Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3537 - Chapter 111 - Ancient City Takes Shape

Chapter 3537 - Chapter 111 - Ancient City Takes Shape

Chapter 111 Ancient City Takes Shape

Jin Hai City, Qingzhu Villa District:

After spending the day at the Secret Pavilions branch headquarters, s.h.i.+ Feng hurriedly returned to his villa to rest.

In reality, those touring the branch headquarters could choose to spend the night there. However, when s.h.i.+ Feng considered the bottle of S-rank Nutrient Fluid he got from Qi Lianshan and the 11,100 a.s.sociation Points he earned from the instructor certification test, he didnt wish to waste even a moment longer there. Thus, he left the branch headquarters ahead of time.

One bottle of Life Potion and six bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid. These supplements should be enough to heal my bodys injuries and replenish my cells vitality, s.h.i.+ Feng thought expectantly as he looked at the seven bottles he had just placed into the refrigerator.

The G.o.ds Domain a.s.sociations points could be exchanged for resources at the a.s.sociation branches located in the various cities. To avoid attracting trouble to himself, s.h.i.+ Feng had chosen to conceal his ident.i.ty and exchanged his points at Liufeng Citys a.s.sociation branch before returning to Jin Hai City. Meanwhile, he had spent all but 100 points to exchange for one bottle of Life Potion and five bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid.

Fortunately, as Liufeng City was a first-tier city, the a.s.sociation branch there had all the resources the a.s.sociation offered. Moreover, the exchange system was operated by AI. So long as he had enough points to exchange for the items he selected, the AI would send fully automated robots to deliver the items to him. No human was involved in the entire process, so there was no need to worry that his ident.i.ty would get exposed.

Meanwhile, with six bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid and one bottle of Life Potion, he should be able to elevate his physical fitness to the standard of master martial artists. Most importantly, the Life Potion would rejuvenate his cells, returning him to his prime of youth. At that time, he would no longer have to worry about facing bottlenecks when developing his body.

While s.h.i.+ Feng was conducting meditation training to put his mind and body into the perfect condition to consume and absorb the drugs, Blackie suddenly contacted him with an anxious expression on his face.

Guild Leader, I just received news that the balance between the various powers has been broken because of the G.o.ds Domain a.s.sociation. Now, the various powers have started competing for leveling spots in both the main continent and the Miniature Ancient World. Battles involving tens of thousands of players have even taken place in a few places already, Blackie said in a helpless tone. Right now, the various first-rate Guilds and Guild alliances have already locked down all leveling maps under Level 110 in the Miniature Ancient World. Theyre not letting any outsiders set foot into these maps. Qianlius side has even clashed with some teams already. Although theyve won every fight so far, weve also suffered a lot of casualties

Currently, although Zero Wings internal members were ahead of the various Guilds in terms of levels, their optimum leveling spots were still Level 105 to Level 110 leveling maps due to the inconvenience of travel.

Originally, few Guilds would send their teams out to these maps, so Zero Wings internal members got to enjoy ample leveling resources. However, now that the various Guilds were laying claim over these maps, it became a lot more challenging for Zero Wing to monopolize these resources.

Although Zero Wings members could fend off those who tried to hinder them, most of the opponents they faced were experts from the various first-rate Guilds. Fighting against these experts while grinding would lower their grinding efficiency significantly.

Moreover, as a small Guild, the last thing Zero Wing wanted was to have a protracted fight with a large Guild. After all, a large Guild could afford to have a portion of their members keep Zero Wing busy while the rest of their members focused on leveling up rapidly.

That is indeed a problem. s.h.i.+ Feng fell into thought for a moment when he heard Blackies report. Then, he said, Have them switch to grinding in Level 110-plus maps for now. Although their leveling efficiency will still decrease, it will still be better than if they stayed and fought. Also, you dont need to worry about recruiting new members. Just focus on leveling up for now.

Okay. Ill notify Qianliu and the others, Blackie said. After giving the matter some thought, he felt that this was the only solution they had right now.

After Blackie disconnected the call, s.h.i.+ Feng also stopped meditating, took out a bottle of S-rank Nutrient Fluid from the refrigerator, and emptied it into his stomach.

It seems Ill have to accelerate the Abyssal Star Citys construction.

Although s.h.i.+ Feng had more or less expected the various powers to make a big move after the instructor certification test, he didnt think they would act so quickly. He also didnt expect the compet.i.tion to reach the Miniature Ancient World as well.

After drinking the S-rank Nutrient Fluid and feeling a warm feeling spreading throughout his body, s.h.i.+ Feng lied into his virtual gaming cabin and logged into G.o.ds Domain.

Misty Canyon, Abyssal Star Ancient City:

When s.h.i.+ Feng logged back into the game, he found that the Abyssal Star City had undergone ma.s.sive changes.


s.h.i.+ Feng was stunned when he saw the pedestrians walking along the citys main street.

The once deserted ancient city had become populated by numerous NPCs in less than a day. Moreover, many of these NPCs were merchants and adventurers.

NPC merchants and NPC adventurers might be a common sight in towns and cities, but it was incredibly strange to see so many of these NPCs in a city that had been summoned only recently.

It should be known that NPC merchants and NPC adventurers were crucial for a citys early-stage development. After all, a city could only rent its Shops out if there were NPC merchants seeking to rent them, and a citys Shops would also only have products to sell if NPC merchants were renting them. Meanwhile, a city could only defend itself if there were NPC adventurers applying to become guards. If a city lacked sufficient NPC guards, it couldnt even maintain basic public security. NPC guards were especially important for the Abyssal Star City since it sat in the monster-infested Misty Canyon.

Meanwhile, after seeing how rapidly the Abyssal Star Ancient City had developed, s.h.i.+ Feng couldnt help but admit that Hidden Soul was indeed a capable person.

System: Abyssal Star Ancient City has acc.u.mulated 2,000 Popularity Points and 500 city guards. Do you wish to spend 20,000 Magic Crystals to unlock the Abyssal Star Advanced Workshop?