Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 156 - Black Dragon Coming into Being

Chapter 156 - Black Dragon Coming into Being

Chapter 156 - Black Dragon Coming into Being

At a glance, the Kabulu Wilderness was comprised mainly of silt and gravel. There were also plenty of abandoned pastures and farmland. From time to time, sounds of crows cawing reverberated throughout the land.

Level 10 monsters, such as White-tusk Boars, Large Bisons, and vultures, roamed this land, and they were all extremely ferocious.

At this stage of the game, a Level 10 monster area was an extremely dangerous place for players. However, in a certain pasture in the Kabulu Wilderness, a twenty-man team currently grinded on White-tusk Boars.

“We’re almost finished clearing out the monsters over here. Little Shadow, go lure some more monsters over,” a handsome youth commanded. This youth wore a set of golden armor and wielded a greatsword.

“Yes,” the Level 9 called Little Shadow very respectfully answered. He then turned to lure more monsters.

If an average player witnessed this scene, they would probably be incomparably shocked.

A Level 9 wearing Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment was definitely an expert of G.o.d’s Domain. No matter which large Guild such an expert joined, he would be one of the upper-echelons of the Guild. However, such an expert was unexpectedly willing to take on the role of an errand boy, and there was not even a hint of resentment or rage in his eyes when treated as such. On the contrary, there was even a hint of pride in them.

“What? Snow?” the golden armored youth was slightly surprised when he received a communication request from this person. He picked up the call and spoke in a soft tone, “Snow, it’s been awhile since you’ve contacted me. How have you been recently? I really don’t know why you insist on staying in a Guild like Ouroboros. Won’t you develop further if you join me in Underworld?”

“Feng Xuanyang, I’ve already said it before; I will not join Underworld. I will depend on myself to create my own legacy. I’m only looking for you today to ask for your help on a matter,” Gentle Snow calmly said.

“Say it, then. As long as it’s a request from you, Snow, I will strive to fulfill it,” the golden armored youth immediately said with a smile. This was the first time Gentle Snow had came to him asking for help. Previously, Gentle Snow had constantly tried to put distance between them, so this was a golden opportunity for him to show off.

“It’s nothing big. It’s about the message that you sent me before, telling me to stay out of that matter. I understand the crux of the problem, and isn’t it just a small conflict? Moreover, Ye Feng is a friend of mine. So, I hope that you can give me some face and let this matter go,” Gentle Snow said.

“Ye Feng, is it?” Feng Xuanyang wrinkled his brows. He did not think that Gentle Snow would ask him about this matter.

“That’s right; it’s Ye Feng. What are your thoughts?” Gentle Snow asked.

“Since you’ve already spoken, naturally, there will be no problems. You can rest a.s.sured; I’ll talk to my subordinates about it,” Feng Xuanyang smiled.

Soon after, Gentle Snow disconnected the call.

“Snow, why would you care so much about that Ye Feng? You don’t usually pay much attention to anyone else. Don’t tell me you’ve taken a liking to that brat?” Zhao Yueru, who stood beside Gentle Snow, giggled, the expression she revealed suggesting the two must be involved with each other.

“You’re overthinking things,” Gentle Snow rolled her eyes at Zhao Yueru. She then said in a soft tone, “Moreover, don’t forget who it was that gave us the Potionmaking recipe. Not only did it allow you to become an Intermediate Potionmaking Apprentice, but you are also earning a lot of money with it. Aren’t you happily counting your Silver Coins all day right now?”

“Fine; I admit that he was indeed a great help, so we ought to help him in return this time…” Hearing Gentle Snow saying so, Zhao Yueru was like a kitten that had its sore spot poked, acting pitifully.

“Moreover, Ye Feng’s help isn’t limited to just that one time. It was only thanks to him that we managed to clear the h.e.l.l Mode of the Dark Moon Graveyard, allowing my position in Ouroboros to rise rapidly. Many elders in the Guild have also changed their initial att.i.tudes towards me, choosing to stand on my side instead. This result has saved me from many troubles, and I haven’t even gotten the chance to thank Ye Feng for this yet. Helping him with a small matter like this is nothing.” Gentle Snow then continued, “If Underworld still doesn’t give up and still wishes to deal with Ye Feng, I can only use that move. However, since Feng Xuanyang has already agreed, there should be no problems.”


