Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1528 - Hidden Promotion Condition

Chapter 1528 - Hidden Promotion Condition

Chapter 1528: Hidden Promotion Condition


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1528 – Hidden Promotion Condition

When s.h.i.+ Feng revealed the thick tome, the architects’ eyes glowed.

“This is…an Advanced Construction Design!”

Ordinary players might not understand what kind of design s.h.i.+ Feng had shown them, but these weren’t ordinary players; they stood at the apex of Star-Moon Kingdom’s architects.

An ordinary construction design only consisted of several sheets of paper. Meanwhile, designs with enough pages to become books were Advanced Construction Designs. The thicker the book was, the more difficult the design would be to construct. Unlike the buildings in the real world, G.o.d’s Domain’s Advanced Constructions required Secret Runes and Magic Arrays. If these were imperfect in the slightest way and couldn’t connect, they wouldn’t function and would have to be redrawn.

Fortunately, the entire pattern wouldn’t need to be redrawn if mistakes occurred with some runes or arrays. Players simply needed to rework the failed symbols and sacrifice a few extra materials. However, since the necessary materials were precious, the Guild would feel a slight sting in its pockets if an architect failed too many times.

Meanwhile, what truly excited these architects was the fact that every Advanced Construction Design had a unique set of Secret Runes for players to learn. Learning these Secret Runes would help them when they designed their own in the future. They would then have an easier time climbing to the Master rank.

“Guild Leader, while we can complete the foundation of the Four Towers of Elements, I’m afraid the magic arrays for the core part are too complex. They are at least Advanced Magic Arrays. We aren’t capable of drawing them right now…” After taking a look through the Elemental Towers’ design, Happy Mo discovered the design’s most challenging aspect.

Although they frequently researched magic arrays, they were only capable of completing Basic Magic Arrays at the moment. They were still some time from being able to draw Intermediate Magic Arrays. Meanwhile, the Four Towers of Elements’ core required Advanced Magic Arrays, which were used to harvest energy within the Seven Luminaries Crystals.

Architects of their rank weren’t yet capable of achieving this feat.

“Your task is to build the towers’ foundations. I’ll draw the magic arrays for the cores. You just need to deal with the Secret Runes and Magic Circuits,” s.h.i.+ Feng explained.

“You’ll draw them, Guild Leader?” The Lifestyle players were stunned when they heard s.h.i.+ Feng’s plan. They stared at the man as if he were a monster.

Not only was s.h.i.+ Feng a Master Forger, but he could also draw Advanced Magic Arrays. How were they supposed to compare to someone like this?

What these players didn’t realize was that players had to learn to draw magic arrays to develop their In the past, players had only discovered this fact after reaching Level 100. Regardless of the subcla.s.s, players would encounter magic arrays as they increased their Lifestyle ranks. Only, the difficulty varied depending on the subcla.s.s.

For example, forgers, alchemists, and engineers needed to be able to draw Intermediate Magic Arrays at the very minimum if they wanted to reach the Master rank. The requirement was even higher to become a Grandmaster. When crafting a higher-quality item, the production process would require more Mana. Without a magic array to help guide the Mana to the item, the production process would fail.

Because of this, the various large Guilds fought over the rare Magic Array Designs, particularly the high-ranked ones. This was also why powerful Lifestyle players preferred to join powerful Guilds. As an individual, not only was it difficult to obtain high-quality materials in large quant.i.ties, but it was also extremely difficult to collect a large variety of Magic Array Designs. Such a task required sufficient strength and a large number of players.

This was the reason that the various kingdoms and empires restricted the circulation of Magic Array Designs.

Aside from the Four Towers of Elements Design, s.h.i.+ Feng had also revealed the Advanced Restaurant Design and instructed the Advanced Architects to research it together. With this, they could improve their Secret Rune standards far more quickly and complete the Four Towers of Elements with more precision.

Seeing this, the other architects present could not help their envy. Now, they were even more eager to reach Advanced rank. After all, there was a ma.s.sive difference between the amount of GCPs they could obtain from constructing an Advanced Construction and a Basic Construction.

Moreover, s.h.i.+ Feng had stated that as long as they qualified and had enough GCPs, they could purchase a private house in Zero Wing City.

Following which, every architect went into action.

While the Advanced Architects focused on the Four Towers of Elements, the other architects focused on the hotels, bars, private houses, Shops, the Battle Arena, and other Basic Constructions.


Elsewhere, s.h.i.+ Feng published the news of Zero Wing City on Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums. After all, the city wouldn’t remain a secret for long, and with how ma.s.sive Zero Wing had become, the Guild certainly had quite a few spies among its ranks. Rather than letting only the other Guilds in on the secret, it was more beneficial to announce it to the kingdom, increasing the city and Guild’s fame.

