Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1525 - Uproar

Chapter 1525 - Uproar

Chapter 1525: Uproar


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1525 – Uproar

The regional announcement repeated for several times, the mechanical voice of the system echoing in the minds of Star-Moon Kingdom’s players continuously. For a moment, whether they were players currently resting in towns and cities or players out grinding in the fields, they all fell into a daze when they heard this announcement.

“What’s going on?”

“Constructed a city?”

“How is this possible?! The various large Guilds are still working on getting their towns upgraded to the Intermediate rank. Even Super Guilds have just begun trying to upgrade their towns to the Advanced rank. How could there be a Guild city already?”

“Did Zero Wing manage to upgrade Stone Forest Town into a city?”

“All hail Zero Wing!”

“That might really be possible. After all, the player population in Stone Forest Town right now is really insane. The population there is not one bit lower than an NPC city’s.”

“This is impossible! I’m standing inside Stone Forest Town right now, and nothing about the town has changed whatsoever!”

Practically everyone on Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums was discussing Zero Wing and the city it built right now.

Although the players of G.o.d’s Domain currently did not have any concrete information about Guild cities, they could generally guess how amazing a Guild city would be just by looking at the various Guild towns currently in the game. Setting aside the various other functions a Guild city would possess, just the amount of land it occupied would definitely exceed that of a town by a large margin, which would, in turn, allow it to accommodate more players.

However, compared to the fact that Zero Wing was now in possession of a Guild city, everyone was much more interested in finding out about the city itself, particularly its location.

Currently, mainstream players were starting to outgrow Stone Forest Town. If Zero Wing had built its city at a high-level resource map and replicated the facilities it had in Stone Forest Town in its new city, players would both be able to complete high-level quests without traveling long distances and easily improve their combat standards inside the city, killing two birds with one stone.

“Zero Wing has a Guild city now? This is a good opportunity for our adventurer team.”

“A new city? I wonder where it’s located. If its location is good, it might not be a bad idea to buy a Shop there and settle down.”

In the eyes of most independent players, Zero Wing’s new city was merely a potential rest area. To the various adventurer teams and merchant players, however, the city was a huge opportunity for them.

Currently, both the private houses and Shops of Stone Forest Town were becoming increasingly valuable. Many wealthy adventurer teams and merchant players were already regretting their decision not to purchase one for themselves before.

At the same time, the various large Guilds of Star-Moon Kingdom also became busy, holding internal meetings to restructure their future development plans in the kingdom.

Zero Wing’s acquisition of a Guild city might be good news for ordinary players, but there was nothing good about it for large Guilds like theirs.

In G.o.d’s Domain, maintaining and protecting a Guild town entailed a lot of manpower. Hence, whenever a Guild was thinking of conquering a new Guild town, said Guild would have to expand and recruit new members. Naturally, a Guild city would need even more players to maintain and protect a city. Meanwhile, once Zero Wing began increasing its member count, it would also require more resource maps for these new members to develop in.

Yet, as players reached higher levels, the resource maps available in Star-Moon Kingdom also grew increasingly scarcer. As a result, compet.i.tion between Guilds also intensified.

In the future, there would definitely come a time when their Guilds would have to compete against Zero Wing. Hence, they naturally had to plan for such situations in advance.

For a time, due to this system announcement, Zero Wing once again became the focus of the entire Star-Moon Kingdom. Players within the kingdom were practically talking about Zero Wing nonstop.

Meanwhile, just as s.h.i.+ Feng was about to make arrangements for Zero Wing City’s further development, he suddenly started receiving mails and calls one after another.

“Guild Leader, what did you do? How did we get a new city?”

Gentle Snow was filled with both curiosity and excitement when she found out about the new Guild city, and she could not help but send multiple messages asking s.h.i.+ Feng about the matter.

Before this, she was just about to start challenging her Tier 2 promotion. However, she put it off temporarily when she received a report on this sudden development. She knew very clearly that Zero Wing currently had only two towns under its control. One of them was Stone Forest Town in Star-Moon Kingdom, while the other was Hidden Mist Town in the Black Dragon Empire. Aside from these two, Zero Wing did not own any other towns.