On the other side, after Feng Xuanyang ended the call, his face paled with anger.

Feng Xuanyang could not understand just what sort of relations.h.i.+p Gentle Snow had with that Ye Feng for her to actually speak up for him. Feng Xuanyang had been trying to woo Gentle Snow for so long, yet, she had paid him no attention from the start. Right now, Underworld was just teaching Ye Feng a lesson, yet Gentle Snow immediately came calling. The degree of care that she gave Ye Feng was abnormally high.

It had even reached a degree that caused Feng Xuanyang jealousy.

Feng Xuanyang had both money and power. He was also incomparably handsome. He was hundreds of times better than that Ye Feng in every way. Yet, Gentle Snow chose to pay attention to Ye Feng instead. There must be a problem here.

However, Feng Xuanyang was extremely clear about Gentle Snow’s daily lifestyle. There was no chance that a minor character like Ye Feng could meet her in real life. The only possibility was in G.o.d’s Domain. There must be something that he had here that led to Gentle Snow treating him so well. If Ye Feng remained in G.o.d’s Domain, the two of them might have a deeper development.

The more Feng Xuanyang thought about it, the more plausible it seemed.

Feng Xuanyang’s eyes gleamed with a cold glint. He had no intentions of watching his years of effort go to waste, I absolutely cannot let that Ye Feng remain in G.o.d’s Domain!

He would not tolerate Ye Feng’s continued contact with Gentle Snow. He needed to get rid of Ye Feng immediately. Only with Ye Feng gone would there be no possibility of any development occurring between him and Gentle Snow.

“Young Master Feng, do you have any commands?” South Wolf respectfully asked.

“I want you to break apart the relations.h.i.+p between Ye Feng and Gentle Snow. Think of a way to turn them against each other, then make Ye Feng disappear from G.o.d’s Domain. However, you cannot let others know that Underworld is involved in this matter. Do you understand?” Feng Xuanyang coldly said.

“Understood. This subordinate will carry out your orders. However, I hope that Young Master Feng can allot me some more helpers. That way, I can do things more easily,” South Wolf smiled as he spoke.

“Fine. I’ll send a party from the Underworld Guards to a.s.sist you. However, you have to carry things out more beautifully,” Feng Xuanyang said.

Hearing the name ‘Underworld Guards,’ South Wolf was shocked into a jump. He simply did not know how Ye Feng had provoked Young Master Feng to unleash the Underworld Guards, the core strength of Underworld. Moreover, it was not tasking just an individual, but a full party.

“Young Master Feng, rest a.s.sured; this subordinate will carry out your orders without fail,” South Wolf a.s.sured.


Star River Valley.

The Abyssal Blade in s.h.i.+ Feng’s hand suddenly emitted pitch-black flames. These black flames instantly wrapped around the Fine-Gold ranked greatsword and the ten Silver Dawns. The flames radiated a scorchingly hot temperature as they melted these weapons.

The temperature of the black flames was on an entirely different level compared to the Ice-Blue Devil Flame. In the blink of an eye, even the Fine-Gold ranked greatsword melted into a lump of metal, the Abyssal Blade continuously absorbing the essence of the weapon.

After the devouring process completed, the Abyssal Blade flared with a gigantic black flame. The black flame was like a living being, transforming into a black dragon. The size of the dragon was like a great mountain with the height of around 200 to 300 meters, and pitch-black scales that were even harder than steel covered its entire body. Soon after, the black dragon released a heaven-shaking roar, instantly scattering the dark clouds in the sky. The roar of the dragon shocked the entire Star River Valley, and even the Golden Fish in the silver river were shocked still, not moving at all.

“Magic Weapon!” Faust, who floated in mid-air, instantly knew what was happening when he saw the black dragon’s appearance from the Abyssal Blade. His constantly calm expression before even showed signs of shock right now, “How is this possible? A young fellow like you actually controls a Magic Weapon and haven’t felt its curse yet!”