When the information went public, a sensation swept through the kingdom.

The spectacular view from the city alone was mesmerizing, not to mention its functions.

However, players were more excited about the city’s Mana density.

“The city’s Mana density is so high even without any Magic Towers?”

“With this, Zero Wing will definitely rise in G.o.d’s Domain. Once Zero Wing finishes constructing Magic Towers, the city’s Mana density will be even higher than in Stone Forest Town.”

“But why is Zero Wing City constructed in Witch’s Hill? Although the average levels of the area’s maps are quite high, their resources are average at best. They chose a far better location for Stone Forest Town.”

“Zero Wing might have other reasons. Just look at Witch’s Hill. It has the high-level resource map, Shadow Forest, and the h.e.l.l Mode Regional Dungeon, Mournful Ruins. When players reach Level 60, Witch’s Hill will be a prime leveling spot.”

“I wonder when Zero Wing will open its city to the public?”

“That’s right! When is Zero Wing going to open the city?!”

“It would be great if our adventurer team can garrison in Zero Wing City. Hopefully, the private houses won’t be too expensive.”

Although s.h.i.+ Feng had only released a small amount of information, it was enough to stir players’ interest.

When the various large Guilds saw s.h.i.+ Feng’s post, some celebrated, while others wept. Those who celebrated were the Guilds whom the city couldn’t threaten right now. After all, G.o.d’s Domain’s mainstream players were still some distance from Level 40. It would still be some time before mainstream players would head to Level 50-70 areas like Witch’s Hill to develop.

Once players reached Level 50, Zero Wing City would become a disaster.

“Gather more manpower immediately! We need to earn as many Contribution Points as possible during Bewildering Forest Town’s defense!”

For a time, the various large Guilds a.s.sembled and dispatched their forces to Bewildering Forest Town.

If their Guilds wished to develop quickly, they had to deal with their lack of Mounts as quickly as possible. Bewildering Forest Town’s defense was the best opportunity to do so.

As a result, more players flooded to the already-crowded town. Among the new arrivals, the lowest level was Level 40, while the majority were Level 42 and 43.

As one large Guild after another arrived with its forces in Bewildering Forest Town, many of the independent players, who were there to earn some Contribution Points, were amazed.

Expert players, which were normally difficult to encounter, swarmed the town. Their equipment was simply blinding. Normally, players in full Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment attracted a lot of attention, but now, these players were a dime a dozen. In fact, they barely attracted any attention.

Many of the players who had come to Bewildering Forest Town wore full sets of Level 45 Dark-Gold Equipment, but some even wielded weapons and equipment that radiated the Epic rank glow effect.

Among the various large Guilds that had arrived, one Guild stood out. Upon this Guild’s arrival, the other Guilds in the Teleportation Hall opened a path for its members. Not only were these Guild members’ levels quite high, but the other Guilds’ upper echelons also drooled over their equipment. In addition, every one of these players sat comfortably atop their Mounts, with the majority riding pitch-black warhorses. These players also wore a black cape draped over their shoulders. As they moved, they looked like a well-trained army.

The several dozen players leading this group even rode Bronze rank and above Mounts. Compared to these players, the other Guilds’ members looked like hoodlums.

“What Guild is that? It’s so amazing!”

“Have you never been to a neutral map outside of Star-Moon Kingdom? You don’t know about Heaven’s Burial?”

“Heaven’s Burial?! How is this possible?! I remember that Heaven’s Burial suffered a devastating defeat when it tried to compete with Zero Wing for the position of number one Guild. How does it have so many high-level members? They even have Mounts!”

“You must’ve never been to a neutral map before, then. After Zero Wing defeated the Guild, Heaven’s Burial s.h.i.+fted its focus. Now, it thrives in neutral maps. Have you heard of Bonewind Town?”

“I’ve heard of it. I think it’s one of the three Orc Towns players captured after the Orc Empire’s rise.”

“Let me tell you, then. Heaven’s Burial is the Guild that captured Bonewind Town. Because of that, a large corporation decided to invest in the Guild. Heaven’s Burial used those investments to recruit a large number of experts and well-known Workshops from other kingdoms and empires. Now, the Guild’s strength has reached a new level. If Heaven’s Burial clashed with Zero Wing in the fields now, it might have a chance of victory.”

As the crowd discussed Heaven’s Burial, another series of flashes illuminated Bewildering Forest Town’s Teleportation Hall. Unlike Heaven’s Burial’s members, however, none of these players rode Mounts. But despite standing there quietly, the crowd couldn’t help but turn towards them.

“Look! Zero Wing’s members are here!”