Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 167 - The Disparity Between Realms

Chapter 167 - The Disparity Between Realms

Chapter 167 - The Disparity Between Realms

Immediately, more than 400 players in the fountain plaza surrounded s.h.i.+ Feng and the others. They all unsheathed their swords and armed their crossbows as they eyed their prey.

However, to s.h.i.+ Feng’s surprise, none of them showed any intentions of rus.h.i.+ng forward.

Instead, they parted to the sides and opened a path, letting through twenty-odd players.

When these twenty-plus players arrived by Unstable Devastation’s side, their complexions were as gloomy as water, and their expressions numbed. These players’ levels were not high; only around Level 5 or Level 6. Their equipment was also nothing special. Compared to the elites of Martial Union, the difference was just too great. They did not seem like players from Martial Union at all.

“I’ll be looking forward to your performances,” Unstable Devastation spoke to these newcomers harshly. He then turned his sights towards Fire Dance, revealing a fierce sneer as he looked forward to the start of a good show.

These newcomers nodded their heads indifferently. They took out their weapons and walked towards s.h.i.+ Feng.

In the distance, Fire Dance and Water Buffalo were immediately stunned when they saw these players.

“You guys… why are you all with Martial Union?” Fire Dance loudly questioned these players.

The twenty plus players that walked over were not strangers to Fire Dance. On the contrary, they were the ex-companions with whom Fire Dance shared both bitter and sweet times.

At this moment, Unstable Devastation looked at Ye Feng, laughter escaping his mouth as he said, “Hahaha! Ye Feng, I am an extremely generous person. Previously, these players aided you in killing many of Martial Union’s members. I’ve promised them that, as long as they kill you and your companions, I will forgive all of their past transgressions, and Martial Union would no longer seek trouble with them.”

“Ye Feng, don’t you think that you should do something for them to compensate their losses?” Unstable Devastation jeered. Ye Feng had embarra.s.sed him greatly last time, so he would not let him off the hook so easily.

He eagerly wished to see whether Ye Feng would dare take action or not. As long as Ye Feng took action, the headline on tomorrow’s official forums would be: Publicly acknowledged Swordsman expert is an extremely treacherous person! He willingly killed his allies to save himself! At that time, only tatters would remain of Ye Feng’s reputation. Unstable Devastation wanted to see just how Ye Feng intended to mingle in G.o.d’s Domain in the future.

Unable to endure it any longer, Fire Dance abruptly burst out in rage. Her eyes sent a chill as she glared at Unstable Devastation, yelling loudly, “Unstable Devastation, you despicable little man! These people have all killed your Martial Union members under my commands! If you have the guts, then come at me!”

Originally, Fire Dance felt extremely joy for being able to join Ye Feng’s team. She did not think that she would cause Ye Feng such a mess. If Ye Feng killed all of these people right now, others would gossip, and nasty rumors about him would spread. Ye Feng would be slandered as a merciless person, a person willing to kill even those who had helped him in the past.

Although this matter was not of her doing, these people were still her past companions. She was responsible for leading them to kill the members of Martial Union. Now that these people had betrayed her and sided with Martial Union, bringing trouble to Ye Feng, she felt extremely apologetic towards Ye Feng.

“Fire Dance, we have no choice in this matter. We have to do this if we wish to obtain Martial Union’s forgiveness and continue playing in Red Leaf Town.”

“Fire Dance, this is our only way out. We hope that you can understand.”

“That’s right! They forced us, left us no way out. Let us kill you just this once!”

Fire Dance’s companions closed the distance as they spoke. Some of the mage even started chanting their spells, prepared to launch their attacks.

“You guys…” Fire Dance’s complexion turned extremely ugly. She immediately turned towards Ye Feng, apologetically saying, “I’m sorry, Big Brother Ye Feng! I will definitely give you an account of this matter!”

“Unstable Devastation, you best listen up! I, Fire Dance, will immediately leave the team right now. I will no longer have any relations with Big Brother Ye Feng, so let me shoulder this debt between us!” Fire Dance immediately left the party. After her public declaration, she unsheathed her daggers as she walked forth, towards her companions. She intended to deal with these companions of hers personally. That way, Ye Feng would not experience in any sort of slander.

After seeing this, Unstable Devastation’s complexion turned pale with anger. He did not think that this woman called Fire Dance would be so determined.

