Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 192 - Wild and Domineering

Chapter 192 - Wild and Domineering

Chapter 192 - Wild and Domineering

White Sand Ruins, as a key location for players to reach Level 10, the Level 9 players from the surrounding towns would naturally come here to level up. Not only did this place possess Level 10 monsters, which were a better source of EXP, there were also plenty of quests in this region. Moreover, a majority of them rewarded high amounts of EXP, and some high-level quests even gave out Bronze ranked or above equipment.

It was especially true for the newly discovered Stonehammer Town. It was practically a heaven for players. As long as one’s reputation in Stonehammer Town reached a certain degree, they could purchase Level 10 Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Equipment at extremely low prices. It was impossible to find such treatment in other towns.

Thus, White Sand Ruins became the mainstream leveling location for Level 9 players. Naturally, Guilds like Martial Union would not miss out on such a great location.

Ever since s.h.i.+ Feng had killed Unstable Devastation in Red Leaf Town, Unstable Devastation had immediately escaped to this place to level up. After a period of hard work, Unstable Devastation had finally managed to get back to Level 9; he was also not far from reaching Level 10.

“Ye Feng, just you wait. The day our alliance of Guilds enter White River City will be the day of your funeral!” Unstable Devastation silently cursed as he killed a Level 10 Three-tailed Scorpion.

Although he had exposed s.h.i.+ Feng’s secret, and s.h.i.+ Feng provoked and angered the other Guilds, there had yet to be a person that could do a thing to s.h.i.+ Feng. Moreover, not only was s.h.i.+ Feng living comfortably, he was even earning a large sum of money right now! This envious situation of s.h.i.+ Feng’s had driven Unstable Devastation to near insanity, and he silently questioned why he couldn’t enjoy such fortune.

Martial Union was originally a Guild that had migrated to G.o.d’s Domain from another virtual reality game, so they did not possess the investment of any large corporation. There were only a few wealthy young masters spending money to support the Guild. While Martial Union still played that other virtual reality game, these wealthy young masters were considered rich tyc.o.o.ns. They could casually spend up to several hundred thousand Credits, allowing the Martial Union of those days to take the gaming world by storm easily. Such a situation had allowed these wealthy young masters great pleasure; hence they went on to establish Martial Union in G.o.d’s Domain. They wanted to continue taking the world by storm.

As Unstable Devastation was one of the upper echelons of Martial Union, his monthly salary was over ten thousand Credits. It was a relatively high salary even within the big city. He was even extremely elated about this matter, often bragging in front of his friends about how he was a G.o.d-ranked player. When he treated his friends to a normal restaurant, he would always foot the bill with a casual wave of his hand, appearing domineering and earning the envy of others.

However, after Unstable Devastation witnessed the sales of the White River City Guidebook, his mind turned into a complete mess.

With a rough calculation, Unstable Devastation guessed that s.h.i.+ Feng’s earnings in a single day had exceeded ten million Credits. Considering the follow-up earnings, s.h.i.+ Feng’s a.s.sets might have surpa.s.sed even that of the wealthy young masters in Martial Union. If s.h.i.+ Feng took a step further and sold his leveling strategy at a low price, he might truly be able to live his remaining years without worry. Wealth and beauties would be within s.h.i.+ Feng grasp; his life might become even more comfortable than those young masters.

Thinking up to this point, bitterness and envy filled Unstable Devastation’s heart.

However, the only fortunate thing was that s.h.i.+ Feng had not offered the leveling strategy at a low price. As long as he could s.n.a.t.c.h it, becoming the first one to sell it on the official forums, he wouldn’t need to remain a professional player any longer. He could immediately live a rich life in the real world.

“Boss Unstable, I discovered a location with an extraordinarily high amount of monsters. The resp.a.w.n rate is also quite fast. Our leveling efficiency could probably rise by 60% or more there,” an said in the team chat.

“Report the location. We’ll head there right away,” Unstable Devastation grew excited upon hearing this.

