Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1519 - Thunder Island Rankings

Chapter 1519 - Thunder Island Rankings

Chapter 1519: Thunder Island Rankings


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1519 – Thunder Island Rankings

“I wonder who will get first-place? I’ve heard that first-place gets to control the only Large s.h.i.+pyard on Thunder Island. Whoever gets that s.h.i.+pyard will definitely have an easier time developing in the Sea of Death.”

“That’s right! I’ve heard that the Large s.h.i.+pyard on Thunder Island can produce unique speedboats and cargo s.h.i.+ps. Anyone that gets the s.h.i.+pyard will easily be able to expand their naval forces.”

“All of the rewards for the top five ranks are pretty good. The top five Guilds will share authority over a Large Repair Yard, giving them easy access to s.h.i.+p repairs.”


As words began to appear on the stone monument, players in the plaza and waiting outside of Thunder Island watched with building excitement.

Even players who didn’t belong to the various superpowers were paying close attention to the ranking because the powers on the list would be in control of Thunder Island for some time. If one had a rocky relations.h.i.+p with the ruling superpowers, they’d likely have to avoid Thunder Island and the Sea of Death until the next contest.

It was incredibly difficult to avoid damage to a s.h.i.+p in naval combat, and as s.h.i.+ps’ durability decreased, players would need to repair them.

If one were an enemy of the powers controlling Thunder Island’s s.h.i.+pyards or Repair Yards, this contest’s results could deal a devastating blow to their naval development. Thunder Island was the only location that offered repairs in the Sea of Death, and traveling to and from this zone was troublesome and time-consuming. As for obtaining a temporary teleportation array, that was impossible. There weren’t even enough teleportation arrays for all of the partic.i.p.ating superpowers. All minor characters like themselves could do was stand by and watch from the sidelines.

As players quietly chatted, the first-place Guild’s name appeared on the monument.


“How is it Miracle? Didn’t the Battle Wolves secure three encampments as well?”

“It should be because of the impromptu merge between Nine Dragons Emperor and Miracle’s teams. Don’t forget; Nine Dragons Emperor’s side also secured an encampment. With this, Miracle technically has four encampments under its control. Naturally, it secured first-place.”

“Wow, Nine Dragons Emperor really did that? Won’t he lose all authority over Thunder Island by merging with another team?”

“It can’t be helped. Nine Dragons Emperor dug his own grave by starting a fight with Phoenix Rain. Had he not done so, he could’ve easily gained a share of authority over Thunder Island.”

While the watching teams were slightly surprised by Miracle’s success, they also sympathized with Nine Dragons Emperor.

There was a ma.s.sive difference between those who had authority over the island and those who did not. With this authority, even controlling a fraction of the island, allowed these powers to decide Thunder Island’s development model. At the same time, they would have control of a Repair Yard. Had Nine Dragons Emperor secured a monster encampment under his own name, although he wouldn’t have obtained a Large Repair Yard, he could’ve obtained a smaller Repair Yard. He wouldn’t have to borrow one from another power.

With the advent of the first-place, the name of the second-place Guild soon followed.

Unsurprisingly, the Battle Wolves secured second-place. It was the only other Guild that had occupied more than two monster encampments. By coming in second-place, the Battle Wolves had gained complete control over a Medium s.h.i.+pyard, 25% of the shares of a Large Repair Yard, and full control of a Small Repair Yard.

The various superpowers were jealous.

Like the Large s.h.i.+pyard, Thunder Island only had one Large Repair Yard. In addition to the Large s.h.i.+pyard, first-place only received 30% of the Large Repair Yard’s shares and a Small Repair Yard.

“I wonder which Guild will come in third?”

“It should be either the Sacred Temple or Nine Heavens Pavilion. After all, both Super Guilds had occupied quite a number of ancient towers.”

“Even the reward for third-place is amazing. Not only will they obtain a Small s.h.i.+pyard, but they will also enjoy 20% of the Large Repair Yard’s shares and a Small Repair Yard. Only the top three ranks won’t have to share a Small Repair Yard.”

While the waiting players discussed the situation, the system finally finished calculating the results and displayed the third-ranked team.

Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion!

