Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 300 - Midway Interception

Chapter 300 - Midway Interception

Chapter 300 - Midway Interception

The Silverleaf Forest, also called the Silver Forest by players, was a place filled with monsters ranging from Level 18 to Level 25. It was a rich land.

As to why it was called “rich,” it was because the monsters here were a great source for high-quality leather. These leathers were important materials used in the production of bags and leather armor. Moreover, the monsters here also dropped high-quality meat.

Most importantly, however, there were a total of fourteen Field Bosses present in this Silverleaf Forest. Field Bosses were one of the main sources of income for Guilds. Also, unlike Team Dungeons, which would reset only once every three days, Field Bosses resp.a.w.ned daily. The improvement these Field Bosses could bring to a Guild’s equipment was quite significant.

It was also the reason why Fire Dance had led Zero Wing’s core team here to kill Field Bosses.

Now, however, the Silverleaf Forest swarmed with members of Dark Star. These players were grouped into smaller teams of a dozen or so players and larger teams with as many as a hundred or so players. Meanwhile, each and every one of these players was currently out searching for members of Zero Wing.

“Master Tyrant, we need to speed up our operations. If we wait until Gentle Snow’s people arrive, it will be difficult if we wish to wipe out Zero Wing’s main force,” South Wolf said as he looked at Lone Tyrant.

“For her to actually willingly send out reinforcements, it seems that woman really does have a deep relations.h.i.+p with Zero Wing.” Lone Tyrant was slightly surprised. His lips then curled into a sneer as he said, “Even so, she is too late. We’ve already searched through the majority of this Silverleaf Forest. We’ve also tightly blockaded the three exits for this place. In addition, we’ve also placed a Guild War Order to seal off the entire Silverleaf Forest, so the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds won’t be able to simply return to the city using a Return Scroll. It won’t be long before we will find them and get rid of them.

“However, even if they did use a Return Scroll and returned to the city, their Red Names would get them killed by the guards the moment they arrived. They would also get locked up and lose their freedom for a long period of time. Such a penalty would be much worse than simply getting killed by us.”

South Wolf nodded in agreement.

In order to deal with Zero Wing’s main force this time, Dark Star had spared no effort, sending out all the elite members it had. Even Underworld had sent a team of Underworld Guards into the fray. There were over 10,000 players partic.i.p.ating in the hunt this time around, and of those, 6,000 were used to hinder Zero Wing’s reinforcements.

With its current power, Zero Wing definitely could not contend against these 6,000 players.

However, South Wolf himself could not help but admit that Zero Wing indeed possessed some real ability.

Even when they were ambushed, they had still reacted in an extremely calm manner. They had immediately launched a counterattack and bravely fought back. Moreover, many within their ranks possessed relatively good techniques.

This time, in order to kill the few hundred elite members of Zero Wing, Dark Star had lost over a thousand members.

South Wolf found this result simply unbelievable.

The reason being, of the thousand-plus members that died, over 300 were elite members of Dark Star. Their fighting techniques could definitely be considered first-rate. The most unbelievable part was that even a few members of the Underworld Guards had been killed by Zero Wing.

However, that was it. So what if Zero Wing was top-notch when it came to Dungeon raiding? In a field battle, numbers triumphed over everything else.

This was an unchangeable fact for all games.

“It’s a pity that we didn’t manage to locate Black Flame or Ye Feng. If we could deal with them as well, we can thoroughly remove Zero Wing’s name from White River City. We’ll see if they dare act presumptuously in front of Young Master Feng again.” South Wolf’s hatred of s.h.i.+ Feng had never dissipated in the slightest, and he had always intended to fulfill the words he had spoken before. However, now that they were about to get rid of Zero Wing’s main force, the anger in his heart had lessened slightly.

“Relax, those two will soon be finished as well. In White River City, n.o.body can protect them. Even the elites led by Gentle Snow won’t be able to do so,” Lone Tyrant said proudly.

“How so?” asked South Wolf, somewhat surprised.

“If Zero Wing can make allies, why can’t Dark Star do so as well?” Lone Tyrant softly chuckled.

