Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 307 - Famous in a Single War

Chapter 307 - Famous in a Single War

Chapter 307 - Famous in a Single War

“d.a.m.n! This Black Flame is practically a mad dog that bites anyone it sees!” Blood Halberd cursed. “I’ll definitely remember this matter! If there is a chance in the future, I’ll definitely not let him off!”

“Vice-Leader, we’ve lost too many healers. This long battle is also taking a heavy toll on the remaining healers’ mana. They can’t leave their combat status to use the Magic Spring, so they can only rely on Mana Recovery Potions to replenish their mana. However, most of them have already consumed all the potions they have. If the reinforcements from Dark Star still don’t arrive, we will definitely be finished,” Lonely reported hurriedly.

Naturally, Blood Halberd was aware of this matter. Before Zero Wing’s intervention, World Dominators had been able to split its healers into two teams, with one team healing the players at the front and the other falling back to replenish their mana, and rotate them accordingly.

However, Zero Wing’s ambush had taken out over half of World Dominators’ healers. If World Dominators were to insist on maintaining the rotation system, its death toll would at least double.

“d.a.m.n that Lone Tyrant! If he had not goaded me into hindering Ouroboros, we would not have fallen into this situation!” Blood Halberd also hated Lone Tyrant greatly at this moment, regretting his decision to listen to him.

If he had known that Zero Wing was so powerful, and also how insane Black Flame was, he definitely would have chosen to watch this entire affair play out from a safe distance. In the end, he now suffered from his own decision.

Originally, there had already been a gap between World Dominators and Zero Wing in overall combat power. Now that World Dominators had lost the support of its healers, that gap had widened further.

Following the crippling of World Dominators’ healers, its players were like wheat being reaped, their lives effortlessly harvested by the members of Zero Wing.

In contrast, Zero Wing’s healers carried out their task with great zeal. The frontline players of Zero Wing found it hard to die even if they wanted to.

Within moments, the mortality ratio of the two Guilds soared to frightening heights.

When Zero Wing initiated their ambush, the mortality ratio had only been 1-to-3, with World Dominators having the higher number of deaths. Now, however, that ratio had risen to 1-to-8 and would soon approach 1-to-9. In other words, for every player Zero Wing lost, World Dominators would lose eight or nine players.

On the other front, the players from Ouroboros were fighting valiantly as well, and they had succeeded in pus.h.i.+ng the original mortality ratio of 1-to-1.2 up to the current ratio of 1-to-3.

“No, we can’t wait any longer. At this rate, we’ll be completely annihilated by the time the reinforcements from Dark Star arrive.” Both anger and grief filled Blood Halberd at this moment. World Dominators had started this war with over 10,000 members. Yet, now, only 5,000 or so members remained alive. Immediately, Blood Halberd shouted in the Guild channel, “All of you, charge together with me! We’re leaving with as many lives as we can!”

At Blood Halberd’s command, everyone from World Dominators commenced a desperate charge while ignoring even the magical bombardments from enemy mages.

Naturally, such an exodus only made it much easier for Zero Wing and Ouroboros to kill them. The price these two Guilds had to pay also lessened greatly. However, with 5,000-plus players desperately trying to escape en, it was also impossible for the two Guilds to kill every single one of them.

In the end, less than 500 of the 10,000-plus members World Dominators had started this war with made it out alive; everyone else died.

After suffering such a ma.s.sive loss, World Dominators no longer had any chance of competing for dominance in White River City.

“Zero Wing really is amazing. Although they only number around 3,000 or so, a large majority of them are actually elite players.” After obtaining victory in this battle, Zhao Yueru had a renewed opinion of the Guild called Zero Wing.

With only around 5,000 members in Zero Wing, its total member count was not even comparable to a third-rate Guild’s. However, after Zhao Yueru witnessed the combat power its 3,000-plus members displayed in this battle, she no longer found it strange for Zero Wing to be considered one of the top six Guilds in White River City. Zero Wing was indeed worthy of its fame. Second-rate and third-rate Guilds would be no match for Zero Wing at all.

Moreover, the destructive force displayed by the Frost Grenades that Zero Wing had used was simply too shocking.

If not for those tools of ma.s.s destruction, this war might still be ongoing right now, while the price Ouroboros had to pay would also be greater.

“Snow, your foresight is as diabolical as always. Zero Wing is indeed not a simple existence,” Zhao Yueru giggled. “Although World Dominators managed to escape with a few hundred of its members, its heavy losses this time means it no longer has any chance of fighting over White River City. Without this old nemesis of ours, Ouroboros has a greater chance of becoming the overlord of White River City.”

Gentle Snow rolled her eyes at the giggling Zhao Yueru. The girl actually dared describe her in such a way.

However, Zero Wing’s performance had truly surpa.s.sed her expectations.

