Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 309 - Boss-ranked MT

Chapter 309 - Boss-ranked MT

Chapter 309 - Boss-ranked MT

The ten healers from Dark Star did not detect the presence of the six figures swiftly closing in on them at all.

Fire Dance was extremely quick. She crossed the distance of eight yards within an instant.

The Level 19 Cleric that Fire Dance approached had no clue whatsoever. The Cleric did not sense even a thread of danger as a snowy cold dagger stabbed into the back of his head. Before the Cleric could even feel pain, another dagger, this one scorching hot, slashed his neck.

After placing the Level 19 Cleric in a Fainted state, Fire Dance immediately followed up with a flurry of attacks.


Shadow Strike!


A series of frightening damages appeared above the Cleric’s head. Fire Dance was currently using the pair of Fine-Gold ranked daggers she had received from s.h.i.+ Feng. In addition, the equipment she wore consisted of Fine-Gold and even Dark-Gold items. For her, dealing with a cloth armor cla.s.s like a Cleric was a piece of cake.

She instantly killed the Level 19 Cleric, who did not possess even 1,800 HP.

The other five that moved with Fire Dance performed similarly well, killing their targets almost as quickly as Fire Dance had hers.

“They actually dared to lay an ambush on us. What a bunch of suicidal fools. Everyone, do not panic. Guardian Knights, cast Protection Blessing on the healers. Rangers, mark those fools immediately; absolutely do not let them disappear again. Elementalists, use ice-type magic to restrict their movements. Everyone else, charge at them.” South Wolf quickly issued commands after discovering the deaths of six of their healers, a cold sneer on his face.

The s.h.i.+eld Warriors and Berserkers closest to the healers reacted quickly. They used Charge on the six enemy in an attempt to save the remaining healers in their team.

Simultaneously, the Guardian Knights of Dark Star cast Protection Blessing on the four remaining healers, reducing the physical damage they received by 50%.

One could not help but admit that the Dark Star elites were truly skilled players. Their response made it practically impossible for Fire Dance’s group to kill the remaining four healers now.

In the face of the s.h.i.+eld Warriors’ and Berserkers’ Charge and also the barrage of Frost Arrows sent by the Elementalists, Fire Dance and her fellow promptly used Wind Steps, gaining more than a second’s worth of invincibility, thanks to the skill’s effect. All six of them then turned around and ran, leaving behind only the corpses of the six healers they killed as they plunged into the forest.

“Despicable!, chase after them! Make sure you don’t lose track of them!” South Wolf bellowed, anger filling his heart.

Their team consisted of 100-plus elite players. Yet, not only had they lost six of their healers in an ambush by six, they had even allowed these ambushers to escape. Wouldn’t they become laughingstocks if others were to find out about this matter?

Before the elites of Dark Star could set off in pursuit of Fire Dance’s group, the female Summoner, Youlan, suddenly shouted loudly, “Do not chase after them! Everyone, scatter immediately!”

The moment Youlan finished speaking, she promptly sprinted away from this part of the forest.

South Wolf was confused by Youlan’s actions, failing to understand why she would do such a thing. However, he still chose to listen to her advice and started running.

At the same time, in the distance, Blackie finished chanting the final verse of his spell’s incantation.

In the next moment, an enormous, golden magic array appeared in the sky, covering a large part of the forest. Shortly after, a dazzlingly brilliant star appeared from the magic array and plummeted towards the forest.

One after another, the Dark Star Elementalists with quick reactions responded by immediately activating Instantaneous Movement. Meanwhile, the other also activated their own lifesaving skills while doing their best to escape the effective range of the attack. However, there were a few players from Dark Star that failed to respond appropriately. Moreover, Blackie’s Stars of Light possessed a very large effective range. Hence, when the first star impacted the ground, the blast caught over a dozen Dark Star players. The continuous bombardment of the Stars of Light easily wiped out even s.h.i.+eld Warriors that possessed more than 3,000 HP.

To put it simply, all those within the Stars of Light’s effective range died.

“What an amazing skill. Now that I’m seeing it in person, this skill is extraordinary as expected. Aside from Black Flame and Ye Feng, the top ranker of White River City cannot be taken lightly, either.” Although Youlan had managed to avoid the bombardment of the Stars of Light, she still could not help but marvel at the terrifying destructive power of the skill.

“Youlan, if not for your reminder, we would have lost more than just a dozen or so members.” At this moment, South Wolf had yet to recover from his shock. After all, he had originally been standing at ground zero of the attack. If he had not escaped as quickly as he had, he might have been among the dozen or so players who had died.

“Uncle South Wolf, please contact Guild Leader Tyrant immediately and have them on the lookout in their vicinity. Make sure they don’t split up, as the ambushers from Zero Wing are definitely not limited to just those six,” Youlan said in the team chat after surveying her surroundings.