When the black stone monument displayed these three words, the plaza fell silent. Everyone was speechless as they stared at the name.

Players only commented after a long pause.

“What’s going on? How is it the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion?”

“How is the system calculating these results?”

“Although the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion secured two encampments, it didn’t capture nearly as many towers as the Sacred Temple and Nine Heavens Pavilion. How could it rank third? The system must’ve miscalculated.”


The various superpowers weren’t pleased with the rank. The Sacred Temple and Nine Heavens Pavilion’s members, in particular, were furious about the result.

Both of their Guilds had surpa.s.sed Phoenix Rain’s team in terms of member count and captured ancient towers. No matter how they looked at it, Phoenix Rain’s team should not have secured third-place. In fact, it should’ve been a miracle if her team even ranked fifth.


“Big Sis Rain, look! We actually got third-place!” Blue Phoenix shouted excitedly when she saw their rank on the stone monument. She paid zero attention to the other superpowers’ grumbling and voices of dissent.

When Phoenix Rain saw her team’s rank, she, too, was astonished. She turned her gaze on s.h.i.+ Feng, curiosity filling her eyes.

As far as she was concerned, she should thank the heavens if her team ranked fifth in this contest. After all, the few other superpowers partic.i.p.ating had also occupied two encampments. Moreover, they had claimed more than just three ancient towers.

Yet, her team had ranked third in the contest. This was simply inconceivable.

The only possibility was that Zero Wing had done something to increase their team’s overall rank.

However, s.h.i.+ Feng merely shrugged his shoulders, expressing that he wasn’t sure either, in response to her curious look. Seeing his response, she decided that the matter wasn’t worth pursuing. Even so, Phoenix Rain flashed her ally a grateful look.

Now that she had secured third-place in the Thunder Island contest, she had qualified to compete in future contests. Even if she had lost Firmament’s naval support, with the Small s.h.i.+pyard and a Small Repair Yard on Thunder Island, she could develop a considerably powerful fleet of her own in one month.

“Guild Leader, you really don’t know anything about this?” Aqua Rose quietly asked.

“Of course, I know. But I don’t want to reveal this secret just yet,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, chuckling. He then explained, “It is true that the system calculates the contest’s ranks based on the number of occupied encampments, but not all encampments are equal. Some are more difficult than others. Naturally, the more difficult a monster encampment is, the more points a team can gain by capturing it. The Rock Giant encampment we captured is one of the three most difficult encampments on Thunder Island. Naturally, we earned more points than our compet.i.tion.”

Current players hadn’t yet discovered the matter of different encampments rewarding a different number of points. Players had only reached this conclusion in the past after multiple contests.

When a team had limited strength, those who knew this information could earn a better result.

Although their team had only captured two monster encampments on paper, the Rock Giant encampment awarded the most points of any encampment on Thunder Island. The encampment awarded the equivalent of 1.5 times and ordinary encampment. Hence, s.h.i.+ Feng wasn’t surprised that their team had ranked third in the contest. In fact, this was precisely why he had chosen the Rock Giant encampment over an easier target.


“Phoenix Rain!” Jealousy tore at Nine Dragons Emperor as he shot Phoenix Rain a nasty look.

Despite all of his effort and resources, he had only obtained a temporary teleportation slot. In contrast, Phoenix Rain had secured a portion of authority over the island and ranked third in the contest. The Great Pavilion Master and previously neutral Elders would definitely give her their full support now.

Meanwhile, Lonely Heaven’s stomach twisted with regret.

If he had access to a Small s.h.i.+pyard and Repair Yard on Thunder Island, furthering Firmament’s naval forces and surpa.s.sing the other first-rate Guilds would be easy.


A heavy silence loomed over the Sacred Temple’s upper echelons. Eternal Dead, in particular, wore a solemn expression.

“Guild Leader…the Battle Wolves has stated that they want to reopen negotiations with Phoenix Rain and Zero Wing. What should we do?” Quiet Melody hesitantly asked the silent man beside her.

The contest’s outcome was unexpected. Their original plan was to share control of half of Thunder Island’s sole Large Repair Yard with Battle Wolves. However, that was no longer possible.