Right now, there were simply too many players in the White Sand Ruins, while the number of monsters was far from enough for them to grind. If there were such a valuable location available, they might make it to White River City today.

“These are the coordinates,” that immediately transmitted the coordinates into the team chat.

“Good. We’ll head over there after we get rid of these monsters,” Unstable Devastation laughed. His luck had finally arrived.

In a moment, Unstable Devastation led his team of elite players to that location.

Just like that had reported, this place was extremely secluded. There were plenty of monsters here as well. There were almost more than fifty Three-tailed Scorpions resp.a.w.ning every interval. To a large elite team like theirs with over a hundred players, this place was certainly a worthwhile grinding spot.

The only problem was that there were already quite a few players grinding here as well.

“Boss Unstable, what are we going to do?” a s.h.i.+eld Warrior looked towards the 60 to 70 players grinding ahead, his eyebrows scrunching as he spoke.

“Duh! Can’t you see that they’re all independent players?” Unstable Devastation said disdainfully, “They’re merely temporary parties grinding here. How can we let them occupy such a good location? Go, get rid of them. From now on, this place will be Martial Union’s grinding spot.”

Indeed, just as Unstable Devastation said, the players here were all independent players that did not belong to any Guilds. They had simply teamed up temporarily to grind. If a normal Guild were to see this many players, they would not dare attempt to steal this territory. However, it was a different story for Unstable Devastation and the bunch from Martial Union. Unstable Devastation’s team consisted of the elite players of five different towns, and even the elite team Stabbing Heart led could not outnumber them.

“Clear out the place! All those not from Martial Union, leave! Otherwise, deal with the consequences at your own risk!” Unstable Devastation glared at the group of independent players with contempt as he yelled his warning.

Meanwhile, the hundred-plus elite players from Martial Union all wore sneers as they surrounded the location. As long as anybody dared resist, they would extinguish them without hesitation.

The equipment of independent players had always been of poor quality. Even if these players had reached Level 9, their equipment was still far from comparing with Martial Union’s. Martial Union even had the advantage of numbers, up to 132 players, while these independent players only numbered around 60 to 70. Not to mention, these independent players were not unified in heart, so they were even less of a challenge to Martial Union.

At this moment, the representative sent out by these independent players said, “Brothers from Martial Union, shouldn’t we do things properly? It isn’t easy for everyone to level up. Why don’t we do this; we’ll each take half of these monsters.”

“Scram! I’ll count to ten. If all of you don’t get lost by then, I don’t mind letting you stay here forever!” Unstable Devastation bellowed.

“You guys are too arrogant! We’ve only managed to discover this place after much difficulty, so what right do you have to chase us away?”

“Listen to me, everyone. Why don’t we team up and fight it out against Martial Union? At most, both sides will suffer losses. I don’t believe that these players from Martial Union are really so fearless as fight it out with us!”

Just as one of the parties tried to organize everyone else into a team to go against Martial Union, tens of Fireb.a.l.l.s blasted on the players of said party, instantly killing them all. This situation had frightened these independent players. However, they did not dare utter a word, only silently glare at Unstable Devastation.

“What? Do you have something to say?” Unstable Devastation laughed coldly, waving his hand once again.

Suddenly, another dozen spells fell upon them, and several more players glaring at Unstable Devastation perished.

“Let’s go,” unable to endure the pressure, one of the parties took the lead.

Soon after, the several remaining parties looked at each other. They all shook their heads as they departed. As for the two parties that died, n.o.body cared about them any longer.

“Hahaha! They are merely a bunch of trash, yet they dare compete with us, Martial Union?” Unstable Devastation watched the departing independent players, jeering.

Meanwhile, the other members of Martial Union also started laughing, exhilarated.

At this moment, s.h.i.+ Feng arrived at the White Sand Ruins after running without rest.

“Martial Union should not be far ahead,” s.h.i.+ Feng compared his current location to the marked location on the map, increasing his pace as he headed onward.