“Youlan, you worry too much. Although we have lost some of our people, this team of ours consists entirely of Dark Star’s elite. Fire Dance’s group has only around 30 or so members remaining. In a direct confrontation, they stand no chance against us at all. The most they can achieve right now is an ambush on us. Now that they have revealed themselves, it is the perfect chance for us to pursue them. So, how can we choose to wait for our deaths in this place?” South Wolf felt that Youlan was panicking slightly after seeing the Stars of Light.

Originally, Youlan had wanted to dissuade South Wolf. However, the latter was simply too impatient. He also did not wish to miss this great chance to get rid of Fire Dance and her group. Hence, before Youlan could say anything more, South Wolf had already led the team off, charging in the direction where Fire Dance and the others had disappeared.

“Just in time.”

Seeing South Wolf and his team running over, s.h.i.+ Feng revealed a smile as he waved his hand. At s.h.i.+ Feng’s gesture, Cola and the other plate armor immediately charged forward to meet with the Dark Star members.

The moment South Wolf’s group noticed the dozen or so Zero Wing members charging at them, they, too, did not hesitate to hasten their steps, their eagerness to get rid of Cola and the others showing clearly in their eyes.

Cola was the Chief MT of Zero Wing, and his current level was at Level 21. In addition, Cola was mostly geared with Fine-Gold Equipment, Secret-Silver being the poorest quality for the items he had on him. The Arclight Guard in his hand was also a Dark-Gold ranked s.h.i.+eld. With such good items, Cola’s HP exceeded the 3,900 threshold, and his Defense was likewise frightening. When a Flame Explosion sent by one of Dark Star’s Elementalists landed on him, the spell barely managed to deal slightly over -300 damage. The caster of the spell goggled from shock when he saw such a low damage, his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets.

Meanwhile, an arrow shot by a Ranger from Dark Star dealt only around -100 damage. The attack could barely be considered a scratch on Cola.

To make matters worse, Cola also excelled at dodging. In the face of a sky filled with spells and arrows, Cola actually managed to dodge over half of these attacks.

Meanwhile, standing at the rear, Violet Cloud merely had to gesture with her delicate hand, casting a basic Recover on Cola.

Instantly, the spell fully restored the 400-plus HP Cola lost, returning the Guardian Knight to full health. Moreover, Recover was a skill that restored the target’s HP once every three seconds for a duration of 15 seconds.

Seeing this scene, everyone from Dark Star was immediately dumbfounded.

“What kind of healer is she?! I am a Cleric as well, yet my Recover can restore only around 200 HP each time! She’s already comparable to the top five healers of Dark Star!” a Cleric for Dark Star commented in shock.

Originally, they were already having a hard time trying to kill Cola. Now that there was also an amazing healer supporting him from behind, it was simply impossible for them to kill him.

Shortly after both sides started confronting each other, the players from Dark Star suddenly discovered a shocking matter: Cola’s HP had actually risen past 5,000!

Moreover, the heals he was receiving had also increased from the original 400-plus to 500-plus, making him even more impossible to kill.

Unknown to the members of Dark Star, Cola’s sudden upgrade was all due to the Arclight Guard’s pa.s.sive skill, Sound of Life. Every time Cola received an attack, he would receive a stack of Power of Life. Each stack of Power of Life increased Cola’s maximum HP by 3% and the healing he received by 2% for one minute, and Cola could acc.u.mulate a maximum of 10 stacks of Power of Life.

Hence, Cola suddenly became much more powerful.

“Kill him! All ranged, focus fire on him!” South Wolf knew that if Cola did not die, it would be a huge blow to the team’s morale. Therefore, killing Cola had priority.

Immediately, half a dozen Berserkers surrounded Cola, while the ranged damage dealers sent a continuous stream of attacks at him. They no longer treated Cola like a player but a Boss monster.

In response to their actions, Cola simply smiled in disdain. He then activated Protection Blessing, reducing the damage he received by 50%.

Now, the highest damage the players from Dark Star managed to inflict on Cola did not exceed -200 points. A majority of the attacks were even below -100 damage. In the face of Cola’s 5,000-plus HP, such damages were simply insignificant. However, due to the large number of attacks, Cola’s HP quickly fell below the 50% threshold.

Right then, Violet Cloud took action again. She casually cast Guardian s.h.i.+eld and Recover on Cola. At Violet Cloud’s current level, her Guardian s.h.i.+eld would provide her target with a buff that could absorb over -700 damage. She followed up with Healing Light.

In the next moment, a healing value of +1,600 appeared above Cola’s head, in addition to the 500-plus HP regenerated with Recover. Cola’s HP instantly went back up to full again…