“Fire Dance, aren’t you just making things harder for us? Regardless of the circ.u.mstances, we were once companions in the past. How could you treat us like this?”

“That’s right! We’ve gone through life and death so many times together. Are you really going to treat us like this?”

Fire Dance’s previous team voiced their accusations, one after another. These accusations deeply pierced Fire Dance’s heart. The laughs and suffering they went through together, all the bonds had simply turned to smoke. The only thing she could do was hold back her tears and kill the emotions in her heart.

“Fire Dance, are you going to be so heartless as to kill us?” a middle-aged wearing grey-colored leather armor asked resentfully.

His words had immediately caused Fire Dance to pause.

However, immediately after, this middle-aged stabbed his dagger towards Fire Dance’s heart.


Before the gleaming dagger could reach its target, a pitch-black sword blocked the attack.

“Fire Dance, you’re not taking me, the team leader, seriously, are you? Since you’ve already joined my team, you are still a member of our team until this leader decided to kick you out. I will not acknowledge your selfish retirement from the team.”

“Now that you are a member of our team, this team leader has the responsibility of shouldering everything for you. So, in regards to your painful memories, I will help you purge them all.”

Ever since s.h.i.+ Feng re-entered G.o.d’s Domain, he no longer cared about what others thought of him, because only weaklings would mind how others looked at them.

“Oh, right. I forgot to mention one more thing to you guys. Anyone who joins my team has to keep in mind one important thing; if you constantly mind how others look at you, you will never truly improve your own strength and techniques. You don’t have to care how others look at you. It is enough as long as you advance on the path that you wish to take. Only with that can you become a true expert.”

s.h.i.+ Feng suddenly appeared in front of Fire Dance. To Fire Dance, he towered like a mountain before her, blocking any and all dangers from reaching her.

“Big Brother Ye Feng…” Tears inadvertently leaked out from Fire Dance’s eyes; Ye Feng’s actions and words truly touched her heart. After listening to his words, it was as if the door to the realm of experts slowly opened for her. Maybe her hesitation held her back from becoming a true expert.

So what if he killed them? Who cared about others’ opinions? The strong would never pay attention to such small matters. The only things they needed to consider were the courage to forge ahead and constantly raising their own strength!

By the side, after Water Buffalo listened to Ye Feng’s words, his heart was inexplicably moved. He would never have thought Ye Feng would be such a dependable person; a person others could admire.

Meanwhile, Cola and the other two merely exchanged glances with each other, smiles plastered on their faces.

That’s right! This was the leader that they respected and admired!

Immediately, Cola and the others stepped forward, one after another, blocking Fire Dance.

“Well said! So? What are you guys still waiting for?” Unstable Devastation felt extreme joy. He had recorded all of Ye Feng’s words. When the time came, he could deny his actions.

“Ye Feng, you despicable little man! We’ve already helped you so much, yet, in the end, you still wish to kill us? You are simply inhuman!”

Fire Dance’s ex-companions cursed, enraged. They all rushed at Ye Feng, one after another, intending to slash and bash him to death.

s.h.i.+ Feng smiled disdainfully at their actions. Looking at the twenty plus melee and mage cla.s.s players launching their attacks at him, s.h.i.+ Feng only lightly waved the Abyssal Blade.

Thundering Flas.h.!.+

Three electric arcs instantly weaved across the bodies of the twenty plus players. Damages ranging from -500 to more than -1,000 appeared above everyone’s heads, instantly killing everyone.

Meanwhile, the green prism marker above s.h.i.+ Feng’s head instantly turned b.l.o.o.d.y red, giving others a chilling feeling.

“Big Brother Ye Feng!”


Fire Dance and the others immediately panicked. If a player actively killed other players within a town, the guards would hunt them until death. Moreover, after the offending player revived, the guards would toss them in jail. Judging by the intensity of s.h.i.+ Feng’s red name, he would lose at least three levels after death, maybe even four.

“Hahaha! Ye Feng’s name is finally red! Without the town’s protection, we can kill you here without any repercussions and make you lose all of your items!” Unstable Devastation laughed madly, saying, “Everyone else, get him! I will immediately promote whoever manages to kill Ye Feng into the leader of an elite team!”

However, immediately after Unstable Devastation finished his words, a familiar voice sounded from behind him.

“Has Ironsword Lion never told you how he died?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked coldly, appeared behind Unstable Devastation after using Silent Steps.