Although Zero Wing had a mere 3,000 or so members on their side, in the face of World Dominators’ overwhelming numbers, Zero Wing had lost only a paltry 1,000 or so members. This was definitely a brilliant battle record.

If the beginning of this battle had not been so intense, the peak of mortality occurring during this period of time, Zero Wing would have lost at most 500 or 600 members in this entire battle. Meanwhile, World Dominators had lost over 10,000 players. One could just see how powerful Zero Wing was.

After the end of the battle, both sides started distributing the spoils of war.

Even leaving aside the equipment that was originally dropped by both sides, the number of weapons and equipment dropped by the 10,000-plus players from World Dominators remained quite considerable.

Very quickly, Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow agreed to split the loot in a 2-to-8 ratio based on the total value of all the equipment dropped. Zero Wing would receive 20% of the total loot, while Ouroboros would receive 80%. However, Zero Wing would mainly receive equipment of Bronze rank or higher.

Aqua Rose settled for such an unbalanced ratio due to s.h.i.+ Feng’s arrangements. As to why s.h.i.+ Feng would propose such a division, firstly, it was his form of grat.i.tude for Ouroboros’s aid. Secondly, they had no use for that many pieces of equipment.

The reason being, most of the equipment left behind by World Dominators were not even Bronze rank. As for Mysterious-Iron Equipment, there were only a pitiful amount of them dropped in this battle. Arming the Guild’s normal members with such poor quality equipment might be fine, but for the elite members, s.h.i.+ Feng had yet to fall to such a low standard. Hence, he was satisfied as long as he could obtain some Bronze ranked weapons and equipment to arm the newcomers of the Guild.

Meanwhile, after the battle involving tens of thousands of players ended, the independent players who had been observing it uploaded recordings of the entire battle to the forums. The battle instantly became a sensation in White River City.

n.o.body could have ever imagined that Zero Wing was actually so fierce. Its battle record was also brilliantly amazing.

However, Zero Wing’s decision to fight World Dominators confused many.

Instead of killing the members of Dark Star, they had chosen to annihilate World Dominators, which had played the role of a “pa.s.serby.” Many people posted about Zero Wing’s ruthlessness for such a decision.

In regard to this, s.h.i.+ Feng did not offer any explanation. Even when Aqua Rose raised this matter to s.h.i.+ Feng, he only laughed it off without saying anything.

In truth, s.h.i.+ Feng really did have his own motives for making such a decision.

On one side, there was Dark Star, a Guild supported by a gigantic existence like Underworld. On the other, there was World Dominators, a first-rate Guild with an extraordinary background.

If these two Guilds cooperated to suppress Zero Wing, such an alliance would be detrimental to Zero Wing’s development in White River City, even with the help of Ouroboros.

After s.h.i.+ Feng found out that these two Guilds had joined hands, the first thing he thought to do was to annihilate World Dominators in White River City.

Although World Dominators was a first-rate Guild, their main force was not based in Star-Moon Kingdom. There were countless cities in G.o.d’s Domain. After World Dominators spread its forces widely, it had only a few experts in each city. The Guild would only make a small investment in a small city like White River City.

However, everything would change if World Dominators truly had a good chance of becoming the overlord of White River City. At such a time, the Guild would definitely increase its investments greatly, and then, World Dominators’ power in White River City would grow severalfold, making it even harder to deal with.

In the past, Blood Halberd had achieved amazing feats in White River City. He also had the help of a first-rate expert like Lonely, so he had managed to develop the Guild to the point where it had the possibility of becoming the overlord of White River City. As a result, World Dominators had boosted the number of experts and funding it sent over, in order to solidify its influence over White River City. Thus, the Guild’s power in White River City greatly increased, and it became even more powerful than the current Ouroboros.

Now that World Dominators had decided to oppose Zero Wing, s.h.i.+ Feng definitely could not allow it to develop in White River City. Otherwise, they would have to face a powerful foe in the future.

This was also the reason why Feng Xuanyang decided to annihilate Zero Wing without hesitation, after s.h.i.+ Feng rejected Feng Xuanyang’s proposal.

Although Feng Xuanyang’s decision was due in part to his vicious personality, the more important reason was how very great a potential a Guild that possessed a Guild Residence had. If he did not destroy Zero Wing while the Guild was still in its infancy, he would be raising a tiger to serve as his future enemy.

s.h.i.+ Feng’s actions were exactly the same as Feng Xuanyang’s; he was killing a powerful opponent that was still in its cradle.

Meanwhile, World Dominators’ starting a fight with Ouroboros at a place with only one escape route was the perfect chance for s.h.i.+ Feng to do so. Naturally, s.h.i.+ Feng would not let such a rare chance get away.


Shortly after the battle with World Dominators ended, Fire Dance and the others also arrived at the location s.h.i.+ Feng had appointed.

“Guild Leader, we’ve already arrived at the location you specified. What are we supposed to do next?” Fire Dance said in the team chat after confirming her group’s location.