“Allies?” This was the first time South Wolf was hearing about this.

“Of course you wouldn’t know about this matter; this is a heavily guarded secret of Dark Star. I made this alliance precisely to forestall Gentle Snow’s intervention, and also to prevent them from joining together with Zero Wing to deal with us,” Lone Tyrant said pridefully, as if he had full control over everything. “If Gentle Snow wishes to bring reinforcements over, she’ll have to first see if she can arrive at the Silverleaf Forest’s entrance.

“Regarding the matter of exterminating Zero Wing, this time, you can rest a.s.sured. You just need to remind Vice-Leader Feng of the agreement we made.”

“Guild Leader Tyrant can rest a.s.sured on this matter. As long as you complete the task this time, we will definitely deliver the 100 million Credits and weekly funding of 150 Gold that we promised.” South Wolf laughed.

“Fine, as long as you guys don’t forget your promise.” Lone Tyrant nodded in satisfaction. In truth, he did not place much importance on Zero Wing. When Feng Xuanyang had asked him to deal with Black Flame and Zero Wing, Lone Tyrant had simply agreed, not giving the request much thought. After all, Lone Tyrant had never acknowledged Zero Wing as Dark Star’s opponent. His true enemy was only one person—Gentle Snow.

However, the capital injection offered by Feng Xuanyang this time around was quite attractive, so Lone Tyrant naturally yielded to his request.

With this capital injection, he would be able to contend against Gentle Snow for White River City on an equal footing. As an added bonus, he could also gain plenty of good equipment from Zero Wing.

“Guild Leader, we’ve found them,” an suddenly said in the team chat.

“Good, we’ll head over there immediately.” Lone Tyrant softly chuckled. He then gave a command through the Guild channel, saying, “Everyone, hurry over to that location! We musn’t let them escape this time! The precious equipment on their bodies are waving their hands at us!”

Immediately, all the members of Dark Star that had come to the Silverleaf Forest cheered loudly.

They had long since been drooling over Zero Wing’s precious equipment. What Secret-Silver Equipment? Many members of Zero Wing’s main force possessed Fine-Gold Equipment, and some even Dark-Gold Equipment!


Meanwhile, at one of the dense thickets of the Silverleaf Forest, s.p.a.ce suddenly ruptured. One man walked out from this rupture in s.p.a.ce, and this person was none other than s.h.i.+ Feng, who had arrived using s.p.a.ce Movement.

“s.p.a.ce Movement sure is convenient. Too bad it has a slightly long Cooldown.” s.h.i.+ Feng was liking the Seven Luminaries Ring more and more now.

s.h.i.+ Feng had taken less than an hour to get here from Star-Moon City, even arriving ahead of Gentle Snow.

Just as s.h.i.+ Feng was about to contact Fire Dance, a call came from Gentle Snow.

“We got ambushed by 500 or so elite players, so it may be a little later before we can reach the Silverleaf Forest,” Gentle Snow apologized.

“Ambushed?” s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised. “To actually muster so much manpower, that Lone Tyrant sure came prepared.”

“We weren’t ambushed by players from Dark Star.” Gentle Snow shook her head.

“No? Is it Underworld, then?” s.h.i.+ Feng couldn’t help but feel amazed by Underworld’s strength. It definitely should not be easy to field so many players for this hunt. Yet, they were actually able to deploy another 500-plus elites to hinder Gentle Snow. The organization known as Underworld really possessed a powerful framework.

“No. They’re elites from World Dominators. My guess is that Dark Star has already joined hands with World Dominators.” Gentle Snow then suggested, “It won’t be possible for my side to break through any time soon. If your reinforcements really can’t break through, you all should just give up. If we wait until World Dominators’ troops head over there and carry out a pincer attack against you, then Zero Wing will truly be finished.”

“I know.” s.h.i.+ Feng fully understood the situation now.

Dark Star wasn’t planning on just giving a huge blow to Zero Wing this time. Instead, they intended to wipe out Zero Wing, removing it as a threat completely.