed!

Unlike Field Bosses, Team Dungeons reset only once every three days, and there were only a limited number of Level 15 Team Dungeons within the region of White River City. Gathering the complete set had taken South Wolf two cycles. If he wished to obtain the set once again, he would have to wait through another two cycles.

At this moment, Lone Tyrant arrived at the scene. He then asked, “South Wolf, what happened here? How did all of you die?”

South Wolf was someone from Underworld, so he did not particularly care how many players from Dark Star had died. He cared more about himself instead. However, the same could not be said for Lone Tyrant. The strength of Dark Star determined his future as its Guild Leader. Now, more than 100 elites from his Guild had died for no reason. The worst part was that these elites had lost most, if not all, of their weapons and equipment. The levels they lost could be recovered, but it would not be as easy to recover the equipment.

“We were lured into an ambush unprepared, and all of us got killed. However, I discovered something even more important. I don’t know how he managed it, but Black Flame is now with the core team of Zero Wing. He has also become a Red Name at this point, so this is the perfect chance for us to destroy Zero Wing. Although Black Flame is very powerful, we should have no problems dealing with all of them if we send in a team of 300 to 400 players. We can still catch up if we chase after them right away.”

South Wolf’s words immediately allowed Lone Tyrant and Youlan to come to a realization.

“Truly an interesting person,” Youlan muttered softly, her interest towards the player named Black Flame growing.

As for Lone Tyrant, his expression turned grim upon receiving this piece of information.

Obviously, with Black Flame commanding Zero Wing’s core team, their combat power had increased to frightening heights. Also, from South Wolf’s description of the one-sided battle that took place before, Lone Tyrant also learned that Black Flame was a great expert. Not only did Black Flame possess extraordinary combat power, he also possessed a strategic-level skill. A team of 100 elite players would definitely be insufficient to deal with him. Hence, they needed to rearrange their team compositions. Each team now had to have 200 players at the very least. Otherwise, they would only suffice as cannon fodder.

“Black Flame, you’ve actually dared show yourself here. Since you’ve come seeking your own death, don’t even think about leaving this place alive today!” Lone Tyrant revealed a sinister expression. He inwardly mocked s.h.i.+ Feng for his foolish actions. In order to save Zero Wing’s core team, s.h.i.+ Feng had actually disregarded the dangers and barged into Lone Tyrant’s domain.

s.h.i.+ Feng must not know how to write the word “death”!