Yet, now, the Guild had suddenly gained a brand-new Guild city.

“Old pal, your Guild really knows how to hide its strength. Well? When are you free to sit down for a chat?” Yuan Tiexin had also sent s.h.i.+ Feng a message. Judging by his tone, he seemed to be very interested in Zero Wing’s Guild city.

In fact, the Secret Pavilion wasn’t the only Guild that sent s.h.i.+ Feng a message. Even Phoenix Rain had sent a congratulatory message as well as expressed her surprise at finding out about this news.

“Guild Leader, you’ve finally picked up. Right now, our Residence at Stone Forest Town is being swarmed by adventurer teams and merchant players. They all wish to partner with Zero Wing. In addition, several companies also want to meet with you to discuss investment opportunities,” Aqua Rose said with a bitter smile on her face.

Although Aqua Rose had known about the new city, Melancholic Smile was the one tasked with managing all matters relating to the city. Hence, Aqua Rose had not tried prying too deeply into those matters. After all, the amount of money required to construct a city would no doubt be astronomical. In her opinion, it would definitely take some time before they would acc.u.mulate enough funds to complete the city’s construction. Thus, she had never imagined that the city would be completed so soon.

This sudden development had caught her completely off guard. Right now, even people from her family were frantically contacting her and asking about the Guild city. Her family hoped to be able to purchase a virtual store once the city was officially opened to the public. This situation put her at a loss on what to do, as it was not in her place to make decisions on such important matters.

“Set those matters aside for now. First, have Candlelight’s architects stop what they’re doing and have them prepare the materials on the list I’ll be sending to you in a moment. Once they have everything ready, bring them to Zero Wing City. While you’re at it, bring some elite members with you as well, to deal with the management work of the city.” s.h.i.+ Feng could guess the situation on Aqua Rose’s side right now. After all, he was mostly facing the same. However, he had just completed the handover procedures for Zero Wing City. Right now, their priority was to have the necessary infrastructure set up in Zero Wing City. Otherwise, they would simply be inviting ridicule should they open up an empty city to the public.

“Very well, I’ll get to it right away.” Aqua Rose nodded. She could not help looking forward to seeing the newly constructed Zero Wing City.

After s.h.i.+ Feng finished a.s.signing tasks to Aqua Rose, he quickly made his way to the Guild Residence in Zero Wing City.

Compared to the Guild Residence in Stone Forest Town, the Residence here was much more luxurious. Located in the central district of the city, it took up one-fifth of the available land there—something possible only in a Guild city. In NPC cities, a Guild Residence could occupy only a small area. Normally, one would be fortunate to be able to fit ten or twenty thousand players inside the Residence. As for the Residence in Zero Wing City, even if 50,000 players were present inside the Residence at the same time, there would still be plenty of s.p.a.ce to spare.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng took out the Guild Residence Teleportation Magic Array he had prepared beforehand and set it up inside the Guild Hall.

If the Guild Residence did not possess a teleportation array, Guild members would not be able to teleport directly to the city. This was also the reason why Aqua Rose did not simply teleport to the city to meet up with s.h.i.+ Feng. Currently, although everyone in the Guild had already found out about Zero Wing’s new city, they could not visit it. They could only wait until s.h.i.+ Feng was done setting up the teleportation array.

Once s.h.i.+ Feng set up the teleportation array, he made a slight adjustment to its permissions—allowing only Guild members with a certain level of authority to teleport to the city—to avoid unnecessary trouble that would disrupt the city’s construction speed.

After he settled the matters that required immediate attention, he sat down in his office to catch his breath. While resting, he opened up his bag and took a look at the Advanced Restaurant Design and City Conscription Order he received from the system.

He had heard about these two items in his previous life. However, he had never personally seen either of them before. He had never thought that he would actually receive these two items just by constructing Zero Wing City. These were truly an unexpected harvest.